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Testimonials - Women's Health

Your service to mankind, especially to people like me who cant afford costly medication is a blessing from above.

Menstrual Bleeding

I wanted to thank Sakthi foundation for two things. I have PCOS problem, through google search i got this PCOS.htm page of sakthi foundation. I read testimonial of few persons who got cured through water therapy.  I read  about Water Therapy in sakthi foundation and started doing water therapy regularly. Before starting water therapy, i did liver treatment as said in website, then i did water therapy. Within one month, i could see myself sweating problem which i had from childhood in palm and foot, it has reduced 90 percent. I felt so happy and continued water therapy and had the simple herbs (Moringa and Agathi) with butter-milk before breakfast as suggested by Sakthi. Quite surprising, the continuous bleeding that I  for the past 60 days completely stopped after having the herb powder and water therapy.

Thanks a lot Sakthi Foundation. May God Bless You for the Service. I feel, this is the website, all should read. Its more helpful, simple and informative. Thanks a lot

Rama , India, Dec 2008


Malayasia, Aug 2006.

Discharge and pain

Thank you for the help. Its been almost a week now since using your suggestion and have noticed a significant change! The pain has become less, the discharge had dissipated and the abdominal bloating is almost gone. I deeply appreciate your help! It's is a great healing for me!


Lona, New Mexico, USA, July 2005.

Losing pregnancy weight

I just gave birth to a baby boy on August 24, 2004. I started water therapy as soon as I came home from the hospital. Within one week I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Thanks to water therapy I am able to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes!


I was diagnosed with many bad pap smears. Every 3-6 months it was the same story, my paps kept showing up with abnormal cells. I began to fear that it would turn into something serious, so I contacted Pradheep, because a good friend of mine knew him and trusted his judgement. Pradheep had helped me with an enlarged spleen, so if he could help me with that, I held out hope that he could help me get rid of my bad pap smears. At the suggestion of Pradheep, I began water therapy. I was scheduled for a pap smear three months or so from the date that I started the water therapy. When I went in for my next pap smear, they told me that it was clear, and that everything was okay. Thanks to Pradheep, I have nothing to worry about. I continue my water therapy, and positive thinking.

Heather Roosevelt, Idaho, September 2004.

Menstrual Pain
Dr Chhalliyil,
I had lot of pain when my periods started but after 2-3hrs the pain subsided and i didn't have that severe pain for the rest of my periods. I am doing water therapy. Thanks a lot
Janet Pensylvania USA. 2003.

I have been doing water therapy , juice therapy and castor oil therapy for the past 3 months . You asked me to do this first. My periods are regular. I am not having much pain as I used to be, it is also under control.
Vasuki, Georgia, USA. 2003.

Hello pradeep,

Thank you for your valuable advice. I followed your recommendation and I am happy to let u know that I am 2 months pregnant. I am really grateful to the Sakthi Foundation and appreciate the great work done by you all to help people. I am happy to recommend this site to my friends and all those in need. Thanking you all once again.

Vision Acrya. Greece. 16th Oct 2002.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I did castor oil therapy regularly every 1-2 months.
It has helped me a lot to reduce the pimple problem.

Thanks. Sarah Jim.
San Francisco USA. 4th Oct 2002.

I really feel much better and my right leg really hasn't been swollen since I started the therapy. All my test came back negative (blood clots- uterine) so that was good. I feel much better overall since I started the water therapy Thank you so much for your help I have tried the mint chutney a few times and use it if i start to feel a bit tired or run down. I will take a look at the updated website as well. Thanks again.

Viena Abraham.Santa Monica, CA, USA.
1 August 2002.

Namaste Pradheep ji,

Thank you I received your last e-mail regarding the castor oil treatment and juice fasting. I have been doing the water therapy and taking the medication that you have told me. I do notice a significant difference in my skin and I want to thank you for your help! My skin is not dry anymore I used to have tight dry skin...I never realized how thirsty my skin was. Although I still notice the rash appear once in a while it is under control and less itchy and less red than it was before I started your treatment. I can go outside and not even have to worry about covering my face. I am so excited!! I would like ot take the time to thank you pradheep ji for your advice. It has been so wonderful doing your treatments and I knew that it would work if I tried it. I will continue with these treatments and I will slowly start working on the air, fire, space elements which I am sure will futher benifit me. You have been a god send! Thank you once again!!

Manasi Deep
Mumbai, India. 27th July 2002.

Thank you for your reply. I was amazed how quickly amaranth and honey helped me, within a day really. Next day i did n't get diarrhoea and swelling around my whole body, especially the ankles and legs lessened a lot. I felt more energetic and more hungry. I had always felt that my uterine (cyst) problems had lots to do with my bad health. Thanks for the Pancha bhoota healing.

Sarvi Ginis.
London UK. July 5th 2002.

Dear Dr.Pradeep Challiyil,
I want to thank you very much for your email. The water treatment has relieved me from all the symptoms of constipation, even though I am now pregnant (now 22 weeks). Before taking water treatment, I took every meal until I felt very full so as to avoid struggling with this problem the next day. Now I am more at peace with the quantity of food(as natural as possible) and my gynaecologist has expressed appreciation for the right amount of weight gain during my pregnancy.

From your site and through your email advice that was filled with warmth, I am more confident of getting nutrition for our baby through healthy diet. And my glucose level was slightly hovering above normal; now I am aware of how to maintain a safer level by taking more whole grains and less of highly processed carbohydrates. As a result I don't feel all that tired any more after every meal.

My husband was touched with your mention of how to connect to our unborn baby. And as for me, I want to thank you for giving me confidence in trusting the traditional methods for maintaining love and health, while I am surrounded in an environment - just like almost everybody else - that shakes my confidence in it ever so often.

Thank You
Nancy King walk. 1st May 2002, Toronto, Canada..

I am quite satisfied with your castor oil treatment. I did it twice. It has solved my pimples problem a lot. Thanks a lot.

Jill Fluent , Cincinatti, Ohio, USA. 23rd April 2002.

I am writing this testimonial with great enthusiasm. I am relative of pradheep. For many years I was having menstrual bleeding problems. Every 10 days I used to bleed and hence became weak and anemic. I became lethargic that I could not even do normal house hold work. Last year I met pradheep in summer vacation and started doing water therapy and followed his amaranth therapy for bleeding. I am astonished that it completely stopped my problems. I gained weight and became strong and active. Many friends and relatives could not believe that I am the same old person. Today in robust health I do all work and still continue the Pancha bhoota healing. I am so impressed by amaranth’s healing nature that I am now growing in my own garden. Seeing the difference in me many of my friends and relatives are doing water therapy. I cannot express thanks in just words to Pancha bhoota healing.

Lakshmi, India. March 2002.

A month ago I had a hysterectomy and as a side effect of the operation I had a pelvic adhesion which caused extreme bowel pain. I tried your water therapy and have been pain free ever since. I can't imagine every stopping now. Thank you so much for your work.

SJ, New York April 2001

Dear Pradheep
Thank you so much for turning me on to "Pancha boota". I am in menopause right now and after only 4 days of drinking the water my hot flashes, which were extreme,and vaginal discharge, totally went away. I also became moist in my vaginal area which beforehand had been dry. My skin also took on a more vibrant quality and my wrinkles even dimished somewhat. As the weeks wore on, my moods became more even and I felt a profound connectedness to the earth. Again, thank you. I hope more people can be told about this wonderful remedy. Please e-mail me if I can be of any assistance. Yours truly,

Jani Attwood, Iowa, November 2000.

I have been doing the water technique of Panchabuddha for a few months now. My experience with this has been wonderful. From the very first I could feel differences as my body responded to this therapy. I no longer experience hormonal hotflashes. They just disappeared! All of this from simply drinking water every morning. I feel very comfortable recommending this simple, easy technique. I look forward to experiencing the other techniques of Panchabuddha.

Barbara .E. Fairfield, IA, 2000.

I had a wrong notion that being a vegetarian I cannot give birth to a healthy child. However following diet therapy I gave birth to a healthy child (8.7 pounds) through normal delivery. Thanks to Pancha Bhoota healing.

Mrs. Sri , NJ, USA. 2000

My experience with water therapy is very good. The greatest benefit for me is that since I started this water therapy, my HOT FLASHES disappeared. I have stopped taking herbs for hot flashes. I don't have any more Hot Flashes now. This is the simplest way to purify the body and maintain good health.

Rosemary Smith, 45 Fairfield, Iowa. June 2000.

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