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Behavioral and Speech problem:

My son has been doing steady progress with the behavioral & speech therapies that we enrolled into, the Uni5 Sakthi School Program. I am glad that I contacted you at the right time. Your method is a complete comprehensive approach. Thanks a lot.

Nataraj, USA, 25th May 2015

Autism gone:

My son was detected with Autistic symptoms. I did not know until I met Sakthi Foundation members that severe pregnancy emotional stress affects so much a child. The love and care the Uni5 School teachers and the medical approach and the uni5 materials complrtely transformed my child. Now he is in 4th grade, topper in class and no one can tell he was once an Autistic child. I want to spread this information to all.

Saravanan's Mother, 20th May 2015

Constipation, anus infection and antibiotics

Dear all.

I would want to share my recent experience and miraculous healing without the use of  prescribed antibiotics.  My 2 year old son was finding it quite difficult to pass motion all of a sudden.  I observed that for a few weeks he was not eating enough fruits but some junk like biscuits and less fluids.  I immediately made sure that he drinks enough and completely avoided biscuits and breads but inspite of this he was still suffering and I noticed that the stool was not hard but the process was hurting him. 

 I could not get in touch with Sakthi foundation and so I had no choice but to take him to the doctor which I usually  avoid and the doctor said that he has streptococcus in the anus and will have to give him antibiotics.  It was a 7 day course and I started giving him but it was so bitter that he would refuse to take it and cry a lot and try to spit everytime i gave him. Then on the 6 day still there was no change in the pain and suffering I called up the doctor and said even though we force he spits the most of it so its not working.

The doctor then gave another antibiotic saying this is not so bitter and asked to add it with fruits syrups to sweeten it. It was a 7 day course again and this also we have tough time by holding his hands legs and nose and force it into his mouth.  I felt terrible as he would cry so much and on the 7th day the antibiotic course got over and that night we saw that he got chickenpox. ( In understand that from recent studies that antibiotics can upset the good bacteria balance that we can be prone with other infections including virus). 

After the recovery of chickenpox he continued to suffer from constipation. Luckily I got a reply from Sakthi foundation suggesting to give him fenugreek water in the morning with honey and lot of indian curd (not the commericial culture) and also apply the curd in the anus.  I understand that organic fenugreek soaked in water helps with gut friendly bacteria and the Indian yogurt culture also has many strains to help the gut.  I started doing it and in just 3 days there was a change in his bowel lovement. Meanwhile  his pediatrician called up to test again for streptcoccus and said  he still has the infection and u should give him antibiotics for 2 weeks.  I was like "no I can't make him drink that again", so   I threw away that antibiotic and continued giving him fenugreek water and indian curd and in the next 4 5 days he passed motion easily without any pain and suffering. After 2 weeks, when I went to the doctor, I lied that we had given his antibiotics. The doctor checked  him and he said he is alright now and has no infection.  So please friends try natural methods with such simple and highly effective natural methods and use antibiotics only when there is an emergency.

Sarina,  Switzerland, July 2014

This is absolutely true in our experience with our 11 month old baby boy Pranav.

We recently had an international trip lasting 30+ hours with Pranav. It was his first journey by air. We started telling him about the trip few days before. We were telling him that we are going to be away from home and going to our home town to meet his grandparents and relatives. We told him that we are going to be flying in an aircraft and it is going to be a long journey and will take more than a day (30+ hours) to reach there and he will not be be able to crawl (which he enjoyed doing most of that time at home). We told him like this for a few days and even during the travel. He was a happy kid throughout the journey..!! He absolutely didn't had any problems with the extended journey or a different environment or his restricted freedom of movement or food.
Kids may get pressure in their ears during takeoff and landing. If your kid is breastfed, try to feed her\him during this time OR try bottle feeding OR give something to chew during takeoff or landing. This will help to sooth and reduce her\his ear pressure.
Another experience we had was when Pranav was almost 6-7 months old. He was exclusively breastfed during that time. We had to travel for 2 Hours and his mother had to be away from him for around 5-6 hours. I had to exclusively baby sit him for the first time. We started telling him about this a few days before and he was a happy baby throughout the time he was with me.

Some times you may think that the baby is not listening to what you say, but everything goes to the baby's mind and he understands everything you say to her\him.

We should specially thank this Sakthi Foundation Uni5 website for giving us all these advice and tips.

-Pradeesh, Reenu and Pranav (Real Names), Iowa, USA. Feb 2013

Dear Sakthi foundation

 I first of all want to thank you very much for creating such a wonderful  website which caters for us totally in every way possible from physical and most  importantly spiritual.

 I accidentally bumped into the website over 6 months ago when i was looking  for information on water therapy and i have loved it ever since.

 I have twin boys who are 3 years old. the second twin was born with  congenital heart disease (a large confluent vsd atrial septal defect and other  complaints) Last year may he went into hospital for a major heart surgery where  the glenn procedure was performed on him.  All this while we were praying  and meditating for him and so he only stayed in hospital for a week and then  came home.  After a few days of being home he suffered from tachycardia and  so was placed on the drug flecainide to regulate his heart beat.  When I  wrote to sakthi about this problem, Sakthi recommended i give my son basil  leaves boiled in water and to also speak to the foods and drinks I give  him.  After a month or two on the basil water the doctors stopped the  flecainide and my son has been doing very well without it since january of this  year (2005) 

This would not have happened if not for the advice offered by sakthi  foundation and so i am very grateful.

Angela, London, June 2005.


Also my next door neighbor has a little 15 month old girl who suffers from  severe constipation.   After only two days on the sakthi's recommended my neighbour has reported that there is a remarkable difference in in  her daughters stool and she is extremely happy and thankful to sakthi  foundation. 
        I am very excited about the sakthi foundation and i have and will continue to 
recommend the site to a lot of people in order for them to reap the befits  also.  At the moment I have discovered the Sakthi Bagvad Gita and I hope to  slowly read it and allow it to benefit my life in an even greater way.  I  really wish doctors would prescribe some of these solutions to people rather  than going straight for drugs.
From Angela  (London) who is a firm believer in sakthi foundation and  its
physical and spiritual messages.
Angela, London, June 2005.

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