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There is only one Truth and a single path to Truth, only views are different.

Mission of Sakthi Foundation is to unify everyone by helping to understand that their views are only different levels of expressions of one single concept (Energy). This unification or unity in diversity is Peace or love or happiness, which is established only by embracing our view with others view and contemplate why the views differ.

Please discuss all topics in this blog with the above intention. We can discuss here Atheism, all Religions, Spirituality, Science in connection to body, mind, intelligence, Awareness and Consciousness.

To achieve this we are giving you a template where you can identify your views and others view. This will guaranteed Unity, peace, love and happiness. With this Universal template, all difference of opinion between religions, science will melt away like heat melting all different ice cubes to pure water.

Five templates that will unify all our thoughts.
Check if our view is based on the knowledge we got from our
1. physical senses
2. Our personal strong likes and dislikes'
3. A logical pattern
4. connection to our Self
5. That is universal to all at times.

We will find that every view of us is at one of the five levels. The higher level is that which stays for longer and universal. This view will bring peace and happiness in our lives.

July 2017 Porayar Uni5 Science class Reports

July 2017 Porayar Uni5 Science class Reports

Grades 1-5

Grades 6 to 8

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July 2017 Uni5 School Observations

July 2017 Uni5 Schools School Observations





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April 2017 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class Reports

April 2017 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class Reports

Following is the report for April 2017.

The sixth standard students were revised in biology, biodiversity, Microbiology, virology, 
botany and zoology.

The seventh standard students were offered physical education training.

The eighth standard students were revised in cell biology.

In special classes, the bio and nonbiodegradable wastes were revised. Students answered to the 
queries asked.

Composition and letter writing to friend were demonstrated by sixth standard students.
They also had revision of bio and nonbiodegradable wastes.
The students of all standards have written their examinations ( the examinations were preponed owing to 
summer) and they have gone for annual summer vacation. The schools will tentatively reopen on first week 
of June 2017. 

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March 2017 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class Reports

March 2017 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class Reports

Following is the report for final week of March 2017.
As the students are heading towards examination, they have started preparing for the 
examination. The examination is beginning in the third week of April 2017. 
Six standard students were answered to the queries of Bio-degradable and nod biodegradable 

They also answered to the queries in Tamil lessons and social science lessons.
Now onwards it will be question answer session will be predominant as the exam is answering to 
the query sheets.

The paper chromatography experiment could not be conducted due to the constraints in getting 
organic solvents and Whatman paper. As and when the organic solvent and whatmann paper is 
obtained the paper chromatography experiment will be performed.

The students of VIII standard were taught about Natural gas and pH parameter.

The student of VII standard were taught about Acids and bases. Students also interacted in the 
session about acids and bases. They also understood Water is Neutral in pH. The other class of 
students were taught about spherical mirrors.

The VI standard students were also had a interactive session on Acids and Bases. They also 
understood about Vernier calipper.

In the special class students recited their valuable texts from books on Marie Curie. They 
also were done with mathematical sums. And had reading practice in Science. 


The Sixth standard students were taught about the taxonomy of plants. The students were also 
thrown light about Electron Microscope using a National Geographic Text book.

The seventh standard students were taught about the source of light and heat.

The Eight standard students were explained about the Solar system and the Newtons laws of 
motion using the National Geographic Text book.

National Geographic Text book was used to describe the Newtons third law of motion to sixth, 
seventh and eighth standard students.

The sixth Seventh and Eight standard students were explained about the usage of Vernier 
Calipper in separate classes.

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Feb 2017 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class Reports

Feb 2017 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class Reports


Following is the update for the Fourth week of February 2017.
The students of sixth standard were taught about electron microscope and Bacterial viruses.
They were also taught about the Poetry Friendship and A True Friend.

The students of Eight standard section learnt about how Petroleum is made from Crude oil and 
the finer aspect, how Petroleum was made from crude oill and the basis for the formation of 
Crude oil. 

In the special class section students recited the poem they had studied. They also answered to 
the queries asked in the Prose section

The students also recited the importance of cherry fruit and about the revolutionay Inspector 
General Kiran Bedi.

They had also undergone tests in Numerical Mathematics.


An outreach program was organised by PSG Arts and Science College, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 
Faculties from Department of Zoology and Department of Biochemistry and students of first year 
zoology and final year Biochemistry partook in the outreach program. They visited Andavar 
Middle School and conducted the following programs for all the students. 
1. Quiz Competition (21 participants)
2. Drawing competition (20 participants)
3. Essay Writing Competition (20 participants)
4. Exhibit Competition (20 participants)

The remaining students were educated about Nutrition, Environment and Awareness about goal 
setting and achiving the goals in life.

An interactive session happened between students of AMS and PSG. The students of AMS raised 
queries and the students of PSG answered.

Cultural activities also happened with AMS and PSG students.

The winners and pariticipants of the competitive events were given prizes in the concluding 

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Jan 2017 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class Reports

Jan  2017 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class Reports


Report for


And Jan 2017

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Dec 2016 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class Reports

Dec  2016 Dr.Rajamuni's

Following is the Report for December:
This month started with the arrival of a cyclone due to which the first week of the school
had a holiday and the departure of a state leader saw the mournment of school which remained
non-working for the week. Now the students are ready to attend their Term Examination which
begins on the third week. After the term examination students will have their Term Holidays
which see the X-mas celebration and the arrival of HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017.

A visit was made to Sendurai Day care and Uni5- Montessori Centre. As no camera is held no
picture is sent. (This will be rectified in the next academic year).

The Uni5- Montessori Centre has the following practices:
The mentors arrive from 8.30 AM onwards. At 9.00 AM the kids are welcomed. At 9.30 AM Prayer
begins with slogas, Bible the Holy and Thiru Kurr-on reading. Following this is a breathing
exercise.There after Karanyasam which involves the stimulation of nerve ending from the hand.
This prepares ones nervous system in good condition and alertness. Then One Thirukkural for a
day is said. Then a Proverb for a day is said. Then a social reformer is introduced for one
week. This week Maha Kavi -The Great Poet Bharatiar was introduced.

Following this Role Play Behaviour is said. This is for 40 days. Following this Panchankam is
recited. Navagraha's behaviour Mercury and His behaviour is said for Wednesday. Sweet Lemon
was introduced as a Real Play object. The Goddess Maha Lakhsmi and KaaMaakshi is introduced
for Dasa Maha Vidya Role play. Following this is a Material Presentation-Puzzle Fish was
explained. Following this the kids are taken out for Weather Report- The weather was cloudy.

Following this is Morning circle time. Brain Yoga is introduced. Hand exercise is introduced.
Then Working Time. Kids work with various materials pertaining to their sense improvement and
Essential Life Activities which helps them to understand the daily practices of one's life.
The kids also have snacks inbetween as per their wish. At 11.30 AM Silent Time begins. In the
silent prayer, the kids mind is brought to the Listening atmosphere. They watch the
cultural dance - the home state and neighbour.

Following this is a Verb action Time, One Noun for one month. Following this is a Rhymes time.
And following this Story telling depending upon the availability of time.

Book Reading habit is also introduced.

Following this Energy Flow is explained. The transfer of solar energy from leaves to fruit of
Cotton plant. It is conserved in the dresses we wear. A Pooja for a day is performed.

As part of explaining the Uni5 concept, The element of Air was explained with suitable

Kids are also taken for nature walk to feel the nature.
Rain, Mountain, Nature Conservation are explained.
Paper cutting, paint work and Art work are also explained.
Alphabets and Numbers are introduced to 3 year -old kids.
Science concepts like, conduction of water and food in plants- the Xylem and Phloem are
Heredity concepts are also introduced - the DNA concept Why every creature is Unique in this
world is explained.

The water concept- how it rains, how we receive ground water and how to foster the Water is
also narrated. The necessity of Drinking water and conservation is explained.

Introduction of surroundings and its significance are explained. Introduction of neighbouring
cultures are explained.
The Importance of dress code is also explained.

Lap top programmes are also shown to explain the Diversity of Nature.

That concludes Good human Practices and a march towards celebration of the Birth of Lord
Merry Christmas to all of you.
That is the conclusion of Sendurai Montessori and Uni5 centre for kids.

Thanking You.
With warm regards and YULETIDE CELEBRATION!


With warmer regards once again,

Porayar Science Class Reports

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Nov 2016 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class reports

Following are the happenings of the Fourth week of November 2016:

One Group of The Eighth Standard Students were introduced about the Atom. The other group of 
students learnt about the discovery of Electrons and Protons and their properties. 

The sixth Standard students reminisced about Lessons and helped in recitation of Poems. 

The seventh standard students were introduced about the changes happens in Camphor, Ice, Water 
and Steam, the processes: Sublimation, Melting, Evaporation and Condensation. Few students 
took practices in Composition Writing.

A Science Exhibition was conducted by Zonal Education Board, for which an Exhibit was 

A student was chosen from Eighth Standard to present in the Science Exhibition about 
Microscope- the structure and function and description about Microscopic organisms.

Thats all about the Fourth Week of November 2016.

With warm regards,

Dr. P. Rajamuni

Nov 2016 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class reports

Following are the happenings of the Third week of November 2016.
The sixth Standard students were taught the importance of Children's Day as 14th November is the birth day of Savant Jawaharlal Nehru which is celebrated as Children's day across the country. As he had more love for the children His experience with kids were explained. Also, he had more fond  towards his daughter Smt.Indira Gandhi. The letter he wrote to his beloved daughter were explained. He stresses the importance of education as students freely talking to their teachers and getting cleared of their doubts. He also stresses the importance of reading books as the reading habit enriches the intellect. It also keeps a person fresh.
 The seventh standard students were helped in writing their Mid Term examination. 
To  Sum up, All the students wrote their examination for this Mid Term.
Thats all for the Third Week of November 2016.
With warm regards,
Dr. P. Rajamuni

Second week of November 2016.

The sixth standard class students have learnt that food is the chemical energy, saved in cereals and pulses, are the source for primary energy which we consume and offers the driving power. This storage energy is obtained by plants by harvesting solar energy in the process called photosynthesis.

The Seventh standard students have learnt that two kinds changes take place around us. First one is the physical changes and the second one is the chemical changes. Examples for physical changes are Melting of ice, Evaporation of water, Fermentation of Milk to Curd and Dissolving Sugar in Water. The naturally occurring phenomena are the Sublimation, Melting, 
Vaporization,Chilling and Freezing. Simple Chemical changes are the consumption of food and its liberation as Carbon dioxide during the process called Respiration. They also have learnt that during respiration Carbon dioxide is liberated by plants and animals and during photosynthesis carbon dioxide is fixed by plants.

The Eight standard students have learnt that Matter are made up of Atoms. And in nature there are 118 Elements. Out of which 82 are Naturally occurring Elements. The rest of the elements are Radio active elements. They are also introduced into atomic concepts of John Dalton.

First week of November 2016

Students are back to the Studies in November and they are welcomed by a good North East Monsoon shower. Following are the lessens learnt by students.

The VI standard students were introduced to Energy, the Potential and Kinetic energy. They are also aware of Solar, Wind energy. They were introduced to fossil feuls as Petrol , Diesel and Kerosene are the energy sources used for driving automobiles and fuels used for cooking. They  were also introduced into Microbiology. They have seen the Microscope and observed Microbes present in soil and they are of three forms, the coccus, bacilli and the rod shaped.

The VII standard students were reiterated by the systems present in humans, the preservation of food and the acids present in fruits. They were also introduced into the Monsoon, as the North East Monsoon started to set in First week of November.

The VIII standard students learnt the atomic structure and the other batch of students observed the Microbes present in soil, water and air by light microscope. The structure and 
Function of Microscope was briefly taught.

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Exposing Children to Culture in Early Days

My early days and Navarathry...
When I was at the age of 2.5 I can see row of dolls being celebrities at the time of Navarathry in my Virudhunagar home.[1974]
I saw ladies, small girls coming daily to home and taking some thing from my mother and grandmother.
I used to sit very near to the lower step in Golu. I love dolls.
My father used to get dolls where ever he went.
My mother made her family to celebrate Golu at her 3 years it seems.[Now she is 73]
She says that she had wonderful dolls bought by her maternal uncles.
She says that she was inspired by many temple Navarathry festivals as she got opportunity to see them along with her uncle who was a temple executive.
After Golu [arrangement of dolls] I never allow my parents to dismantle the golu.
My grandmother understood my attachment to dolls and left for some days.
But I can see within a week slowly dolls will say bye and get into their cartons.
Wooden temple chariot from Madurai
Clay Skandha from local market
Shiva lingam with Nandhi from Thirunelveli
Wooden long bus from Kanyakumari
Wooden horse from grand father
Big baby doll from Madras
This was the earliest history about places through dolls I got from my parents.
Once when I went to Palladam [near Thirupur] my mother found her most favorite Buddha from a box in her mother’s home and I brought it to Virudhunagar.
During Navarathry days my mother also takes me to the local Mari amman temple and Veil ukandha amman temple where decorations inspired me. I can remember how the prakaram canal around the sanctums being filled with water and floated with lilies and lotuses. My mother used to do the same with a big plate. I used to put y BINAKA PASTE ANIMAL turtle and fishes inside that. My early science got initiated through Golu.
I can remember during Navarathry days there will be many celebrations lie fancy dress etc. Schools will give leave. Today most of the schools does not give leave.
My mother used to place her craft items, needle work and now she lost all these skills because of  TV.
My father used to place few of his portraits near the golu.
Pink color sponge rose garland adorns the steps.
Evening we invite all neighbors and I admire the very huge paper Mache dolls in opposite Chidhambaram chittiyar thaatha [We call him like that] house. My dreams have those huge dolls daily. I can still remember the 5 feet bluish Krishna with a big cow.
When we left Virudhunagar thaatha presented a same Krishna in small size.
Today at the age of 44 I am still inspired with Navarathry, Golu, UNI5 center - village golu setting, purchase in various places in Madras, writing articles, talks etc
When I did my post-graduation in Madurai I kept Golu in our room in Madurai Kamarajar University with Dr.Pradheep’s big stout biochemistry books. Group of our friends do poojas, discourses daily. Pradheep makes sundal and payasam.
All these are just because of my parents, grandparents’ attitude towards accepting and promoting the culture and tradition of the nation. My parents have never forced me to do it. But they never said ''NO'' for my cultural activities. From birth till 3.5 years I was aware with absorbent mind and imbibed all these. As my mother continued this tradition since her early child hood days today many of our friends, families are taking up this culture.
Today I do not have any old doll but our house dolls are in others Golu.
This article will support the nature of early absorbent mind's nature which imbibes and constructs the units of knowledge and personality through strong tradition and culture of the place where a child lives.
With regards.,
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The following programs  have been experimented for the last three years and  implemented in  the   Bhaaratheeya Vidya Vihar School run by IISH with excellent results and response from the students and  parents.  This project  is implemented by integrating science and values.  The school has a strength of 650 students  from all walks of life. The students  include  from the poorest   to   reasonably well to do family. Every student is  following  the programs given below independent of their religion or taste or background. The  programs implemented are mentioned below in a nutshell and any details   needed will be made available. This  project is submitted by Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan, Director, IISH,  This programs  can be adopted in any school.. The publications mentioned  and training if needed will be  available  for implementing the project .


1. Teaching the proverbs and few messages/ stanzas  from the Upanishads, Vedas, Puranaas etc.  having  one line or two. This is taught bye heart   

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Shiva Sadakshara Sthothram


Shiva Sadakshara Sthothram



Omkaaram, Bindu Samyuktam,

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Coimbatore UNI5 center - June 2016 , Report

Sakthi foundation
Namma Veedu UNI5 Infance Center - Coimbatore
Diary writing from June 27th, 2016

Role play - do not find fault with others and gossip

Real object - pomegranate

Energy - thread weaved into cloth

Uni5 - Physical features of a mountain and uses of mountains, we also showed the real mountain infront of the center.

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Poraiyar UNI5 center - Monthly report - June 2016

Sakthi Foundation
This center is located inside a government aided school for fisher men clove where cildren from 1 - 5 years are learning.
Diary writing for each month - 2016 - 2017


Role plays

* We have to help our parents at home situation.

* Share your compassion with all.

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Sabarimala of women hood - Aattukaal Pongaala

Sakthi Foundation

The world's largest women gathering - Attrukaal Pongaala [Sabarimalai of women] *

4.3 million women gathered in Thiruvananthapuram for Aatrukkaal pongala.

பாரத தேசத்தில் எத்தனை எத்தனையோ ஸ்தலங்கள், பெருமைகள், தோற்ற வரலாறுகள், ஆன்மீக வழிகாட்டும் விழாக்கள்... தென் தேசத்தில் சக்தி வழிபாட்டில் பல ஸ்தலங்கள் முதன்மையாகின்றன. சேர தேசமாம் கேரளத்தில் தேவி வழிபாட்டில் பத்தினி வணக்கமும் இரண்டாயிரம் ஆண்டுகட்கு முன் இணைந்தது. கேரளத்தின் தலைநகரம் திருவனந்தபுரம். அவ்வூரில் உள்ள தலையாய தேவி ஸ்தலம் ஆற்றுக்கால்.

 கிள்ளி ஆற்றின் கரையில் உள்ள ஸ்தலம் இது. ஆற்றுப்படுத்தப்பட்ட கால் ஆற்றுக்கால். ஆற்றுப்படுத்துதல் தான் பெற்ற உதவியை எடுத்துக் கூறி, உதவியின்றித் தவிக்கும் ஒருவரைத் தான் சென்ற இடத்துக்குச் செல்லும் படி வழிப்படுத்துவதே ஆற்றுப்படுத்தும் நெறி.இது ஒரு இலக்கியவகையாக அக்காலத் தமிழில் உருவானது. அன்னை சக்தியை நோக்கி மனம் ஆற்றுப்படுத்தப் படுகிறது. உலக வாழ்வில் சதா கஷ்டங்களையும் துன்பங்களையும் சந்தித்து வினையின் கொடூரத்தினால் தளர்வுறும் மனித மனத்தை சாந்தியை நோக்கி ஆன்மீக ஆற்றுப்படுத்துகிறது. செய்த வினைப்பயனின் காரணமாகவே வாழ்க்கையின் இன்ப துன்பங்கள் அமைகின்றன.இதையே விஞ்ஞான ரீதியாகவும் ஏற்றுக் கொண்டு விட்டது மனித சமூஹம். வினை தீர ஆன்மீகம் தேவை. ஆன்மீகம் என்பது உண்மையான நன்றி!

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Diary writing in SENDURAI UNI5 CENTER - June, 2016

Sakthi Foundation
Diary writing in UNI5 centers
2016 - 2017

* Sendurai and Coimbatore

Diary writing in UNI5 centers [Sendurai] - 2016-2017

This day's report encloses Monday and Tuesday's work.

Dr.Pradheep Challiyill introduced the analogy about health care and mind care with apple fruit's browning reaction experiment. So this year twice in a week we are showing that to young children especially regarding food.

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Our first day on reopening….Coimbatore UNI5 center talks for 2016

Sakthi Foundation

Namma Veedu UNI5 Infancy center – COIMBATORE

Updated observations till 24.6.2016

Our first day on reopening….

We reopened the center on June 8th after summer holidays. Anandhi says that she does not face any unwanted tension like last year. This is the reflection of the experience in handling the center. I got the exact point of handling the new crying children based on their needs and this made easy for me to settle them. Children observed the prepared environment with much focus. Many old children who came after this leave became little more matured and independent from helpers.

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Paanar artists of ancient Tamil culture in Kerala

Sakthi Foundation

சேர தேசத்துப் பாணர்கள்...

இன்றும் சேர தேசமாம் கேரத்தில் பல்வேறு தொல் த்ராவிடக் கலை வடிவங்கள் அப்படியே மாறாமல் உள.காரணம் மலைகள் தாண்டிய படையெடுப்புகள் குறைவே.ஆனால் இஸ்தாத்தையும் கிறிஸ்துவத்தையும் பாரத தேசத்துக்குள் முதன்முதலில் வரவேற்று இடம் கொடுத்த பூமி அதுவே.

பாணர்கள் இன்றும் ஒரு சாதியினராய்க் கேரளம் முழுவதும் உளர்.அவர்கள் கையில் யாழ் தாங்கிப் பாடுவர்.அவர்தம் மனைவியோ மகளோ சகோதரியோ அம்மாவோ [பெண்] அவசியம் உடன் இருப்பர்.

கோயில்களின் முன்பில் அத்தெய்வத்தைக் குறித்துப் பாடி அத்துடன் நம் பெயரைச் சொல்லி நம் க்ரஹ பீடா தோஷங்கள் போக வேண்டிப் பாடூவர், நாம் தரும் தட்சிணைக் கைக்கொள்வர்.இவர்கள் அதிகம் நாக சர்பப் பாட்டுக்களை சேர்த்துக் கொள்வதும் வழக்கம்.

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Kodungaloor Thaalapoli festival - a historical study

Sakthi Foundation

Kodungaloor Thaalapoli festival


சேர தேசமாம் கேரளத்தில் பல தேவி ஸ்தலங்களில் ”தாலப்பொலி” என்ற வருஷாந்த்ர உத்சவம் உண்டு.

”ஸ்தலப் பொலி” - ஸ்தலத்தைப் பொலிவடைச் செய்ய அவ்வூர் தேவதை எழுந்தருளிக் கோயிலில் ப்ரதிஷ்ட்டையான நாள் என்று அர்த்தம்.

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Kodungaloor Bharani festival - a historical, psychological view

Sakthi Foundation

கொடுங்கல்லூர் பரணி - மனோதத்வ ரீதியில் ஓர் பாலியல் ஆய்வு



27 நக்ஷத்ரங்களில் ஒன்று.கொற்றவையான காளியின் சக்தியை ஆகர்ஷித்துத் தரும் நக்ஷத்ரம்.

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2. Good or bad, not caused by others - கணியன் பூங்குன்றனார்

புறநானூறு [192]

புலவர்: கணியன் பூங்குன்றனார்

உலக மக்களை முன்னிட்டுப் பாடுகிறார்

உலகில் உள்ள அனைத்து ஊர்களும் எனது ஊரே!

உலக மக்கள் அனைவரும் என் சொந்தமே!

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