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  Awareness Through Water Therapy

                         The Dialogue between the

Emotional Mind and Intellect.

       The emotional mind says it is sick of doing water therapy, it wants to throw up. The intellect says do it is good for health. You can observe your own mind and intellect very distinctly. Since it is morning and the mind has fewer agitating thoughts, you get a chance to observe clearly the way your emotional mind behaves. Now is the moment to strengthen your intellect and deliver positive thoughts. This way you sneak into the health cycle of positive thoughts.

     Maintain this state of awareness of watching your thoughts next while brushing your teeth, while taking a shower, while dressing, while driving to work or traveling to work, while working, until you retire at night. It won't be as easy to do as it sounds; you will lose your awareness at some point during the day.

    Nothing can come without practice. Even for driving a car you need practice, you get the balance of the steering wheel only through constant practice. Many times you will notice that while driving you automatically do other things, besides driving. But, even then, awareness that you are driving is there unconsciously. What we are trying for is conscious awareness so to speak.

     So start this conscious awareness exercise every day with water therapy. You will notice changes in every aspect of life. Better memory, increased concentration at work or studies, more creativity at work, more maturity in handling the emotional  mind, using your intellect more than before and managing relationships better in all walks of life whether at home or office. In short, a better, more positive life. Its  hard to believe, right? But through practical experience we have discovered these benefits and we would like you to benefit from them too.

Word of Caution: All the above benefits with wonderful physical health benefits follow after daily practice of water therapy along with practice of the other  elements of nature, the Pancha Bhootas.  Water therapy is the beginning of all these changes.

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