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    How to do Space Fasting?

      We recommend fasting (total abstinence of solid food or water at least for one day once a month or once in 11 days. In Vedic tradition, this is always coupled with the moon cycle, because moon has an influence on the mind. Ekadeshi day is the 11th day of every half of the moon cycle.  This means the 11th day after no moon day and the 11th day after full moon day is a Ekadeshi day. Fasting on that helps a lot in mind control.

     Like the Vedic tradition, every other spiritual and religious traditions do follow Fasting. In Islam tradition a month of Ramadan fasting is done every year. This is very beneficial if the aspect of Mind watching is also taken into account.

General Note

        However one should do fasting with caution. Patients who are very weak physically should not do space fasting. But they can do juice fasting. Once they get sufficient strength they can do space fasting. Please refer Earth Clean page for details regarding juice fasting.

            Start with Juice fasting" (Click here  for details) once a week for  a couple of months in which you drink whole day different varieties of juices. To begin space fasting, skip morning juice (8 to 12) and do juice fasting rest of the day. After a couple of weeks, skip morning and noon juices. Again after a few weeks, do space fasting till the evening. Finally when you can do a complete space fasting, fast till the end of the day. In the night drink one fruit juice and go to bed. This step by step fasting approach is not stressful and give benefits to the body.

Space for the mind.
           Mind is awhirl pool of thoughts and we are always caught in that. Negative thoughts of greed, anger, jealousy, fear, lust and hatred bring adverse effects to the body and hinder the healing force. As we had discussed before these negative emotions manifest as diseases.  To get out of stress,  the mind should be relaxed and purified from the negative thoughts. It is easy to remove these negative thoughts when we try to be aware of it. To create an awareness of thoughts, fasting is very beneficial.

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