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Amazing Cancer Cure

My mom was diagnosized in 2008  with fourth stage of  liver and intestinal cancer and had spread to lymph nodes also. She being a normal village women did not know about the disease. She had severe side effects undergoing chemo and radiation therapy. Every time she was reluctant to go to the treatment and I persuaded saying that she will be completely be alright soon with the treatment. She was disease free for one year.

To my surprise again she got the cancer back in 2014. I was wondering why cancer strikes back and was searching for alternative therapies in web and saw the Uni5 Sakthi Foundation's Pancha Bhoota treatment method. I found it logically made sense. Moreever I mother said she would rather die than undergoing chemo and Radation therapy.

Sakthi Foundation memebers asked my mother to undergo both radiation and chemo therapy and also use the ayurvedic medicines of Mohanan Vaidyar.  She said that unlike in 2012 treatment, this time she did not feel the side effects of chemo and radiation therapy and wonderred may be the doctors were giving her low doses of the treatment. We were all amazed how she was feeling much better than before.

She went for CT and PET scans this week and was reported to have  no trace of disease. She now continues to be healthy and our family is so much relieved of our mother's help. The method claims no magical herb or any medicine as the cure for cancer. it is the body that is been brought to a healthy state. I wish many people follow Uni5 Sakthi Foundation method for disease free peaceful life.

Thanigai and Prakasam Singapore, Sept 2015

Cancer Cured

I was diagnosized in 2014 March with fourth stage of Vaginal and uterine cancer and had spread to other areas. The doctors were not much hopeful about my condition. But doing both chemo and radiation along with five elements of Panhca Bhoota I completely is disease free. When I wait for chemo and radiation , many patients wonder that I was a cancer patient because unlike them, I did not have side effects symptoms to the extent of other cancer patients. I am know it is because of the pancha Bhoota treatment. I also was recommended to use the ayurvedic medicines of Mohanan Vaidyar.  I went for a checkup this week and found to have no symptoms of the disease. I am really thankful to Sakthi Foundation for this great help.

Gayathri, Kerala, Sept 2015

Cancer Cured.

I contacted you about 1 year ago after my friend  told me about your cancer treatment with water therapy. at that time my father was a diagnosed colone cancer patient at level 3 and the doctors advised him to do a chemo therapy which almost killed him. he then followed your instructions and soon understood that an "alternative" treatment was able to heal his body without damaging it even more. so he discontinued chemo therapy and did water therapy alone with great success. he is without cancer cells now - as far as the doctors can say - and feels almost like he did before. THANK YOU DR. PRADHEEP you were a great help!!! good luck for the future, thanks again and all the best!

yours mathias (real name)

Germany. 30th August 2010.

Pancreatic Cancer

My Mom is doing ok so far.She does not have any pain, she is eating normal. She did not loose lot of weight.Her Chemo was stopped from last 3 months. They are taking scanning to see the tumor condition. She is doing water therapy, she spend time in paying god (it is kind of meditation). She spend most of her time with her grand kid, so she does not have time to think about her self.
Note: She does not know she has this problem.
Thank you so much for all your help. My belief is that, it is all magic of Sakthi
Because doctors in USA told a year back (january 2006), she has only 6 months to live with pancreatic cancer. Now she is fine after one and half years.
I will keep you posted on her condition on regular basis.

Venkat, Mineapolis, July 2007.


Multiple Myeloma  (Plasma cell cancer)

I was diagonised with Multiple myeloma cancer in July 2006 IN Adayar Cancer Hospital, Chennai, India. I was told that I was in advanced stage of cancer and my kidney was affected and so regular chemo therapy could not done because it will worsen my kidneys and I will die of that. So they recommended medicines to improve kidneys and start only mild oral chemotherapy In August. They told my wife to arrange for 7 lakhs rupees (around 15, 000 us dollars)  for the treatment including bone marrow transplantation to save my life. For a middle class family person like this expense is not affordable.multiple-myeloma-1

My relative told about Sakthifoundation Pancha Bhoota treatment and said it is very effective, though they have not treated any multiple myeloma cancer before.  When I heard about the therapy it was so simple to believe , but I wanted to try because it made sense and also  it was no money. I started immediately all the five elements of pancha bhoota and within few months by doctors tol that my kidney functions have improved. (Drinking water is cautioned in renal failure, but according to pancha bhoota it will help detoxify and inturn will help the kidneys).

Soon my blood parameters started showing better quickly and by November the doctors were surprised that i recovered so well and told that I do not need to undergo any bone marrow transplantation. That was a great relief for me and my family for not only saving expenses but also my health. Now (January 2007) I was told to come only once in three months for check up. There was no need for any chemotherapy or other treatment.

I owe so much to Sakthifoundation for helping me and wish to spread this information to everyone for healthy living. I am enclosing a report to show that even in third stage B I was able to get recovery using this simple pancha bhoota treatment alsone. I did water therapy, did all the herbs and food suggested, did pranayama the breathing exercise , walking, yoga and meditation. I think this holistic approach has helped me.

Raghunathan (Real Name) Allepey

India. January 2007.

Multiple myeloma  is a cancer of the plasma cell, an important part of the immune system that produces immunoglobulins (antibodies) > It is characterized by excessive numbers of abnormal plasma cells in the bone marrow and overproduction of Bence-Jones protein.

Stomach cancer:

This letter is regarding MY FRIEND'S STOMACH CANCER

With the help of your advise, i am proud that we saved a life who is nearing death (GOD BLESS YOU)



KARUN, Singapore. July 2008.


Hi. I have been lurking for a while at this site, and must admit that your collective knowledge on alt. treatments for cancer certainly exceeds that of my naturopathic doc! Thanks for all your input. For what it's worth, the glycemic index of any given food is meaningful only in relation of the food to the carbohydrate content of the entire meal. The glycemic index is altered by the presence of other carbs, with other glycemic indexes, in the meal.


Jennifer Miki, Colarado, USA, 5th Jan 2002.



In 1999 I was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. My husband was told by The doctors that I had six months to live. A short time later I was introduced to Pradheep, whom I refer to as my "Guardian Angel." He made me realize how much power we ourselves have over our own bodies, and how much we can do to help ourselves. Five months later I was operated on, and today I am free of cancer and feeling great. If anyone with an illness is willing to listen and wants to learn how to help themselves Pradheep is the man to talk with. He can become your guardian angel too!


Barbara, Buffalo, NY 28th June 2000.



Pre-cancer lesions healed: I was using tobacco in the form of chewing pan (5 to 6 a day) for a year from 1995 to 1996. In August 1996, I noticed pre-cancerous lesions (white, brown and black patches) in my mouth and also difficulty in swallowing food. I did not want to have any medications and so I took the advice of Sakthi-foundation. With diet and water therapy all my lesions vanished within three months (end of November 1996). Even after four years I have no problem and I enjoy good health after quitting tobacco and following good eating habits.


Mr.Shameed Saik (22 years), Kerala, India.



I was diagnosed of prostrate cancer with high PSA counts (60) and with metastasis in colon. Fear of death shook my will power and was undergoing severe depression. Through my cousin I met Dr.Pradheep Chhalliyil and took his advice. I had chronic constipation and that got relieved in two days. I followed the prescribed dietary regimen also. After two months the doctors were amazed o find that there was no trace of colon metastasis. The PSA counts also lowered to 4. I got healed from the deadly cancer and I owe that to Pradheep.


Robin Donald, Buffalo. USA, 1999



I met Dr.Pradheep Chhalliyil after knowing about his discovery of a potent anticancer compound from a plant in 1996 in "Z" TV and in newspapers. I was then diagnosed of breast cancer and had sever metastasis in the lymph nodes. I contacted him and he prescribed diet therapy and following it protected me from harmful effects of radiation and chemotherapy. I enjoy good health and thanks to Dr.Pradheep Chhalliyil.


Mrs. Lakshmi Nagaraj. India. 1998.



1997 was a horrible and a gifted year because I was told I will die in 3 months from a terrible form of liver cancer. I was gifted ever since of meeting Pradheepkumar who gave me new life. I followed his holistic healing and never took to any other medications because financially I could not afford to get the modern treatment, which now I consider was a blessing.


Pankajam, India. 1999.



For the past six years I had recurrence of ovarian cyst. I was scared to do treatment because I did not want to undergo any surgery or medications. In 2000 January I had severe pain in the side of the abdominal region due to the pressure given by the swelled ovary. I did pancha bhoota healing and after three months I was diagnosed that I do not have even trace of the cyst. I wish more success to Pancha Bhoota healers.


Cathy Smith, NY.



I met Pradheep Chhalliyil in a conference in DC and I was impressed with his unique concept of healing ailments. I followed his healing approach to heal my breast cancer and metastasis in the chest bone. I wish him success with his venture.


Cindy Bill, Dc, USA, 1999.



I met Dr.Pradheep Chhalliyil in the Alternative therapy Confernace at Washington Dc in 1998. I had sinking due to the side effects of chemo and radiation for my breast cancer. He suggested water therapy and diet therapy. I did not beleive at that point that this would completely heal my cancer. Today I am totally free of cancer and living a healthy life. I am very glad to write this testimony to this wonderful person who saved my life.


Rebbaca Smith, Texas, USA 1999


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