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  Getting up Early

You will need to get up early in the morning so that you have enough time to do water therapy, read inspirational books for 15 minutes and watch your thoughts etc. These practices will bring you long lasting benefits. You will see only small changes initially but then when it gains momentum you would get remarkable benefits. So do not take this lightly. Sakthi Foundation does not profit from giving false hopes.

Important note

      It is very common for the emotional mind to spring into action to do water therapy every day and reap all the benefits claimed in Sakthi Foundation web site. Be aware, sustained enthusiasm is more important than  momentary excitement. This is another means by which to watch the emotional mind. Anything that feels good to hear or read about it practices for a few days and then the excitement goes down. This is the difference between the emotional mind and the intellect. When this awareness dawns in you, it will boost you to the path of success.

     Everything starts to ripen and give fruit when we make our intellect stronger than the emotional mind. We will discuss these aspects while discussing the other four Pancha Bhootas. 

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