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           RELAXATION - 4 (Witnessing Pain)

    We discussed in the previous page that being aware on the body parts starting with toes, feet to the head upwards relaxes the whole body. Consciously relax your toes, ankles, calves, knees, thigh muscles, abdomen, stomach intestines, heart lungs, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, hands fingers, shoulder, back, neck, face and all parts and finally brain.

           While relaxing, the fears and thoughts of one's ailment temporarily disappear and make it more possible to think POSITIVELY about a happy outcome to the illness.

            Finally be aware of the pain or illness of the body and give positive statements to the body and mind to integrate and heal the disease. Then visualize yourself as completely healthy and without pain.

Witnessing Pain

       In many instances we have helped a lot of friends to relive body pain in different situations like illness and during child birth. Instead of becoming one with the pain, if the individual witnesses the pain, there is a great relief. We have been told that  by witnessing the body undergoing pain, they were able to bear pain and not suffer. In other words, there was pain but no suffering. This witnessing is very helpful during child-birth labor. A few mothers who followed our instructions of witnessing pain were able to due wonderful pain management without administration of pain killer drugs.

      Only by witnessing the pain and the body, one can actually relax well even when there is pain. Witnessing act also gives power and strength to handle any situation.

       It is very interesting to note that in Vedic Culture, this witnessing act has been ingrained through many rituals (details later). In rituals imagery and visualization is done first and finally leads to witnessing. 

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