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Testimony - C-Reactive Protein became normal following Uni5

Hi all,

Last month my son was having a high fever and was admitted to the hospital on the 9th day of fever.  And the 11th day his temperature became normal and he got discharged from the hospital but the C-reactive protein was high which was 51.1 mg/L and the normal range should be less than 1.

So I contacted Uni5 and explained my son's elevated CRP level. Uni5 explained the possible causes for inflammation in the body and recommended the below suggestions to reduce the CRP level.

After being discharged from the hospital I followed the below  suggested by Uni5, (Uni5 suggested doing all the five and told the below suggestions to do immediately)

1 Red rice kanji daily as breakfast
2. Banana stem juice
3. ABC juice
4. Garlic chutney for dinner
I followed these for 5 days.
On the 6 th day, we did the blood test.
Amazingly the inflammation came to  0.4 mg/L  which is very normal  (less than 1).

Thanks to  Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.

Nageshwari (real name) 
California, September 2021.

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