Views- Darsans

About the reality or Truth of this world, there are more than six billion views. This means each has their version of personalized view of the Truth. Then there are views recorded in history of the died ones. Some of the views of them are popular in all fields like science, arts, literature and religion. Example, views of Rishis, Siddhars, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir Jain, Abraham, Socrates,Moses, Zorastrian, Jesus Christ, Muhammed, Gandhi etc giving way for popular views.

All the personal confusion, relationship disharmony, family feuds, conflicts and wars all arise when the views are in different levels. We have organized and classified all the views into five types for easy understanding and also to move forward or evolve in life and attain peace and happiness.

Why is this elephant and five blind men relate to views of Truth? We all view life and this Universe from our point of view and live thinking that is the ultimate Truth. This is the cause for conflicts within ourselves, family members, work place, friends, different religions and countries and belief systems.

However, our view point need not be the Truth or Reality. It is only a dream world projected with our likes and dislikes. We are all extremists in our view and do not accommodate other views in our thinking. Interestingly the Cosmic Energy tries to wakeup from our extremism to know the Truth. This is what we face as difficulties, challenges and sorrows in life. If we dont have a guidance, then we keep beating the bush for millions of life times.

One who has this Ultimate vision (Drishyam) of Truth is known as Rishi (from the root word Drish). Ancient Rishis and Siddhars have given a pattern to know the Reality or truth. They illustrated this in the most simplest form of five blind seeing an elephant and expressing "their view" of elephant. They superimpose their life experience on the "Truth" of life. However a person who goes beyond the levels of Body, Mind and intelligence, sees the Reality as it is. This is called Yaanai-Kanda Vaadham in Tamil.

All atheistic, religious and scientific views are correct in those levels, but "Truth" is beyond these levels and every being has the ability to know it. As any practice, it requires 1. Undergo suffering and forced to do it or know naturally with joy. 2. Guidance to Know the pattern, 3. Putting effort to make the mind to follow the pattern 4. Self connecting to the pattern 5. Experience the Universal Pattern.  

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