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 Healing Power of Sun -3


       Standing in morning Sun light for a few minutes and  with folded hands and eyes closed facing the sun and feeling the bright light is a very good act to be done every day. One would see the whole body dissolved in the power of sun-light. You would totally are aware of the bright sun-light as if you are the bright sun. Being in this state of fully aware of your thoughts observing the bright sun-light is a very powerful means of strengthening the awareness and also the intellect.

       Any time if you are gloomy or depressed immediately visualize the bright light you every day encounter as your own Self. This method is a wonderful means to overcome psychological diseases including depression, brain cancer, brain tumors schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease or any other diseases involving mind and brain.

      In India people do this Sun worship every day early in the morning and then walk to the temple getting exposed to Sun light. This is a great secret of health imbibed in the culture of Vedic heritage.

Surya Namaskaar (Sun Salutations)

       Surya Namaskaar is the ritual of saluting the sun for giving the energy in the form of heat. If you can recollect from the previous page, that plants trap sun's energy in the form of glucose and when we eat that we then extract that sun's energy to propel our body actions.

       Surya Namaskara is an ancient system of Indian exercise. It gives the exercise for the body and the mind. It will boost the intellect by strengthening the awareness. In India, Surya Namaskar is included in the regular routine of prayer and worship. Means it must be practiced regularly. Surya Namaskara means prayer (Vandana) of Lord Surya.  Stand facing the east at dawn and peacefully chant the mantras (positive statements) to pray Lord Surya. In the next page we will give details of the exercise.   Click here  to read  details of the rituals (Mantras for chanting) from another web site.

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