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How to Involve Children in Navarathri
1) Allow them to help arrange steps if feasible. Involve them in arranging of dolls in steps and decoration.
2) can offer steps exclusively for kids creation and let them arrange their step. Allow them to start their own creations for Navaratri like drawing, car arranging etc.,
3) allow them to keep flowers on steps in every day navaratri pooja
4) I will have my kids to sit down completely for mahisasura mardhini stotram and ask them to meditate and pray for their wish. I Encourage them to communicate to God through this.
5) Everyday in evening, cleaning home and setting up for pooja, kids can be involved.
6) until the start of Lalitha Sahasranamam, Kids will be observing and participating in rituals. After completion of Lalitha Sahasranamam, they will rejoin. Since my kids are small, they will not have much patience. So I did this to give a break and also make sure they join Beginning and completion of rituals.
7) in between rituals, If guests arrive, kids will take care of them.
8) I allowed my kids to distribute Prasadam and fruits and small toys for their friends.
8) Followed a rule that on special poojas, they have to be present. They were so excited when I made them to conduct dolls marriage as first special pooja which encouraged them to be present for other poojas.
9) Can allow kids to dance or play music if they know and interested.

 Thanks to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation

 Subha Ramalingam (Real Name Texas, USA) Sept 2018

Updated Sept 2013

The following are feed backs from the quiz conducted in coimabtore by Sakthi foundation along with THIRUNERIYA THIRUVAASAGA MANDRAM - Coimbatore, Tamil nadu.

About the Quiz


We are happy to share that we are conducting a cultural competetion for students from grade 4 - 12. This is a competetion to recite several verses from our language's anciet scriptures which gives moral values to children. This is being conducted by Thiruneriya Thiruvaasaga mandram - Coimbatore. It is a charitable association established by a senior citizen of our nation Ms.MenakaDevi. She is a good Veena player. She conducts recitation of many hymns, songs all across the state. She organizes senior citizen and students for many social work.

She is being volunteered by us for past 3 years. We sponsor a small amoubt to purchase books for prizes. Dr.Madeswaran.M from the trust organizes a great cultural quiz based on life values, Indian heritage and several other topics for the parents and teachers who come along with their children.
The trust evaluates the competetions like oration, classical music and recitation of ancient texts. The judges were directed by us to promote students to related the topics and talks with the reality of life. This has made many schools to inrole further. This year the quiz has been conducted in Barathi Matriculation Higher secondary school - Coimbatore on Septeber 1st, 2013.


''we thank Sakthi - UNi5 trust for this assistance. In previous 33 years we were much troubled by the anxiety of parents and teachers. They disturbed children. Now parents gather every year just to attend this great quiz which happens atleast for 4 hours''. - Menakadevi -Sept 2013.

''I wait for this day than by child just to listen to this quiz, which is very useful to think about various aspects of life and culture'' - a parent.Sept 2013

''We request Uni5 trust to publish all the questions as a book which is very valuable for all of us'' - a teacher, Sept 2013

''We are unlucky. We cannot attend this quiz because we have go to jude'' - a judge, Sept 2013


ADDRESS: Block C, F 2, Sainandhan flats, Gandhi nagar, Alwar Thirunagar, Chennai - 87, Tamil Nadu, India

''My 2 daughters have developed a regularized work pattern and good communication skills through this session. I am researching more and improving my communication skills. The legends which I narrate make me and my husband to discuss a lot and relate to the day to day life. My daughters have now stopped thinking much about watching TV and they expect the Sunday noon for Uni5 CCC'' - Ms.Kavitha Balaji [tutor] January 2013

''The communication among the family has increased. We discuss about the sessions and children share their learning.'' - Mr.ArulBalaji January 2013

‘’This session is taking place in my home. I am 66 years old. I am much inspired with the classes. Children are very responsible and there is a meaning behind each concept. My loneliness i8s being occupied by this session and I am also listening. This is keeping away the children and myself far away from TV’’ – Ms.M.Mahalaxmi January 2013

''My son's memory skill has been developed because of this session. He has learned many values about life and able to grasp simple science concepts soon. This also helps in his school studies'' - Vidhyuth's mother [12 yaer old boy] January 2013

''I have learned many values and trying to implement in day to day life. The anger within me is reduced and I am able to relate many concepts within myself'' - Mahesh. [14 year old boy] January 2013

'' I can talk very confidently and my memory skill has been developed. I like drawing session which is boosting up my creativity'' - Baby Amritha [grade 2] January 2013

''I have seen an inner order and inner strength within my own son after coming to this class'' - Suthu's mother [10 year old child] January 2013

‘‘The legends from world history is attracting me and making me to think much about life and my responsibility. I am able to grasp the science concepts and link it with daily practical life'' - Murali [9 year old boy] January 2013

‘‘The classes have changed many children in this apartment. Even while playing they recite the Uni5 songs. Their timing is planned well and I am seeing them very differently. While playing also they used to talk about the concepts, songs, stories and many work'' - Abinav's, Adira's father. January 2013

‘‘The legends and classical songs taught in these sessions are very useful to me. I am now not scared about science'' - Sricharan [9 year old child] January 2013

The session usually is planned as follows: [once in a week]

1. 5 minutes meditation

2. Super brain yoga

3. Legend from world history to think and relate the life.

4. Decoding one traditional and cultural aspect.

5. Presentation of a science concept which the children felt hard to understand.

6. Classical music and creative drawing

7. 1 minute deep thinking with awareness about what they have studied.

8. Distribution of snacks.

CLASSICAL MUSIC CLASSES - Theethipalayam [rural area] - Coimbatore District
Testimonial for the year 2012

''At first I thought my master will start with basic grammar in classical music. I joined through my aunt in this class. I did not think that I will sing in 5 concerts. Our classes help us to learn many great classical songs in easy way. I am having a good idea about South Indian classical music which is very new to our families and locality where I live. I have come across my shyness and stage fear also. I am confident in what I do. I can relax my mind in positive way through my music. I always remember public's appreciation when I sang the famous song ''Kurai ondrum Illai''. Our parents are happy about this. I wish to continue the sessions. We are blesses by God to learn under Dr.Madeswaran from Uni5 trust''- Nithin - Grade 7, Feb 2013
''I thank Mr.Ganesan and Ms.Jeyanthi for making our rural locality to get this opportunity through Sakthi trust. Baby Prathika inspired me through her musical talent and I got this initiation. I am proud about my 5 concerts which has made public to recognize me. I have kept the sacred lamp gift given by public and thank CAC for providing a very good teacher. I wish to perform more. '' Mithra - Grade 6, Feb 2013
''The CAC music session in our rural locality has made many transformations within us. I am happy that I have found out a good way to relax my stressed mind. The shlokas, music songs taught in this class has given my mind a positive thinking about life and the inner energy has boosted up. I can trace out a divine feeling within myself''- Ms. Viji-Feb 2013
''I am very happy about this music. My daughter's stress has been reduced by music. Her language skills are also developed.'' -Ms.Kamala-Feb 2013

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