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  Testimonials Sendurai School

Last Updated June 2016

Uni5 Sakthi Foundation Education at Namma Veedu [Our Home] Montessori House of Children,  

Sendurai village - Natham Taluk, Dindigul District, Tamil nadu, India. Established in: 25. 12. 2007


Namma Veedu Infancy UNI5 center – Coimbatore

Parents’ feedback – June, 2016
·         Child is able to teach others, present the ideas, concepts as we do at center.
·         The child is much particular about plucking or damaging any plants.
·         Child loves all creatures and he is able to say thanks to any help giving by others.
·         Child is able to observe the night sky and talk about the growth of the moon.
·         Child is able to replace the objects at respective places after using.
·         Child is slowly aware about Earth.
·         Child’s spoken skills are developed.
·         Child is able to use a respective language.
·         Child is able to walk, sit and stand properly.
·         Child is developing good communication without side people.
·         Child wants us to repeat what he does at center.
·         Child is developing natural interest for rituals.
·         Child is very happy in getting prepared for center immediately when he\she wakes up.
·         A girl child is able to say no to others when they kissed all over body and directed them to kiss only in cheeks.

These testimonials of parents, other school teachers about the children who completed the infancy program at our school and now studying in other schools in higher grades.


 After came to Uni5 Center he not only understands what we say, but also in this small age he does things as we say. Not adamant.

  • He keeps things in place from where he took.
  • After came to Uni5 Center he himself eats.
  • In this small age itself he gives the food to others before he eats. This quality has come only after attending the Uni5 Center.
  • Within two months after joining the Uni5 Center, he arranges his things (Lunch bag, Lunch box) and getting ready to Uni5 Center without crying.
  • This Uni5 Center is a great gift to our village. Through this Uni5 Center only my kid learned good habits and be loveable. We feel happy.

Mother(Home Maker)


 After came to Uni5 Center he dressed by himself.

  • He says the name of vegetables and matches it correctly.
  • In this small age he eats by himself
  • He is better than my first kid who didn’t attend this Uni5 Center in all the ways.
  • We feel happy as we get safer environment for our kids in this Uni5 Center than other Uni5 Centers like balwadi.

Mother(Home Maker)


 My kid is studying in this Uni5 Center for the last 3 years.

  • We sent her to Uni5 Center in small age. She learned how to do all the works only after attending the Uni5 Center.
  • Now she is doing all her works (brush,bath,dressing,eat..) by herself.
  • She takes care of small kids near to our home.
  • She shares the snacks with the kids near to our home and then eats. She behaves properly.
  • She shows respect to all.

Mother(Home maker)


 He speaks well after coming to Uni5 Center.

  • Understands what we say.
  • If someone is not feeling well or suffers with headache he asks about that with care.
  • This Uni5 Center is very useful to us.

Mother(flower seller)


 After came to Uni5 Center she learned many good habits

  • After she gets up in the morning she wishes
  • Daily she prays to God before coming to Uni5 Center
  • She socializes with neighbor friends and shares.
  • After came to Uni5 Center she brushes daily and says definitely have to take bath.
  • She says with love to her neighbor friends that “You should also come to Uni5 Center with me”
  • Her brother stays with her mom in some other village and her mother was sad that such Uni5 Center is not there in their village to put her son.
  • We feel happy that this center is there in our village.

Grandmother(shop keeper)


 After coming to Uni5 Center he learned how to socialize with others.

  • Daily he gets ready to Uni5 Center by himself by arranging all the things.
  • He takes care of his younger sibling with love.
  • He also shows love with his neighbor children.
  • We also like to join our younger kid in this Uni5 Center.
  • From our village (Thondapuri – 4K.m) we plan to join 5 kids next year.



 After coming to Uni5 Center there is a good improvement in all habits

  • He speaks good after coming to Uni5 Center
  • He shares all the happenings in Uni5 Center with us.
  • After coming to Uni5 Center he shows love with his sister.

Mother(Home maker)


 Before coming to Uni5 Center, though he was 2.5 yrs he didn’t know how to speak. But after coming to Uni5 Center he speaks well and clear.

  • He answers wellfor the questions we ask.
  • After coming to Uni5 Center he himself brushes and bathes.
  • Now he is trying to do all his works by himself.
  • We feel satisfied by joining our son in this Uni5 Center. Next we are going to join our daughter also in this Uni5 Center.

Mother(Home maker)

 M.Shurthika (2.3)&M.Bhuvanesh(2.3) (Twins)


  • Before joining here they know only Malayalam. But now after joined here they not only understand Tamil but also speak well.
  • Though they joined here just before two months they learned many good habits.
  • They got rid of their shyness
  • They shares all that happens ( Songs) in Uni5 Center with us happily

Mother(Home Maker)


 My kid is learning in this Uni5 Center for 1.5 years.

  • There is a good improvement in all his activities after coming to this center.
  • There is change in his shy behavior after coming here.
  • Now he understands whatever we say.
  • He shows respect to everyone in home and others.
  • He shares everything that happens in Uni5 Center with all of us happily.
  • After coming to Uni5 Center he brushes by himself. He tries to take bath and dress up by himself.
  • He asks how they feel if somebody is not feeling well in home or known friends.
  • He is better in all the ways than the nearby kids who doesn’t attend this Uni5 Center.
  • He didn’t speak to neighbor kids before coming to this Uni5 Center. But now, calling them to home and play with them and giving his small cycle to them for them to enjoy.
  • We feel so happy that we joined our kid in this Uni5 Center. If they opened higher standards with the same educational method it will be useful.



 After came here my sons pranks got lessen.

  • There is a good improvement in language.
  • He shares everything happens in Uni5 Center with us.
  • After came to Uni5 Center there is a good change in the way of eating food.
  • Now and all he eats his food by himself
  • He got the awareness of keeping his things safely.
  • It’s so helpful that this Uni5 Center is there in our village.

Mother(Home Maker)


 After coming to this Uni5 Center there is good improvement in all his behaviors.

  • After coming to Uni5 Center his shyness got lessened and he socializes freely.
  • I feel so happy that I joined by son in this Uni5 Center.

Mother(Home Maker)


  • After coming to this Uni5 Center my sons speaking ability got improved well.
  • He shows respect while speaking with all.
  • He started to say Thankyou and sorry in his small age itself
  • There is a good change in his behavior. Compared to my relative kids my kids is having good behavior and showing respect to everyone.
  • He speaks about his Uni5 Center happenings and Uni5 Center friends.
  • If someone comes home he welcomes them and says “Mom is inside home”
  • After came to Uni5 Center he passes pee only in the toilet. He is not going outside though I say.

Mother(Home maker)


 After came to Uni5 Center there are many improvements in kavya.

  • She likes to do all her works by herself after she came here.
  • She compels to take bath daily and be clean.
  • She shares about Uni5 Center happenings.
  • After she ate her food she washes her plate by herself.

Mother(Home Maker)


 After came to Uni5 Center her habits are very good

  • If someone comes to home she welcomes them and says you should definitely eat and go
  • She arranges all the things for Uni5 Center by herself everyday
  • Not only that but when her brother starts to Uni5 Center she helps him by bringing his lunch box, lunch bag and water can
  • She got lot of interest in learning
  • We felt sad that we didn’t join our elder son here. If we got one more baby we will definitely join here.

Mother(Home Maker)


 After coming to this center our daughter listens to our words.

  • She likes to do all the works that I do
  • While folding the clothes she also comes and folds the small cloths and helps me.
  • After coming to this Uni5 Center she learned many good habits
  • She teaches all the good things that she learns in Uni5 Center to her younger sister.
  • She keeps herself neat after coming to this Uni5 Center.
  • We feel very happy about this Uni5 Center. It would be good if the Uni5 Center got till 5th standard.

Mother (Home Maker)

  P.Shalini Sri

 After came to Uni5 Center she does all her works by herself

  • She likes to be neat always
  • Particularly after coming to Uni5 Center she eats by herself without disturbing others
  • In the morning she arranges her things by herself and gets ready every day.
  • There is a good improvement in her speech after coming to Uni5 Center
  • She gives respect to everyone while speak.
  • She welcomes those who come to home.
  • It is so happy and helpful that this Uni5 Center is there in our village.

Mother ( Home Maker)

 M.Mirgis Kumar

 After came to Uni5 Center all habits of Mirgis is good.

  • He shares all the happenings in Uni5 Center
  • He arranges all his things by himself to Uni5 Center every day.
  • We feel happy that we joined our son in this center.

Mother (Home Maker)


 After came to Uni5 Center there is a good improvement in Alwin’s speech

  • He brushes himself after came to Uni5 Center
  • He tries to do his works by himself
  • He likes to keep himself and his things clean
  • Eating habits and toilet habits got improvement
  • He likes to ask many questions and get to know things after coming to Uni5 Center
  • He express his needs properly
  • He shares all the things that happens in Uni5 Center

Mother (Home Maker)

 P.Nitheesh Kumar

 After came to Uni5 Center there is a good improvement in his language

  • He speaks clearly and decently
  • He gives respect while socialize
  • If someone comes home he welcomes them and tells them to sit down
  • He listens to bird sounds and asks their name to know.
  • If he does some mistake he realizes that and asks sorry
  • He get along with neighbor kids.

Mother(Home Maker)


 After coming to Uni5 Center her eating habits and toilet habits got improved. She is eating without putting food on floor.

  • She gives respect to everyone.
  • There is a good improvement in her language after coming to Uni5 Center
  • She is helping me in all the house holds
  • She is doing all her works by herself. She is puts her dress by herself
  • While his brother is reading she also sits next to him and keeps paper and pencil and shows interest in writing
  • She loves his brother.

Mother (Home Maker)


 She learned everything only after coming to Uni5 Center

  • We are exclaimed that she knows so many things
  • She speaks a lot about the sun,moon,mountains and nature.
  • She likes to be neat than others
  • She uses many English words while speaking in home
  • She does all her works by herself
  • In the morning after she gets up she prepares all her lunch box, lunch bag and water can by herself.
  • Her memory got improved
  • She consoles if someone cries.
  • The habit of helping others got improved
  • She is also helping me in all the house holds
  • Our relation felt sad that in their city there’s no center like this to join their kid after seeing Jeyashree.
  • This is truly far better than balvadi.

Mother(Mill – Labor)

  Our teachers has visited these parents at Sendurai village and got the feedback. Most of the feedback were also taken from previous records.

Asafer [name changed] - 4.5 years old came to Sendurai Montessori HOC just 1 year back. He is a child with under developed muscles and motor skills. His parents believed in Montessori system and send him to our school. In this 1.5 years his motor and muscular skills has developed. Sensorial apparatuses has made several changes within him. Today he has opened to mingle with all children and his spoken skills has developed well. He has gained confidence in facing the real situations. His parents has made him to continue one more year in Montessori environment for his further development. Again he is more one proof for the Montessori tools which can bring changes within challenged children.

Feed back from parents - term 1, 2013 [September]
Children are regular in their day to day work.
No stress in handling the children at home.
Their spoken skills have evolved with natural respect for others.
They are very particular in taking care of their physical cleanliness.
Children share their things and have harmony will their peer group.
Usage of English words has increased.
They narrate all stories and sing songs at home and make us happy.
Children care their younger siblings and also self-responsible.
Children have cultivated good table and toilet manners.


1. ''My son has autism traits which has been identified by the school. The school gave regular Ayurvedic medication and assisted my child to improve his quality of life. I belong to a very poor family. Every day I am working in granites for daily wages. I have 3 sons. This child is the middle one. He is now entirely matured and well behaved than other 2 sons. His language, self-disciplne, studies, responsibilities has changed a lot. He has joined in local government school anf after assesing him the principal has given him double promotion to grade 2. The self-orderliness within my son has made him to accept mnay tough times in life. Today practically he faces the life. His school teachers appreciate his discipline and work pattern. His spiritual strength has improved.'' - M.Saravanakumar's mother. [This child studied for soild 10 terms in our Montessori - uni5 center]

 2. ''I am a local post man. I observed a great difference between your center children and other school children. The inner -order which is naturally developed through work patterns is inspiring me. My son has evolved more. Now I have to shift to the near by town and I am missing this education. I always want to come to your center.'' - Jenis Adiban's father [2.5 years old child]

 3. ''My child is very much helping me at home. She is studying well in grade 2. Her speech skills got improved. She is able to understand the situation and accept what we say. She wish her tutors where ever she see them. She is still doing all EPL exercises at school and remains about various materials.'' - Keerthana's mother  [our second student]

 4. '' My child is always getting rank 1 from grade first in other school. Her drawing skills are good. She likes to imagine and connect her concepts with herself. She wants her teachers to show all in rality like your school teachers. She is very good in her self-order. My second daughter is also growing like her after studying in your center.'' - Swetha's and Swathi's mother.

 5.''My son is foing best in his higher grades. His drawing and handworing skills are excellent beacuse of various exercises given in your center through materials. His memory skills are very good he can grasp any thing soon than his elder brother. He has developed a natural interest to learn  by himself. He is very particular in maintaing and taking care of his materials at home and school. He also helps others.'' - Sudeesh's father

 6. ''My daughter joined in this school when she was 1 year old. Her language and body level awareness has developed more. She is now very much interested in gradening. She can identify many plants and makes my home a small garden. She teaches me with good language. Because of her I joined my second son Balaji here. Later I wish to work and assist many children.Today I am working asa helper. I am proud about this education pattern. She has learned to write soon. Her hand writing is very neat. I feel the Montessori uni5 materials has given enough training for her motor skills. I am able to understand what chemistry has changed my daughter and son after working as a helper in this center. With this awareness I am also assisting many children.

 She was brought to this center by my friend who is also a helper [Ms.Jothy]. The way she cared many children has inspired my daughter. So today at tthe age of 6, she is taking care of many babies in my family [joint family system] and say to herself that ''I am Jothy aunty'' - Ms.Maheshwari  - our school helper. [mother of Balaji and Madhumitha]

 7. ''My son Balamithran is doing very well in grade 3. He is well disciplined. There is no stress for us in making him to study. He likes drawing very much. Still he helps his mother in all house hold activities which has been trained in center'' - our second child of the center Balamithran 's father.

 8. ''My girl's body level personality has changed a lot. Her vocabulary skill is very high than by elder son. I thank this center!'' - Divya Darshini's parents.

 9. ''My daughter is very much aware about her environment. She is much aware about many things even than me.Her social skills are good. She can make friends very soon in her school. She is very confident in expressing her views. I am happy about her basic education which you have given in Namma Veedu Montessori - Uni5 center'' - Keerthana's father.

 10. ''My son joined at the age of 2. His social skills are good. His language has developed much better and today in higher grades he is able to grasp all concepts well. He loves every one. He has developed a calm character.'' - Dr.Thenmozhi [Govardhanan's mother]

 11. ''My child is very respectful to others which is very imporatnt in life. This center has given her very rich culture and language'' - Ms.Rosy [school teacher, Sebashini's mother]

 12. ''My son came to this center only for 1 term and noew he is in  a private school doing grade 3. He cannot forget the love and care given by these teachers. The sense of order is good. He always likes to come back to this center atleast once in a week'' - 7 years old Bharanidaran's father [farmer]

 13. ''Vishali is very good in studies in grade 1. She respects all at home and school. She has inspired my sister and made her to put her 1 year old son in Namma Veedu'' - Ms. Jotsna Stephen.

 14. ''My first daugher joined here along with me[helper]. Her adament character has changed a lot and she is calm now. There is no stress for us in making her to go to school. She has developed a good sense of time and work pattern.My second daughter is also studying here. My first one is also good in studies in grade 1.'' - Ms.Amudha [helper]

 15. ''My son Viswa who studie in Namma Veedu 2 years is getting rank 1 in grade 2. His manners are good and my relatives appreciate that. He can teach his little sister at home.'' - Father.

 16. ''My son used get scared for many things. I put him at the age of 1 following my elder daughter. Now he is in grade 1 doing well. His fear got changed. He is confident now. He is writing beautifully and doing well in studies'' - Balaji's father

 17. ''My daughter studied here for 1 year. Now she is in a convent where her teachers appreciate her confidence and good communication skills. Her English is good.'' - Anitha's father

 18. ''Jerin was brought to the center where he completed his 1 year. His motor skills got improved a lot. He is sharing his materilas and loving all. He has developed good communication skills. He is now 3.5 years old doing LKG in local Church school. His teachers admire his skills'' - Jerin's father.

 19. ''Trishal Grace was brought to Namma Veddu at 1.5 years old. Now she is doing grade 2. I am soreading the mission of your center to many families to put their children in Namma Veedu. My daughter's various phases of development is great!'' - Mother

 20. ''Rainason who is doing well in grade 2 is being appereciated for his good behaviour'' - mother

 21. ''Hariprabhu studied in Namma Veedu for 2 years. He is studying well. Beacuse of this I have put his younger brother in your center'' - parents

 22. ''Baarath and his 2 younger brothers [Mohan and Vijay] studied here. They all have good culture and self-discipline. Their communication skills are good. They expect good behaviour from us also'' - mother

 23. ''Chandru stidied here for 3 years. Now he is able to link and think about many concepts.'' - his teacher in Government school.

 24. ''Dharaun and Monika are studying well in grade 2. Their imagination power is very high''  - Mother of twins

 25. ''My son SriRam can share the real love and respect to all. He likes to help others'' - mother

 26. ''I thank Namma Veedu and Pradheepkumar for helping my daughter to get a walker to walk. She is a special child. The center gave her the speech teraphy and made her to bloom. We put other 2 sons from age 1 here. They all have joined in various schools and doing well. My daughter has gained confidence in life.'' - Mishal's parents.

 27. ''My son Thiruluki has developed a very strong respectful communication skill through Namma Veedu. He is also learning well by connecting the concepts with his experience'' - father

 28. ''Namma Veddu gave space for my special child. Later I put my second son Surya here at the age of 1. Today because of my poverty I have given him to my sister. He is learning in Dindigul city. I came to know he is well behaved and studying well.'' - Mother working as a tailor [husband is also bed ridden for past 3 years]

 29. ''I have brought Yasini [my aunty's daughter] to this center at the age of 3. She studied here for 1 year. She is implementing all the skills, exercises learned in Namma Veedu . But she dislikes normal schooling. Her parents are aware about her early developmental stages. Her English pronounciation is very clear!'' - Ms.Kalavani David [our very first teacher]

 30. ''The school has identified and guided us to an ENT specialist. The doctor has cleared many ear problems  by which my son has started developing his spoken skills'' - Arun Pandy's mother.

 31. ''Logeshwaran [tribal community] has developed many good personality skills which are very new for our community. He is also learning well'' - father [honey collector]

 32. ''This center recognized and encouraged my daughter's memory skill. She knew more than 1000 words and 50 Tamil language poems at the age of 4. Now she is first in her grade 4'' - Rajashree's father [school teacher]

 33. ''My twins studied here. The center has guided my wife to handle infancy age.'' - Father of Manoj - Chandru.

 34. ''My grandson studied in Namma Veedu from the age of 2. His language skills are good. He was actually evolving well. The divorse between hius parents has distracted his development and I am helpless, I has to send the child with his father to other town. I thank the center for supporting him1'' - Hudson's grandparents.

 35. ''My son Shiva is learning well in city school.He stuided here from the age of 1. I also worked here for 2 yaers and assisted my own son. This has given me the idea about the needs of man at avrious age. Now I am confident in handling the second baby. He is still following all the work pattern taught in Namma Veedu. This made my brother to put his daughter and son in Namma Veedu'' - Ms.Priya Kannan.

 Prepared by Ms.Kalavani David, Ms.Shanthi, Ms.Jothy, Ms.Maheswari and Ms.Amudha on  29.1 2013


Montessori integrated Uni5 system] Sendurai village - Dindukal District - Tamnil Nadu, India

Testimonials of parents - January 2013

1. ''In previous years my son used to be very docile and passive at home. The center has made him very active and he is very much energetic now. His motor skills are good and he has improved a very decent language skill.'' - Ganjendran [2 years] mother

 2. ''I respect this method of learning. I am happy that my son demands more English at home for many nouns and he teaches me. I am uneducated. When I beat my ender son this child used to stop it and ask me not use bad language. He says that he wanted me to behave like his assistants. He demands many activities at home like center. I love to write. He is always making out something with waste materials. I thank this center for all these transformation. He has become very creative and his memory skills have improved. His body level personality has developed. Even though it is raining he wants to take bath. He has calmed down a lot and never disturbs us at home. His grandparents admire his development'' - Krithish [4 years] father

 3. '' I am writing my own observation after working as a staff here. His language skills got developed. He assists us in home and gets permission for all his needs. His language has imbibed more respect and love. He is also responsible. He loves to come here. I thank all the teachers. My son's growth in all 5 levels are happy and clear'' - Aswin Kumar [3 years] mother

 4. Special child

   ''75 percent my son has transformed to a good level. I thank this system. He is taking care of himself and his baby brother. His physical needs were challenged and trained. His shyness got reduced. He loves to pick up many nouns from picture books. His language got improved. He is thorough with all vegetables and fruits. He sings and tries to dance. Please try to make him to write.'' Albert Simson's [5 years] father

 5. ''My elder [Lokeshwaran son] is doing grade 1 in other school after studying in Namma Veedu. His teachers are admiring his polite language and gestures. His grasping sense is great. He is very responsible and his scorings are in highest level.

 My second son is also doing well. His respectful language is admired by my in-laws. He is very clean and neat. He is confident with his vocabulary. He uses more English. He eats by himself and cares his body very well. Even when he is sick he used to cry to come to Namma Veddu center. His dressing sense is very good after coming here. He explores his elder brother's books and identifies nouns. He is beyond his age level and he is also better than other children near my home.'' Darnish [2.5 years old] - parents

 6. ''She is a non-Tamil speaking child. Now my girl has developed good Tamil language skill. She is very active and she loves to sing and dance for the songs taught at Namma Veedu. She wants to tell many things to us but we are unable to understand the Tamil. She loves to come to center. Even when we want to take her leave she cries. She has started exploring books and talk much around the pages.'' Laxmi Prabha [2.5 years] parents

 7. ''My grandchild’s language has developed with respect and courtesy. Her habits are good. She likes to have a good dressing and make up pattern to come to this center. She reflects all your teachings at home'' - Glady [3 years] grand-father

 8. ''I admire his I.Q at this small age and he is very clear in his thoughts and actions. She makes her sister to get ready for the school. He assists me in all house hold work after doing all EPL [essential practical life skill exercises] work at school. His vocabulary skills are good.'' Karthikeyan [3.75 years] mother

 9. ''We appreciate her love and respectful nature and good language which have been trained by this center. She wants to be very clean and neat. She teaches herself at home. She loves to sing all your Montessori-Uni5 songs and narrates stories to her little sister. Her eating habit is good and her vocabulary skill in English is very nice.'' - Archana [3 years] mother

 10. ''My daughter's habits, character, language and learning skills are good after coming to this village Montessori-Uni5 center. She uses more English at home. We are not well versed at English and we are unable to assist. She does not want to be at home. She can relate the concepts. She is very responsible at home and her memory skill is also very good. She wants me to teach like center staff.'' - Hari Priya [4 years] mother

 11. ''My son is able to understand my communication very well. He is clear about many nouns. He is able to name many objects correctly. He is very particular in cleaning his body and keeping it good. He practices many exercises at home also. He repeats many songs and he is able to compare and link the concept with his own experience. He enjoys EPL exercises very much at home. He has good toilet and food manners after being in your center.'' - Arun Pandy [3.5 years] mother

 12. ''My son is very particular in naming many objects at home in English. His habits are good. He has cultivated good communication skills.'' - Shek Abdhulla [2.5 years] mother

 13. ''She imagines the home as Namma Veedu center and tries to behave as the same. Guests has admired her good manners'' - Mahalaxmi [3 years] mother

 14. ''My daughter taught me many songs and my younger one is also reproducing them. She is very particular in naming an object with color identification. Her English vocabulary skill is good. Toilet and food habits are good. I am stress less.'' Kavya [3.5 years] mother

 15. ''She is fearless to come here at this very young age which has admired many of my family members. She can ask for her needs clearly now.'' - Varnika [1.75 years] mother

 16. ''My son is much interested about animals and he can give many facts about them which cannot be given by my elder daughter in higher grades. His language skills are good. I am also happy with his good manners.'' Gohith [3 years] father

 17. ''My daughter came here at 1 year old. She has cultivated a sense of inner order. She is helping a lot and sharing her things with all. She respects all. This I need. She explores many books at home'' Subbulaxmi [2 .5 years] mother

 18. ''She is now good in her table manners and toilet manners. She has learned to invite guests and communicate to them. She enjoys freedom with responsibility. She is very much aware about her language and loves all. She saved her baby sister who was supposed to fall in a big pit. She sings a lot'' - Vibeesha [3 years] mother

 19. ''My son sings well at home and he is very responsible. He loves to come to the center'' Anbarasan [2 years] father

 We thank all these villagers who have supported the great educational systems of Dr.Montessori and Uni5 pattern.

 Photo: Ms.Vimala Ravi [name changed] presenting Tamil language consonants through sand paper letters.


Ms.Kalaivani David [Teacher training, Montessori trained, [B.Lit]] Feb 2013 ''I am very proud and happy to be the very first child assistant of this center since 2007. I thank the villagers for accepting this wonderful educational system given through Sakthi foundation. We started with 3 children and now we have sent more than 200 children in these 5 years. Now we have 35 children. - 

I have been trained to understand the needs of 1-6 years old children. This education has first brought many inner self-transformations. This has directed me to solve many of my own personal issues.This system is making me to develop my skills. I feel we are meaningful in this work to this village. I always feel I have the greatest responsibility in making the children with responsibility which is the immediate need for this nation. This system of education is giving me that space and freedom to do my work. I also spread this mission to my community and friends. 

The 5 level developmental pattern of education through materials and concepts is wonderful. Children are more responsible after coming here. They are aware about their ''self'' and environment. We all have learned not to waste any thing and conserve the energy through this education pattern.

We have developed a work style, perfection and beauty in our work. Even at home and family life the center has made great impact. I am always trying to associate my home and center. Harsh treatment will never solve any issues. I believe this system and it is very scientific, practical and I love much. This has made me to stay back in this village away from my husband who is serving in army in North India. I believe the service rendered by me and my husband is equal to this nation. I am stressless.Taking responsibility as Princiapal in turn gave me much space to develop my leadership qualities. The center has given time and support to qualify more.

Uni5 system is making me to connect every object around me. This is making me to think much about energy concept and conservation. The system gives natural exposure to nation's culture and traditions. This school has made us to bind the village beyond many discriminations. I am able to maintain my own family with much awareness. We are living in harmony and learning naturally. I am not like a traditional school teacher just making the child to know some information through books. This system has given that chance. Trust is very friendly. We are free to express our thoughts. We are able to understand people of various levels of maturity and we have gone to the level of handling the parents. We fight for the child. We feel we are paid reasonably. Our parents support a lot. They have understood this sytem. They give clear feedback. The trust is very flexible and understand us.When I will a child of my own I wish to setup an environment. This is my obligation to my husband.'' 

Ms.Shanthi Sakthivel - M.A, B.Ed, Montessori trained.

'' I have been a traditional school teacher. I came to this center especially to get rid off my stress. I have completed my PG, B.Ed and Montessori traing through this center. I got time and support to qualify. Now I am not much interested in teaching higher class children. Working experince and Montessori training has made me to become more aware about human life. I have reduced my anger with my own son.I  have also shed my shyness. I am confident in expressing my thougths. I thank the trust for making the villagers to get this opportunity. Villagers has accepted this. Only in Madurai city [56 Kms away] we ahve one Montessori school. That is only for rich people.

The fees structure is feeble which cannot be afford by few parents. [Rs.50 per month]I like the materials which makes me to put off my stress. I am implementing all the pattern of learning in my life also. I feel I am the mother of many children and I have the responsibility. Spiritually we have evolved a lot. Along with the school my family is also evolving especially in conserving the energy. My husband assists much to my work.My harsh approach to my son has changed. I have allowed my son to study on his own and he is doing well. I have stopped stressing my son. I felt my son must have studied in this system in his young age. So now I do conceptual teaching at home for him. 

I am lost in the beauty of working pattern of very young children. I am happy in working here. My husband is more pride about this work and he supports a lot. Montessori training was very easy because pracrtically I got the chance to observe the concepts of Dr.Montessori when I learned.  I love to teach sounds through sand paper letters which is the most effective stressless learning euipment. I am crazy in presenting sand paper letters.  Panchabootha concepts made even my son and me to stop wasting many essential things.'-. 

Ms. Sasikala - Teacher [B.Sc, B.Ed]

''Immediately after my education I joined here. I can see obvious difference in the way of presenting concepts in Montessori - Uni5 pattern of education. The center gave me depth training which brought many inner-transformations. I am able to understand much about children. After marrage and delivery again I joined here with my first son. His development is very unique. Now I have given birth to second child and I underwent the second pregnancy with much more awareness than the first time in school. I worked here till last week of 9 months. I have learned many things through children. Panchabootha teaching made me aware about energy conservation.I am also making my child aware about this. My family members can understand the essence of this education and used to praise about this center. The teaching experience has made me to handle two children of my own. Now I am undergoing this course from home after delivery. I wish many more children of my village must be benifited by the center.My prayers for the center. It is a great reward for me as a teacher to work here.''

Ms.Jothy [our helper]

''I am unable to take rest even when I was sick because this center attracts me much. I am the very first helper. I have learned much about children's tendencies. I am taught how to approach a child to assist. Every child is different. When children address me as ''mother'' and ''aunty'' I am very much happy. Eduaction is different here. I feel it is natural and more scientific. I have changed a lot. We have no discrimination as teachers and helpers. I have the awareness about my own responsibility. I have handled a big issue with my teen age son through the maturity which has been gained through this system. I love to come here and I got much exposure to world. I am a villager who does not know much about outer world. Love with care is very important. I have learned to forgive and adjust to the family people after looking at the children. I am respected by this village for working here.''

 Ms. Maheswari - [helper] ,Feb 2013

''I joined here as a helper after seeing my children's development. Now they have gone for higher grades. I want to thank the trust for giving me the good education in very low fees. My husband goes to pluck sosonuts in locality and I come here as a helper. I wish to render the lovable care to many children. I am happy here than in my home. I have no stress. I have no exposure even in going to a shop. In these years I have gained good confidence in facing the society. I can handle any thing now. Evety day my children have lot of questions about my school work as they have studied here. My short temporment has changed and I have reduced my anger. I used to reinsist many concepts agin to my children and try to maintain the order of work at home also. Helping the children in toilet habits was very much stressful for me in the begining, but today when I assist a child in toilet that removes the selfishness and makes me pure. I feel this is divine service. I am  now more aware about children. I wish to present anything good for them. This center is respecting all religions and celebrating all festivals with good communal harmony which is very much needed for this village. I enjoy all festivals and I am a part of it. Like me if any parent understands this concept of learning and child care they can be stressless. The center has given chance for many women to take a job. Children's selfless love makes me to forget my personal problems. I does not like to stay at home in holidays. 

Ms.Amudha - [helper],  Feb 2013

''I put 2 of my daughters here. Now they ahve gone to higher grades. I am undergoing my third pregnancy with more awreness and stressless in this center. I hope my third child will be much more aware about many things through this style of pregnancy. After seeing my first daughter's develoment I was longing to join here to work. My internal transformations will have its own impact with the new child. I am slowly presenting materials. I am also following many things which has been taught here in my home. I am also continuing to teach further at home to my children. I am happy here than in home. My home situations are very tough. This center has reduced my stress. The center taught me many cultural, traditional and spiritual concepts. I am ignoring people who iltreat me but I never regret them. I am able to face any people. I can accept them now.I wish to continue till the previous day of my delivery. I also thank the center for allowing me to take leave when ever I have family and social commitment''. -

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