Thiruvizha Temple

  Thiruvizha is situated about 5 km south-west of Cherthala and is famous for Shiva temple. The temple attracts large number of devotees on account of the divine prasadam which is supposed to possess medicinal and curative properties for mental illness, leprosy, dropsy (edema: swelling from excessive accumulation of serous fluid in tissue) etc and rejuvenate body & soul.

     It is very interesting ritual done in this temple of Thiruvizha for many centuries. The temple is famous for kaivisha chikithsa (curing people who have ingested charmed food from enemies). A purgative drink of medicinal herb is administered, following which the victim begins puking as he circumambulates the temple.

        Devotees who come here stay in the evening at the temple housing facility and pray "Deeparadhana" followed by kuruthi pooja. After they eat prasad-dinner they retire to sleep. Morning at 5.00 they have darshan of Lord shiva and stay with empty stomach (no water, tea or coffee, not even temple theertham (holy water)) till 8.30 AM.

At 8.30  the temple priest reads the registered names of devotees who wanted to consume the medicine. 100 ml of milk prasad (Sacred milk) in the deity's presence is taken which has the poisonous plant. It is believed that Lord Shiva consumes the poison like he did in churning of the ocean and then offers the medicinal extract to the devotees.

Worshipping the lord, devotees take the prasad and then chanting Lord's name circumbulate the sand filled 700 meter temple campus. Within five rounds devotees who had been given black magic potion or evil-spirited food or drink will start to vomit it out. Some see even meat pieces or vegetable pieces in the dirt. Then the temple priests give hot water to drink. In every round at least 200ml of hot water should be drunk and continue walking.  In few rounds people who wished to detoxify their body will start to throw up in the sand pavements of the temple campus.

It is astonishing that the temple remises remain clean even inspite of 50-100 devotees vomiting their negatives all round the year. Devotees take few rounds of rest till 11.00 AM. At 11.30 the devotees are served the blessing of milk-porridge prasad and with that the ritual commences. The devotees are instructed to abstain from non-vegetarian food, alcohol and sex for a week and remain pure at body and mind level.

    It would be interesting to note that Sage Nagarjuna , who introduced Madhyamika (middle path) philosophy in Buddhism visited and stayed in this Thiruvizha  temple and wrote a book (Rasa Vaisheshika). Sage Nagarjuna is revered as “Medicine Buddha” and one could see his idol being erected in almost all Buddhist temples around the world. He is also respected as a Buddhist reformist when the Mahayana and Hinayana philosophies were dividing the followers.
       Another version is that it was Lord Parasuraman who brought Brahmanans (Namboothiris) to Kerala, assigned eight of the families as physicians, and these families came to be known as Ashtavaidyans. There is a third view which states that eight prominent disciples of Vaagbhata and their families continued the Ashtaangahridayam method of treatment, thus prompting the dual meaning of the word. Some believe that Vaagbhata came to Kerala and composed Ashtaangahridayam sitting on a rock near Thiruvizha temple, though historians contest this. Anyway, while the rest of the country follows Charaka and Sushrutha, Kerala follows Vaagbhata's Ashtaangahridayam, and this strict method of treatment is world-renowned.

Similar to Pancha Bhoota therapy cleansing

It is interesting to see that this ritual in Thiruvizha temple is similar to the Pancha bhoota castor oil or gall-nut cleansing. It is amazing to see only one difference that, while doing Pancha bhoota cleansing, the cleansing occurs through bowel movements induced by drinking many rounds of hot water. Here in the Thiruvizha  even after drinking many rounds of hot water no one has any bowel cleansing , but only vomit the toxins out.

All the elements of Pancha Bhoota are found in the Thiruvizha cleansing.

Earth - The herb given for cleansing

Water - Hot water

Fire - The Lymphatic stimulating walking around the temple Campus

Air - Breath Conscious walking

Space - Chanting the God's name and be in the Awareness state (Shiva)

Dont miss to do this mind and body cleansing when you visit Kerala.

Thiruvizha Mahadeva Kshetram,
P.o.,Kanichchu-kulangara, (Kanachikulangara P O)
Aalapuzha District,
Phone -011-91-478-2864836   

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