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English Class Testimonials.

 We will update (Last updated Feb 2013) new  testimonials here from students and adults attending the Uni5 sakthi Foundation English classes over phone. .  Names and place that appear in the testimonials are not real to to respect confidentiality of the individual's identity from being public. However only under written permission real names are being disclosed.Last Updated - Feb 2013

 After a long gap I had a chance to learn English again. I was unable to read continuously,made lots mistakes while reading & writing,main reason was I could not spend time for reading & writing the language.I was busy with my family.I came to know about spoken English class taught by Bala ambika madam through Dr.Madeshwaran.I have to thank him a lot.I was interested to join in the class.I feel very happy to  have teacher like her with patience,care,affection,devoted to her work and devotee.The way of teaching by madamimpressed & makes me interested in English till now.she gives training in reading,writing,making own sentences by vocabulary words this makes me to improve in English to write & even to speak.

I am eager to attend the classesduring holidays.The English class makes to spend my time in useful way.Even after the class i will spend nearly an hour time to complete my home works given by her.This makes me more familiar in the language. Earlier I was hesitant to speak in English i had fear if i may wrong.but now i am confident even converse in English.I am happy that i speak only in English to madam during English class.I wish to continue the class in the future also.This helps me to educate my children. Rathi vijayakumar Coimbatore Feb 2013.

 The English class by Balambika mam through phone was very useful to me. In my school, I used to escape from the sight of the English teacher because English was such a boring subject to me. But, this class was interesting. I bettered my reading skill and grammar knowledge. Today, I am trying to read and understand English story books. It is the impact of the English class in me. Thanks to all for the opportunity. Astalakshmi is doing under graduation in Tamil and teaching volunteer for the kids in Madurai Seed. (Feb 2013)





 From my childhood I always desired to speak in english. But unfortunately I studied in tamizh medium where english was taught as a subject  only to score marks. I could never learn or enjoy the language. But  fortunately Nammaveedu Montessori School offered this Spoken English classes to the teachers working  in their school absolutely free. I decided to use this chance to improve my language  which was a great chance for me  who  had the thirst to learn the language.


This Class sponsored by  Sakthi Foundation and  conducted by Mrs. Balambika  has changed my life positively.   I am finding it useful not only in school while teaching but also in my life.I  have gained knowledge and confidence after attending the class. She has given special training in vocabulary  which has made me learn many new words and teach my students also.I am able to read fluently and draft my own sentences. I am able to submit
the observations of the students in english.She has taught grammar from the basic which has made me understand the toughest part very easily.I am able to speak in english with my students and motivate them also to speak.


Recently I had been to Hyderabad. I dont know hindi. But I managed with english that was taught by Mrs.Balambika.I could reply and converse.I was delighted. I realised how great thi class has been and what wonders it has done to my life.Now I am confident wherever I go I will able to communicate to people.


My parents are also happy.I am thankful to Sakthi Foundation and Mrs.Balambika for providing this golden opportunity.Mrs .Kalaivani  Montessori Teacher (Sendurai School, first Teacher) (Feb 2013)


 I am working  in a Montessori School. So naturally english becomes essential. I had problem in reading and understanding english though I was well versed in Montessori education.At the right time Sakthi Foundation came up with this english course  which gave me the needed exposure to the language. Mrs.Balambika taught us grammar from the basic which helped me to understand  grammar easily. She gave training in reading and drafting own sentences. This helped me to learn the language and teach my students also.


Earlier I was scared of the language but now I am able to understand english and  reply back. Having gained confidence in the english, I did the Foundation Course in Montessori  which is an additional qualification  for my career. Again I must thank Dr.Madeshwaran and Mrs.Balambika  for enabling me to complete this course.


Today I find this class useful to teach not only students in school but also my son. This class has given me knowledge and confidence.Mrs .Shanthi (Sendurai School, Montessori Teacher) (Feb 2013)




 I worked in Montessori School earlier .Now I  have got a government posting. When  I was allergic to the english language I got a chance through Sakthi Foundation to learn this  language in a  pleasant way. I  started to attend the class because Dr.Madeshwaran  asked the teachers to attend. But later on I got interested to learn the language because she taught us in an easy and pleasant way. Slowly I learnt to read , write and draft my own sentences . I was able to teach the children also english. Mrs. Balambika helped me to like the language  by teaching grammar from the basic. She was very patient and kind to teach us the pronunciations repeatedly even when we made mistakes. -Ms.Mallika, Sendurai School (Feb 2013)


Today the english I learnt is helping me a lot .Thanks to Sakthi Foundation  and Mrs.Balambila.


 I attended Balambika’s English class regularly. The class induced my efforts to speak the language. What I liked most is creating a sentence from a verb. My goal in 2013 is improving my communication in English.

Saranya is doing under graduation in Commerce, teaching Madurai Seed children Maths.  (Feb 2013)

 First, I wonder “I do not understand the teaching of my teacher in school. How this phone class will help me? But Balambika mam is teaching from the fundamentals. I can understand better. In the beginning of each class she is revising the previous class teachings.

Varalakshmi is in 11th std.   (Feb 2013)

 I have just started to attend the English classes through phone. It is fun and interesting to talk in phone. I will use this chance fully and never going to miss any classes.

Tamil Selvi is in 11th std. (Feb 2013)

 English is the subject frightful for me. But, this class is attracting me. Balambika mam encourages us to speak in English and teaching us the basic grammatical skills to make sentences. Home work she gives is very useful. I like the class and begin to like English subject. Thanks mam.

Suresh Kannan is in 11th std. (Feb 2013)

Ms.Sivagnanam [principal of Andavar Middle school, Poraiyar]

''Poraiyar R.B - Andavar schools are conducting the spoken English session through Sakthi trust for past 2 years. My children are very happily undergoing this session. My locality students are fearless about this English now. They are very interested. Basic grammar, reading skills, good syntax, and text book comprehension have developed much. Parents are aware about this project and they thank us. Ms.Balambika [project tutor] is much dedicated. Grade 5 students like her very much. Grade 8th children have totally free from the fear of English. Once when I was sick, they did self-learning''

Ms.M.Raje [teacher of Andavar middle school]

''We thank Sakthi trust for giving this good opportunity to learn spoken English to this small rural locality. Our children are interested in undergoing this session. Children came from many family backups are sacred about this English and even hate the language. Now they love. Recently they have gained good confidence about spoken English. Their creative writing skills are good. We admire that. In these 60 years this is the revolution. They can use dictionary, make good constructive sentences and they are trying to talk among them self. Parents are happy! We expect the same to be given in following years. Many God bless you all good health and spirit to serve.''

 Mr.M.Senthilkumaravelu [teacher]

''The love and care given by Sakthi trust to this school is great. The spoken English session has made much positive evolution among our children. Children from very poor families are being benefitted. They are now free from fear of English. In past few 2 years they are able to trying their best to talk and write with natural love for language. They can spell correctly. They can read well and make simple good sentences. This is a great evolution for them. We thank you again for this. We thank and pray for your development! We wish to carry this project forever!''

Ms.Arulmozhi nangai [teacher]

''Spoken English has changed the fear among our students. They can use acceptable English now. They can do self-study and understand. They are also confident and different. This has improved their examination results also. Number of failures has reduced. They do their homework also well. Basic English grammar skills are good. Ms.Balambika is very kind and good in doing this session to us. We thank all!''

Mr.Venkatesan [correspondent]

''My school children are beginning this session from grade 5. After grade 8th children leave to other public schools. In this year 10 such students and their parents have approached us for the English training. This makes me very happy! They are from fishermen slums near sea. I am happy! My students are now able to able to read. The teacher is very perfect in planning the session and she first concentrates in reading. This makes all children to gain confidence. I admire the self-confidence gained by the students through this session. This is free to them they cannot offer to fees outside. The teacher is very good.''

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