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Testimonials CBE School

Last Updated - June 2019


Young Children settled and Focussed 

It is something different that our children were crying while working settled and observed when we gave UNI5 lessons. While working with a material it does not communicate in a verbal language. The child is more focused with UNI5 concept peaching tools as we talk and show the models etc and they perform an activity which is kindling their curiosity. This is a great observation and research in the early education given by CBE staff.

28th June 2019

Parents feed back-Dec 2014
Child-1 has started telling thanks for help received from others and he never allows his family people to spill food and water. He has gradual growth in his spoken skills with mother tongue.He is very particular in wiping the water spilled floor for safety.
Child-2 has started washing his hands and legs immediately  after coming from school.He is able to understand how and where to use the word ''please''. He is now mentally prepared to share his things with other children also.

Child-3 is able to accept her mistakes. She advises us not to waste water at kitchen.She likes to assist others at home also.

Child-4 has enriched his spoken skills with more vocabulary. He advises his mother not to waste food and keeps his place very clean and neat after working. He is interested in wiping and placing the materials in respective places.
Child-5 is very much involved in guest treatment. She likes to help her mother at kitchen.She can recite Thirukural clearly and she also shares her things with other children.
Child-6 has cultivated the habit of placing the foot wears and bags at respective shelf at home.He likes to sing Barathiyar song ''Vellai Thaamarai Poovil'' and one day he took a banana leaf spread as working mat and started working with some kitchen tools at home. This reflects his inner order.
Child-7i says that Annapoorani - Energy of food will not give us food when we waste that.She connects all stories narrated along with concepts and conveys to parents.She can clearly narrate Baktha Prahaladhan story.She is good in observing soils and plants.
Child-8 is able to understand the water and food conservation through Ganga and Annapoorani legends. She is able to narrate many stories with good voice modulation. She is very clear that her native town is located in Tamil Nadu which is part of India.
Child-9 has developed more physical level awareness - need for napkins, washing legs and hands after toilet usage, toilet habits, sitting pattern, table manners and neat way of dressing.
Child-10 is very particular in doing prayer after taking bath in morning. His parents have thanked for the 5 needs of child circular.
Child-11 has gained the skill of using sufficient water for his need. He likes Mother Earth presentation very much.
Child-12 is able to adjust with others in various situations.He also does proper wind up at home.He can now clean his teeth by himself. He is clear in identifying trees with correct names and their uses.
Child-13 assists her mother at home and able to adjust more with her little sister.
1 year old Child-14 has developed her  vocabulary skills and she can work with several tools and her winding up sense has improved. She can compare the objects and try to communicate with one word words.
Amritha Rajan's, Guru Prasad's, Hanith Hasen's  parents  have thanked for the 5 needs of child circular.
''My child's adamant has reduced after coming to Uni5 center'' says Child-15 mother.
Many children's mothers said that they are happy to hear Thirukural and rhymes through their children.
Many have concveyed that there is no stress for them to make them to come to Uni5 center.


Ms.Kavitha [Child assistant]
''Our work tension has been reduced because we have planned well and shared among us. We are now much eager in presenting Uni5 concepts which triggers our intelligence. Parents have started observing well about Uni5 lessons. Children are also focusing well.In many ways my son and husband are also interested in learning through relating the concepts while doing home studies''
Ms.Indhuja [Child assistant]
''We are now independent in our work and confident about Uni5 lessons. Uni5 lessons have brought out many transformation at home environment also. Through this I can see the obvious development of language and social skill''
Ms.Raji [Child assistant]
''Teachers and children are happy here. I am much eager in knowing about more Uni5 concepts. I am very happy to work here. It is just like my home. I have also improved my presentation skills''
Ms.Ramya - Principal - Special educator
''Parents are giving many feed back about Uni5 lessons. Now we are confident in presenting the Uni5 concepts. Riddles, proverbs, Thirukural have reached well among parents circle. Teachers have learned where to be firm and not rude. We got 6 months old girl infant and we are observing her. Our stories with probes were super hit among children and parents. Development of the special elder child along with helpers assistance is making us very blissful in life''
Ms.Sumathy - correspondent
'' Senior special student's transformation through our education system is making me meaningful in life. One more child with special needs have been sent to our doctor and he is guiding for multiple tasks. Parents saw that child's transformation and thanked us. Various festivals got celebrated with tradition and Uni5 linking has been highlighted.
Parents say that children at home share lot of ideas, aspects, facts about Uni5 concepts like night sky, riddles, land forms etc. Imagination of staff members have been developed. Proper teaching aids have been used. But still they have to shift from teaching to presenting style. Voice level in the class is low. All children accepted 6 months old infant. Co-operation  among us is good, I am happy and stress free.We are focusing in more physical neatness of the center.'' 
M.SureshKumar [project manager]

''My AMI assistant certificate training has made me to look much more deep into the working pattern of Coimbatore center. I feel we must plan for more infancy age group in our center from June 2014. Staff members must have more training session about materials, presentations and observation. I am happy that Uni5 concepts are getting deep rooted slowly.Orientation for parents can be given in June.''

Ms.Ramya [principal]
''I am working for past 6 months in Coimbatore school. I have much understanding about Montessori and Uni5 now. I need to study more. Union among staff is to be maintained. Parents issues has decreased. Staff are able to care well. Anxiety level of teachers regarding physical care is reduced. I too prefer to invite more infants and special children. We are able to assist 3 special children.''
Ms.Kavitha [teacher]
''I have reduced my voice level out of anxiety. I am more confident in knowing about Uni5 system. I am able to arrange for a good circle time. I have learned a good space management. These have made me to do better observations. I need to learn more in presentation techniques. I need to be much more independent in handling a child physically. We are able to have  a good systematic snacks time as guided by AMI''
Miss. Sandhiya [teacher]
''My anger level has reduced. This is also being observed by my mother. I am able to handle naughty children with more confidence. I like to handle the challenge of settling new children. I am more out of my anxiety about my physical care.WE can introduce prayers from other religions also in next year.''
Ms.SumathySivaKumar [correspondent]
''Parents must be given more orientation about the Uni5 system. We must invite more infants to the center like Sendurai.We are able to provide good guidance to few special children also. Children below 2 years are developing good sense of inner order and language skills. They are more independent from us. More pattern based activities has to be done. We have also started giving Uni5 concepts.
Our team has to focus much in material care and presentations. Our team must read and learn all the manuals of Uni5 education. Coordination in working is being focused. This year our Sendurai and Coimbatore centers have become learning centers for URC medical sciences center for early childhood education diploma.
Every month's last Friday is the day for parents' feed back. We need to focus much in observation report based on fresh Uni5 parameters of child education.Rs.40,000 valid materials have been provided through Sakthi foundation to our centers. We also attended National fair for Montessori equipments in Chennai on February.
Most of children got placed in good city schools for higher grades. They were appreciated for their behaviour, manners, language style, confidence in answering and relating a topic with the self. I am also having the great challenge of handling Sendurai center.''
''My son spoke very well with clear language construction in the interview which has admired the principal''
Parent 2
''Our daughter has been appreciated for her vocabulary skills and confidence in the interview''
Parent 3
''My child was appreciated for his good table manners when he was asked to get seated and he was also appreciated for his self-connecting ideas''
Parent 4
''My son was very independent in performing the interview''
Parent 5

''My daughter was able to answer all the questions very naturally with great confidence''





Below is Jan 2013

‘‘My child attended the Uni5 School and then joined kindergarden in another school. There is definetely a huge difference from rest of the children in the new school.  She is grasping every concept quickly and her eating - toilet habits are excellent. She is very particular in winding up all her things at home and she wants to be very clean. She is very independent. She shares her things with all other children'' – father of 3.75 years old child.

‘‘My son is very happy in coming to the center and he never likes to come back home. The care given by the staff and helpers makes us happy'' – 1.5 year old child’s mother.

''My daughter's language has developed a lot. She is very clear in actions and thoughts. She is working with her mother in all domestic activities at home also. She teaches us more'' – mother of 2 years old girl.

 ''My son is very good in communication and his eating manners has evolved. He is very good in telling stories with lot of his own imagination'' – father of 3 years old child.

''My twin daughters are very independent in their thoughts and actions. Their confidence level is very high. They have developed good motor skills and language.'' - Parents of a twin sisters.

''My son is respecting all at home and very particular in doing his work by himself'' – mother of 1.75 year old child.

''My daughter can point out and name many things around her related (connecting) them to her experience'' – father of 3.5 years old boy.

''There is no stress for me in making him to get ready for the center. His inner self order has evolved lot'' – 1.2 months old child’s mother.

‘’we are very happy about the simple fees structure for a Montessori school. I am happy that the center has given me a chance to give a Montessori – Uni5 education to my child’’ – father of a poor child.

‘’The center is transparent to the parents and the center is also following all ethics of a Montessori education’’ – parent of a 3 year old boy.

‘’Implementing 3 languages is very useful for my child. She talks much and her behavior is good and acceptable.’’ – Mother of a 2 year old child.

 Testimonial of staff members, helpers and coordinators: [January 28th, 2013]

1. Ms.Srikala [child assistant]

'' Montessori equipment is coordinating the eye-muscles to integrate and makes the body to function well. The center’s atmosphere is very calm and makes me very happy to work here. Children are very confident and secured about us. The system is very much focusing upon the child’s self-discipline without threating the child. This center' children are able to connect the concepts with their own life and that makes them to remember forever.

Land forms given to them more exposure to nature and we are seeing children very much fond of nature also. This also kindles their imagination. Children enjoy the equality among themself apart from caste religion money in our center. Development of language, sharing mentality and self-order has been well evolved.''

 2. Ms.Chandra [child assistant]

'' Parents are very much secured in leaving the infants with us. Montessori's materials have its own power to attract the infants and it is making many magical changes. Center is pollution free and calm to work. Children are fearless and approaching us for any assistance. I am also very happy with all children. Syllabus is very advanced but that will make them to imbibe the concepts with imagination. Nature walk makes lot of sense in making them to involve in science learning and social skills.''

 3. Ms. Sumathy [correspondent]

''I am very happy to choose this center and assist the children after doing my MBA. I have learned a lot through the children. This uni5 syllabus has given me the confidence about child's learning abilities. This education is meaningful and sensible. It adds beauty to child's development and we never force. The self-motivation and self-learning is very important in Uni5 pattern and it is there among all our children. My life is very useful and meaningful. Uni5 concepts make them to see, observe and imbibe the concepts very deeply. I have learned to observe the child and helping my own child to evolve. BMIAC - UNI5 concept of personality development helps me personally and in center to guide the children and parents. The education pattern has brought out the inner order naturally without any stress. I can observe that children continue to exercise the same pattern of work at home environment. Any type of concept can be given to young children in simple way. That will be taken by them. I must have studied like this.The efforts taken to celebrate all functions are making the children to be aware about life skills, values and traditions.''

 4. Miss.Viji [educational coordinator]

'' I am able to see the obvious development of the children in all 5 levels [BMIAC]. Children differ in their character but all are one. Their self-order is very natural. This makes me to assist them individually and understand more about human tendency. This system has taught me to calm down my emotions and I have learned to handle any issues even in my personal life with awareness and calmness. Children are very independent. I have learned lot from the children. I am able to understand why a child is restless and assist the child. Work given to man at age level makes his mind settled. Children in this school are very particular about pattern of work, orderliness in work and thinking. This Uni5 system gives perfect platform for the complete development of 1-6 years. Freedom is the most important aspect of this education. Social responsibility and service is the ultimate end of this education. We are united and happy.''


The fees structure is very cheap and it is easy for lower class people and middle class people to afford to this education. Working in the center and making a nature walk makes lot of difference in learning. The system gives opportunity to all five level of learning. Child's needs and interest differ and we need to understand. Prayer session makes the inner strength and universal acceptance. Child is not excluded in the social activities through this Uni5 education. Punishment is not there but we make the child to realize the mistake and self-correct himself. 


 5. Ms.Valsa [helper]

''I am happy in handling all these infants and feel as a great mother. I can much more understand the needs of each child at different age level. I am not educated but I am able to present few materials and language cards. I am meaningful in my life.''

 6. Ms.Mariammal [helper, 65 years old]

''I see all these children as my grandchildren and this center has broken the communal difference. In this age I am happy in serving these children. I have become much aware about my body personality after coming to the center.''

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