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Infertility and Pregnancy Related Testimonies


Amniotic fluid level got normal following uni5 – Testimony

Hi all,

                     I want to share my second pregnancy journey with uni5. At the 33 th week of my second pregnancy, I got very stressed due to our family issues. So, I couldn’t follow the diet, water therapy etc. On the 34 th week we went to the doctor for a formal check-up. The test report showed my amniotic fluid level became very low ie, AFI became 7.12 cm (half of the normal level). The doctor said that fluid level is low and if it continues then normal delivery is not possible.

So, we contacted uni5 and followed the below suggestions by uni5.

Uni5 suggested drinking 6 to 7 tender coconut water daily (If we don’t have a cold fever or any other health complication). So, I drank six to seven tender coconut water daily and I reduced the solid food intake. Hence, drinking coconut water made me full and energetic. Along with coconut water, I had orange juice also. I followed this for one week and after one week, we took the test. Doctor said that there is very good improvement in the fluid level and told me to follow the same to maintain the fluid level.

For one week I followed the above then I had more liquid foods - four tender coconuts daily, orange juice, buttermilk, pomegranate juice, muskmelon (musk melon is very good for increasing fluid level). After one week of following this again we took the test, and the fluid level became very normal. We felt very happy.

After my fluid level became normal also, I had tender coconut water one or two daily, orange, pomegranate, musk melon daily. Through this my fluid level was maintained.

As uni5 suggested I did pledge to do charity connected with kula deivam for having a normal delivery, did lamp lighting chanting garbarakshambigai mantra, chanted Aum Namah shivaya, breathing exercises regularly.

At 39 the week I got abdominal pain and my amniotic fluid started coming out. So, we went to the hospital. After reaching the hospital, my water broke completely. Doctor said that we will try for normal delivery, hence my pregnancy was normal. I did breathing exercises, chanted garbarakshambigai mantra, doing these helped me to manage the pain effortlessly. In my first pregnancy, the labor pain was unbearable but doing breathing exercises and chanting helped me a lot to manage the pain. After four hours of labor, we had a baby girl through vaginal delivery.

I sincerely thank uni5 sakthi foundation for helping us throughout the journey.

Prabhavathi (Real Name),Ariyalur, Tamilnadu,September, 2021.


Rituals and charity helped to have a normal delivery - testimony

Hi all,
            At the eighth month of my pregnancy, blood pressure of mine became high around 130 to 140 and i feared whether normal would be possible. I got stressed out too. So i contacted uni5. Uni5 explained, during pregnancy i am not supposed to take medicines or herbs for bp. Uni5 explained that increasing energy for health by doing rituals and charity could help me have a vaginal delivery. As uni5 advised i started uni5 lamp lighting twice a day and chanted garbharakshambigai mantra for normal delivery. Did pledge to do charity connected with kula deivam, chanted Aum Namah Shivaya, early morning and before sun set had sun exposure. Applied garbharakshamibai temple thailam on stomach from nineth month till delivery ( this is garbharakshambigai temple normal delivery oil, which can be bought from temple  website online). Doing all these helped to overcome my fear and by Amma's grace we had a healthy vaginal delivery.

Thanks Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Kalaiselvi ( real name), chennai, September 2021.


 Healthy Pregnancy followed Uni5

Hi all,

My name is Lakshman, and I would like to share our experience with Uni5 regarding our Pregnancy
My wife first got conceived in 2018 and in 4 months we had a miscarriage due to no fetal heartbeat. It was so hard on us, as it was our first baby and from there, we decided to incorporate more natural ways of food and lifestyle practices into our life. My friend introduced me to Uni5 groups in Telegram and through which I had a discussion with the Uni5 team regarding our condition and Uni5 explained possible causes for miscarriage and the steps we need to follow for avoiding miscarriage in the future which gave us confidence.

We followed the below steps suggested by Uni5. we took more green vegetables and fruits (mostly organic) and we started including more Drumstick leaves every week consistently. We also avoided outside food completely and ate only home-cooked food. I followed regular Yoga and Pranayama (3- 4 days a week) and we tried walking whenever we had a chance to be more physically active and my wife did all household chores all by herself as she thought it is also a form of physical exercise. Castor oil cleaning, water therapy which is very effective.

Another important factor insisted by Uni5 was Dharma and faith in Almighty, we tried helping others in the ways we could and with all in place we got pregnant in early 2020, and this time we didn’t fear miscarriage, but we had more faith and all the initial scans revealed a healthy fetal heartbeat.

My wife tried to do all physical activities even during pregnancy along with online pregnancy class, we did walk as much as we could both in the morning and evening. Doing Uni5 before getting pregnant (during pregnancy) and during pregnancy really helped. We had a very smooth pregnancy. Uni5 guided us on the foods to be taken during pregnancy and all queries regarding pregnancy which helped us a lot.

At the end of ninth month, due-date was nearby, and my wife didn’t get labor pain. Doctors recommended to induce labor pain through injection. So, we approached Uni5 and Uni5 suggested applying warm castor oil on the abdomen and on the sides and to do a gentle massage. My wife got labor pain naturally on the second day after we followed the castor oil massage. We delivered a beautiful baby girl through vaginal delivery (after completing 39 weeks) and the labor was less than 6 hours.
My heartfelt thanks to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation for guiding us before and during pregnancy. Thanks to Uni5 once again.

By having faith in almighty and with these natural food habits and practices, everyone will be able to healthy pregnancy and child. Don’t stress yourself too much, believe in God and nature will make things for you magically. Aum Nama Shivaya.

Lakshman ( Real name), July 2021, Chennai


Infertility Cure

Hello everybody,
I like to thank Sakthi Foundation for all the help and support that was provided during my TTC (trying to conceive) phase. In general my husband and I are both healthy people without any particular health conditions. And that's what got me a bit worried. We had been trying for a little over a year but were not regular.  We kept trying thereafter consistently. When I got in touch with Sakthi Foundation,  the approach was a more holistic manner. Advised me to do the Pitrupooja to help both our astral energies get stronger and help conception take place.  I understand that it is an invitation to the souls that are going to take birth.
Meanwhile, I also started focusing more on my health and the keeping a positive attitude so that I could attract the intention at hand.
I chose to follow certain things suitable to me in Panchaboota healing, like drinking lots of water and castor oil cleansing ( Just once).I finally got pregnant in 2- 3 months naturally. I know my pregnancy is a combination of things that I was doing during that time and I am glad that Uni5 has been a part of this accomplishment. 
Thank you so much once again!!
Anonymous  (NY, USA), 10th, Aug 2016


No PCO syndrome - A Testomony

Today my wife Sasi did a Ultrasound scan and found PCOS. We could not beleive so we did in two labs to confirm and glad to say that by following Panchabhoota method, my wife is clear from PCOS problem. We could now focus on giving birth to a healthy child. Please  use our real name so that many women can be inspired to follow this side effects free and also gave other health benefits too. Also attending the Uni5 Panchayat over phone everyday evening, gives our family members good positive thoughts and relationship harmony. I want to thank Sakthi Foundation for all these efforts. 

Thanigai, Singapore,  5th May 2015

Sperm low count & motility problem cured - A Testimony

I have a glad news to share that I got concieved. My husband had low count(8 million-2% motility). He took ayurvedha for three month course but the result was very fluctuating.  After taking BOERHAAVIA DIFFUSA root powder , Evolvulus alsinoides ,ginger, garlic extract,Urid dal laddu ,spemen and other elements of pancha Bhoota Therapy his count increased amazingly well and also 65%motility. His allergy also  got controlled. I want to convey thanks to sakthi foundation. 

Veeraja, Coimbatore,  2oth Aug 2014

Regular Periods - A testimony 

Hi, I hope everyone is well.
I am so happy that I found this website and was able to follow the three month aloe Vera, sesame seed with jaggery, and the juices. After using just for about 18 days I got my first period and I was so happy. I have been having regular periods ever since. The most I skipped without a period since I did this was maybe a month and I used to go 4 months sometimes before without it. I can't thank you enough. My life hasn't been the same in a good way. I am so happy. I can't stop smiling.  All thanks to you. 

Fatima, Saudia Arabia, 22nd July 2014


Succesful Pregnancy 
Four Years back I have contacted you , since I had trouble in conceiving through  sakthi foundation. when I lost all my hope after 7yrs of struggle With the Help of your suggestions and encouragement now I have beautiful Boy. Thanks a ton Doctor. 
Jessy Chennai (June 2014)


 IVF failed, but PB successful

I am very happy share this experience, We are childless couple for 20 years . When I tried 2004-2005 with IVF not successful.  Friend of mine  who send me this sakthi link  as I am interested  started following sakthi advised as much as possible.  Surprisingly after 3 years in 2008 I got a healthy baby girl.  I believe that Shakti advise is really helped me to conceive and have a healthy baby at the age of 45
 All the time of pregnancy  I just followed Sakthi  until today . Now Sakthi is part of my family  they are always in my prayers and refered this to hundreds of people.

I love Sakthi .
Sarada from New Zealand (Sept 2013)


 Endometriosis Cure

About 3 years ago, I have suffered from endometriosis and got the surgery done to remove them  and sruggled to get pregnant. During that difficult time, I have found your website through google and contacted you to get some health tips from you. I have followed water therapy and other stuff. I have got pregant within 6 months after I have started following them. You have really helped me alot and changed my life forever. I am very thankful to you for the rest of my life. I am still following all of them. They have become part of my life. Endometriosis never came back. Thank you very much for your help.
Thank you,


Swarupa.Sept 2013


Infertility Cured - A testimony
Dear Sakthi Foundation,

First of all I want to thank you. Three years back i sent a mail to you. It was about my infertility problem. With your advice and Pancha Bhootha healing i got a beautiful, healthy baby girl. She is 2.5 years old now .thank you very much once again. May god bless you.

Mrs.Dhana ,Trivandrum. August 20th 2010.


Infertility Cured - A testimony

I am very happy to inform you that I am now 25weeks Pregnant.

When all the doctors gave me no hope to concieve normally , I sought for your Help and I was following the Pancha Bootha for nearly 2 years . And atlast when I lost all hope as per your suggestion I started doing the  light prayer along with this and I got conceived in the same month itslef. When I always think of you, I thank God for he had directed me to you for your guidance in the right path. Your Suggestions and advice was a turning point in my life in acheiveing this . Thanks  Doctor for your time to answer all my doubts very patiently in this busy world and thank you very much for all your Help. Thanks a Ton,

Anita. July 2010. India.


Infertility Cured.

 I was married five years without a child. Gynecologists said that I have   PCOS and other problems. I did not want for IVF or other clinical procedures because I was told by friends that in some fertility clinics to get good name, they use other normal men’s sperms or ovaries without the knowledge of the patient. I did Pancha Bhoota therapy only with total commitment for two years and half years. Finally I got pregnant. After pregnancy also I totally followed Sakthi suggestions. The best part was my delivery. I was full Conscious of by breath during labor and so instead of screaming in pain, I was only chanting God’s name. The doctors and burses were surprised that this is the only delivery they witnessed different in their life. I am extremely thankful to Sakthifoundation and my aim in life is to tell more infertilie couples to follow Sakthi foundation method for healthy pregnancy. I gave birth to a boy baby on June 1st 2010.

 Vidya Jothi kannan. Pongalur, Tamil nadu, India. June 2010.


Infertility Cure

Thank you for your tips. I followed water treatment and castor oil cleansing as you have mentioned and am trying to eat whole fiber foods and lots of vegetables and fruits. I am currently pregnant (10 weeks) > Thanks a lot for the team.

Chitra, October 2009.


Infertility Cure

I wanted to write to Sakthifoundation about how the water therapy you suggested helped me in getting pregnant with my first baby. I had PCOS and you had suggested water therapy. I had been on some treatments for getting pregnant but was not successful. But only two months of doing water therapy helped me get pregnant without any medication. May God bless you for your service to humanity. I hope people who read my experience will go ahead and benefit from the Pancha Bootha healing.


Kavitha Seattle WA, USA (Real-name)- Feb 2008)


Infertility Cure - A Testimony

In my four years of Marriage I never conceived even after trying IVF and other techniques. I had high pro-lactin levels and with medications they reached border line and not perfect. I also had some thyroid problems. When i was in this depressed state, my friend recommend to approach Sakthi Foundation. When I saw the approach frankly speaking I did not believe this will work. How will water therapy with licorice and eating black sesame seeds will cure my infertility problem. When I had spend thousands of rupees in fertility clinics doing the highly advanced technology , I never believed that this will work. But I did exactly what i was told without any change. I and my husband were surprised to find that within two and a half months after starting Pancha bhoota therapy, I was confirmed pregnant in July 2007. I am short of words to express my thanks to sakthifoundation members for this simple wonderful healthy approach.

Gayathri (Real Name) Coimbatore , July 2007.


Successful fertility

 Both my daughter and son-in-law are medical doctors and had been childless for three after marriage. My daugther became upset when her gyne told that it may be almost impossible to get pregnant. She always had irregular menstruation.  I approached Sakthifoundation for help and was suggested simple appraoch like water therapy and eating black sesame seeds with jaggery other simple remedies.

      My medical doctor-son-in-law laughed at knowing the therapy and commented that his wife is already overweight and will increase more weight eating high calorie sesame seeds. But I persuaded my daughter to drink water in the mornign because it is not harmful. in the evening when she came from office, I gave her the tasty sesame jaggery snack. Within a couple of months  her weight started decreasing in contrary to what my son-in-law had predicted. She started regular menstrual cycles and within four months after  starting just these two steps she got pregnant.

I am amazed how this simple approach is a healthy approach to our health problems when we are still boasting of the advanced Modern medicinal era.

Devi, June 2007,Texas. USA.



Hydro-encephalus cured

              There is no word to convey my gratitude to Priya and Pradheep for their Pancha Bhoota healing which gave me new life. In my first pregnancy in 1999 my doctor diagnosed that my three month fetus was defective with unusual fluid in the brain and the head size was much bigger than the body. In the ninth month the baby was born dead with a horrifying big sized head with full of fluid in the brain. In my next pregnancy in 2000, I was asked to take lot of folic acid (vitamin) and other vitamin supplements and less of water to prevent any abnormality. But unfortunately in the third month the same condition occurred and I was asked by doctors to abort it. Again in 2001 my third defective pregnant baby was aborted. The doctors said I was producing defective babies with a condition called “hydroencephaly / hydroencephalopathy / hydroencephalus” which they said even in USA there is no cure for this disease and suggested to never attempt another pregnancy.

             Life was so frustrating without bearing a kid and I was directed to Pradheep and Priya who were visiting India in 2002 June. Pradheep told me to do Pancha Bhoota healing and cautioned not to use any vitamin supplements but eat all natural foods. I did not believe at that time that Pancha bhoota healing could do miracle. I was pregnant in 2003 and with doubt and anxiety I did a scan in the third and seventh month and astonished to find that the fetus was normal. In-spite of this I was skeptical till my beautiful daughter was born 18th December weighing 7.5 pounds. I did all the five elements of Pancha Bhoota including drinking water (To be frank from the day of pregnancy till I got the scan report in third month that the baby was fine I did not do water therapy. Because what medical doctors previously told me that water would cause fluid in kid’s brain, was haunting my mind. Once I understood that Pancha Bhoota healing works I resumed the water therapy from fourth month  till delivery. Without taking any iron supplements through diet I was able to make very good iron levels. Thanks once again to Sakthi Foundation and prayers to God to make Sakthi Foundation reachable to desperate people.

Regards and Love
Ms. Sumathy Rajan, India, January 2004.



See the original medical records of sumathy (given with permission). Please Click here  to read the original medical record showing the problems of sumathy and finally Medical report of the child born free of hydro-encephaly.


Successful Pregnancy following Uni5 - A Testimony

Hello pradeep,

Thank you for your valuable advice. I followed your recommendation and I am happy to let u know that I am 2 months pregnant. I am really grateful to the Sakthi Foundation and appreciate the great work done by you all to help people. I am happy to recommend this site to my friends and all those in need. Thanking you all once again.

Vision Acrya. Greece. 16th Oct 2002.


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