The Sun, the cause , but no involvement

     In the previous page the unsolved mystery is about the  Unconditioned Consciousness being the one behind the cause of all causes and events, however it is not involved in any of the events.

         In India Sun is always taken as the symbol of Unconditioned Consciousness. Sun is thousands and thousands of miles away from the Earth and yet its presence is felt every where on Earth. We had discusses in Air therapy page and fire therapy pages that Sun's energy is trapped by pants in the form of food and we derive the sun's energy by eating food. So it is sun's energy that  drives all human activities. If some one becomes obese eating lots of food we cannot blame the Sun for it, but the truth is that the food is nothing but Sun's energy  and also the energy for eating action also comes from Sun's energy but Sun cannot be blamed for hunger or obesity problems. Like the Unconditioned Consciousness Sun is the cause for all the events on Earth but it is not involved in any of these actions. To put in other words, its energy drives actions on Earth but it does not enjoy or sorrowful by the results of its action.

        The same is true for all geo-physical activities that occur on Earth. Sun's energy causes water to rise from ocean and precipitate on mountain cliff's in the form of glaciers. Let us take for example of the Himalayan mountain glaciers, the snowcapped mountain ranges of Northern India.  The same Sun that was the cause of the Snow to fall on Mountain cliff's is also the cause for the snow to melt it to water.

      Now you observe that in these glaciers there are the greatest rivers of India concealed, latent. Ganges, the biggest river  of India emanate and flow out from these glaciers. Here in these glaciers is the source or the seed body of the river. It is this water, the seed of the mighty river. At this stage we do not see a river, we see a state of "Nothingness" from which a mighty river later flows.

Causal Body

          Like the seed body of the river in the mountain, so is our seed body in a state of "Nothingness". But from this seed body is all the information which goes out into the subtle body and the gross physical body which we will discuss later.

         In this state of the seed body we see all-dazzling scenes, diamond-mountains, all white, an ocean of white glaciers so dazzling, so sparkling, so beautiful, splendid, inspiring. There we find no vegetation, no animal life, no man, no woman. There is upon these glaciers to be seen one source of life, the Sun, the glorious Orb, that shines upon these fairy scenes. Oh, what a splendid sight! Sometimes the light of the Sun sifted through the clouds falls upon the land and makes the whole landscape blaze up in the color of fire.

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