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Testimonials - Diabetes Section


Thanks a lot for your advise.One more thing of course happy news for us.My father also got sugar and bp. I told him to do water therapy and take fenugreek mix after every meal.
Now his sugar is controlled. he is reducing his dosage.

Very big thanks for your service.
Karun (Real Name) June 2007.

     For past 20 years I was diabetic and was on insulin 25 units a day. Inspite of that my fasting blood sugar levels would be more than 200. I also suffered from chronic fatigue. I was not able to even walk even to do house hold activities.   I met several doctors and no one could help.

     From February 2007 I started doing Pancha Bhoota  therapy and miraculously my fatigue started to clear away. I started even go regular walking and do house hold chores.  Amazingly my fasting blood glucose cme down to 108 within 40 days of Pancha bhoota treatment even after cutting down my insulin to 5 units. My family doctor was astonished and enquired about what I was doing different. I explained Pancha bhoota therapy and he took a copy of the Pancha bhoota methodology because he himself was highly diabetic.

    For a middle class family women to spend every month 2000 rupees from pocket is high. Not only I enjoy good health now after doing Pancha Bhoota, I have also reduced by medical bills to  700 rupees. I wish I had known this earlier. I told about this wonderful simple treatment for diabetes to many and I could see the same benefits with two of my brothers too.

   To tell the truth, I was skeptical in the beginning how this natural method could help when allopathic doctors failed. Since I had  no choice, I did and now I am so thankful to Sakthi Foundation for helping people like me.

Vanaja, Kerala

April 2007.


About my father I must say that he is benefitted by Pancha Bhoota healing. Atfirst I told him but he did not take it seriously. And his sugar level increased. After that I told him again to take large amount of water regularly and within 15 days his blood sugar came to normal. He was also taking some homeopathic medicine. But I think that it was water which made the difference. So I conclude that water therapy surely helps diabetes. In the morning both myself and my wife takes lot of water and it has helped both of us. I take hot water also. It helps me for quick motion. I am not cured about my gas problem but no doubt taking water has helped both of us for clear motion in the morning.

I have made a regular habit of taking large amount of water now a days. I must thank a lot to Sakthi foundation for their website and the selfless service they are doing to the community. I have greatest regard for these people who serve God in man. I have told many others about this wonderful site.

Bye for now
Amrish Sharma,
02nd Jan 2002.

Hi Pradeep: Yes, yes and yes. I greatly benefited by the water therapy as well as the diet regimen that you e-mailed to me. After 14 years, my glucogeneated haemoglobin levels have come down to 6.2%, and I have also reduced about 40 units of insulin a day. My edema is completely gone, and I do not have even traces of protein in my urine. I couldn't thank you enough. I am also making my mother and my older brother who are diabetics to follow this regimen. My doctor's have assured me that with the levels I have achieved, I will not have any more diabetic complications. Please do not stop your service. It is worth every minute you spend on it. Once again, thank you!

Grace Blueneck, Boston July 2001

Testimonials - Gall Bladder

Dear Dr.Pradheep Chhalliyil,

I wish u & ur family a happy new year.Im a regular visitor of ur wonderful web site. I'm undergoing water therapy for the last 6 months as per the guidelines given in pancha bhoota healing. I have recommended many of my friends and my seniors in my office to this web site and most of them were interested in the water therapy. In Chennai, that too in our office water therapy was fast catching up and many of us were not aware how to do the water therapy (many vernacular magazines available in chennai gave different methods) and so ur website was found useful. I had taken print out of this content and circulated to many people.

I had asked u some 4-6 months back how to get cured from Gall Bladder Stones, the suggestion which u gave me was very useful. I could not get some of the items like dandelion tea, but i follow the water therapy and im now comfortable witout getting frequent pains, but still in the scan reports i get a positive result of Gall stones. I once again take this opportunity for
thanking you for advise.
After my recommendation my office senior asked u for advise regarding his piles problem, for which he got an early reply with exhaustive details, he was very much impressed and he too started giving the copy of ur suggestions to his friends who were also suffering from this problem.

Ur Sakthifoundation web site is wonderful and very much useful, we request u to continue ur service, im sure many people will get benefitted out of ur wonderful service to the mankind.
with best regards

chennai, India.
1st Jan 2002.

In December of 1999, when I was on a trip, I experienced light pain around my lower right side whenever I had rich, fatty food. I visited a prominent Doctor who made me take all the tests & told me that I had a defective gall bladder which should be removed surgically. I did not even have stones & still the Doctor insisted that I get it removed. I was apprehensive about the treatment & came back to the U.S where I had a second opinion here. Unfortunately, modern medicine has no cure for this ailment & I was told to reduce my fat intake & when the pain worsened, I should have the gall bladder removed. I then met Dr. Pradheep and told him about the problem. He was against removal of any organ from the body & suggested water therapy & diet therapy. Until now, I have been regularly doing just the water therapy & I can see a definite improvement in my digestion. The pain has gone down now & I am able to eat fatty food (occasionally) without any problems.
I am ever grateful to Dr. Pradheep for his timely treatment.

Bell south, Ann Arbor, USA. July 2001

Testimonials - Spleen

Dear Pradheep
I am very grateful to you for all your previous reply to my queries, which has helped a lot to my family and me. Your cure for spleen enlargement is helping me. My mother will try Pancha Bhoota for her colon problem. My husband was doing really well with this arthritis and allergies. Last October, there was just a little on his knees but it disappeared at every other place. Everyone likes doing the pancha bhoota healing.
Aditya Raman, Miniapolis, USA 2003.

Cyst in spleen

Hello, A couple of years ago they found a cyst in my spleen. A couple of weeks ago I went to the doctor and he felt my spleen area and said that my spleen was enlarged because he could feel it to the touch. He then felt my thyroid gland in my throat and said that it was also enlarged. He said that if it was still enlarged they would possibly look into removing it. That is all that they told me. They did not give me a treatment plan or anything. My friend introduced me to Pancha Bhoota healing. After a couple of weeks the pain did reduce after Pancha bhoota treatment. I met my doctor after a couple of months and he said that my spleen was no longer enlarged. I am so grateful that you have taken time out to help me.

Yours truly-

Heather Ford, Atlanta , USA. 15th Oct 2002.

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