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                            Happy Mind Testimonials

We will update new testimonials here frequently. (Last updated Jan 2013).  Names and place that appear in the testimonials are not real to to respect confidentiality of the individual's identity from being public. However only under written permission real names are being disclosed.

We Started our first CCOC (Connecting Corporates to Culture) with ABN Drugs Private Ltd- Chennai in 2011. 

This is the feed back we got after 20 classes (in 2 years)  given to “Area Sales managers (aged 25-30 years old men) at their Chennai branch.

The theme is  "Being Aware of our Self for a happy Life". 

Mr.N.Arulbalaji [Managing director, ABN Drugs] Chennai Jan 2013

'' My  awareness of my own "Self" has evolved more after the CCOC classes. When I started this company I gave training sessions on personality development to my staff members. 

More than my personality development classes, I was looking for a professional training session  for employees. I wished for a class for my company employees that gives high work and life values, without bringing any religious impact. Uni5 Sakthi foundation's happy mind class (COCC) is an unbiased non-religious session which has made its impact upon my employees.

My employees has changed emotionally and got more Self-Awareness. There is more hormony and productivity at work. The concept that spirituality is different from relgious has been clearly understood. 

We wished totake this concept to the soceity along with our bussiness by distributing brochures, talks in CD's  and calenders with the title "Know about me" giving Self-Awareness message. Our Sales staff found that this was well received by doctors and welcome this conversion about Self-Awareness. 

I am glad that through ABN Pharmaceuticals we are not only serving the body's health of the society  but also bringing Self-Awareness in public. This passion with dedicated work gives bliss in my life.

1. Satheesh.K, Chennai Jan 2013

''My anger got reduced because I have increased the awareness of watching my emotions before i act. 

I am able to approach every person with Uni5  chart and able to understand that my mind is being much focused my "Self". I have reduced greediness and living in the present moment.''

2. GaneshBabu.J, Chennai Jan 2013

'' The sessions are making me to think and analyze any problem and that has mainly reduced my anger. In my family I can enjoy more love and harmony. I am able to think about my challenges in work and I am also preplanning with awareness. I am much more aware about the uncertainty of life and materialistic pleasure.''

3. Senthil.R, Chennai Jan 2013

'' I am able to think a while and reducing my anger. I was a short temper person and

now I have changed a little. I always chant the prayers for patients in ambulance after

the very first class! I need to learn how to express a truth in humble way.''

4. Vel Murugan.N, Chennai Jan 2013

'' My anger got reduced. I have controlled. After attending the ''Marriage'' topic, I am

able to understand my wife and we are more in harmony, I am also improving my dress

coding. I am able to understand my child. I am able to accept my food without

side dish, I accept my wife.''

5. Ramachandran. M, Chennai Jan 2013

'' I am from a big family with agricultural background. I am slowly improving my

self-esteem to face all tough timings of the work and family''

6. Karthik.B Chennai Jan 2013

'' I am able to adjust with my family because I am controlling the anger. My family is

considering me and recognizing me. I am able to solve other issues too.''

7. Perumal.G Chennai Jan 2013

''My anger got reduced, I am not much worried about the seriousness of the problems

and I am facing them calmly with awareness. I have understood that the day to day

issues are not permanent. This has added up my self-confidence. My working plan and

pattern of work has also changed. It is regular. I am able to accept the reality and

others. I understand that money has its own limitation. From every one I am able to

learn a life skill. My thinking process is clear and this has reduced my stress. I am able

to face all issues. I have to maintain the same patience and  awareness. The Uni5

session has made me to accept, think about a solution and be happy!''

8. Karthik.J [Sales manager - Chennai] Chennai Jan 2013

'' I have evolved awareness of my real self through this class. I am able to understand SAL ENERGY. I

am more calm and tensionless. I understand more clearly about ''naan kadavul'' movie and

much aware about our karma - actions. My prayers are always there for patients and

poors. I have family harmony more because of understanding others. My wife is able to

understand more.''


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