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      Healing Power of the Sun

Heat and Healing Effect:

          Heat drives all cosmic phenomenon as well as the physiological processes in the body. In this universe there are two types of reactions - endothermic and exothermic reactions. In living beings, all the processes are driven by the interplay of enzymes which involve either absorption or release of heat energy. The heat released during enzymatic reactions is needed to keep the body at a particular temperature that contributes to the optimal performance of all chemical reactions in the body. 
         The significance of the heat given out is still not completely understood scientifically. But ancient masters have understood and had advocated a lifestyle to derive heat by all the cells of the body. This heat has significant healing properties, because it connects all the cells.

Sun, the Power-House:

       All the heat that we experience in our body and in nature comes from the burning energy of the Sun. Sun is the giver, the most benevolent in nature. Hence, the Sun is given prominence in India. It is good to do salutations to the Sun every morning to get intellectual strength and power for physical health. Hence the color of the Sun's rays is used as the dress code (the color of flame - saffron color) of enlightened people who are the symbols of highest intellect and wisdom.

Sun and Plants:

          It is interesting to know at this point that plants synthesize glucose from water and carbon-dioxide in the presence of sunlight. This glucose then undergoes modifications to form carbohydrates, proteins and fats. In the presence of sunlight, an electron gets excited and this excited electron is what gets trapped in hydrogen atoms; which then combines with carbon-dioxide to form glucose. The plant  molecule of chlorophyll that lost the electron fills this hole by breaking a water molecule and taking the electron. In this process the oxygen from the water is released as oxygen which then we use for our respiration. This is how plants release oxygen. This is also why we must grow more plants and trees to supply us oxygen to breathe. This also helps us to understand the importance of water because ultimately it is the water and energy of the sun that drives the food production in plants.

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