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 Water Review - Health Cycle

Water therapy for integrating body and mind

This is a review of the health cycle projected in terms of doing water therapy. This chart, if kept in  mind, will help you to address the problems that arise while doing the method. These are the problems that will come naturally to any mind doing this method. This, in  fact, projects the universal problems of the emotional mind in undertaking any task that is good in nature. On the other hand, these problems however do not arise in the emotional mind when it is involved in any sense gratification activity like watching television or snacking on junk food or, for that matter, reveling in any other sensory pleasures.

           This review helps you to focus your mind and get to the awareness state which is our final destination, while all the health benefits naturally follow the course of action.


Take a print out of the review and paste it in your bed room or in your kitchen for you to revise it every morning. Everything is cyclic.

This completes the first round of the health cycle. If you are ready for the next round of the health cycle of earth element , click to continue. 

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