Feb 2017 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class Reports

Feb 2017 Dr.Rajamuni's Porayar Science Class Reports


Following is the update for the Fourth week of February 2017.
The students of sixth standard were taught about electron microscope and Bacterial viruses.
They were also taught about the Poetry Friendship and A True Friend.

The students of Eight standard section learnt about how Petroleum is made from Crude oil and 
the finer aspect, how Petroleum was made from crude oill and the basis for the formation of 
Crude oil. 

In the special class section students recited the poem they had studied. They also answered to 
the queries asked in the Prose section

The students also recited the importance of cherry fruit and about the revolutionay Inspector 
General Kiran Bedi.

They had also undergone tests in Numerical Mathematics.


An outreach program was organised by PSG Arts and Science College, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 
Faculties from Department of Zoology and Department of Biochemistry and students of first year 
zoology and final year Biochemistry partook in the outreach program. They visited Andavar 
Middle School and conducted the following programs for all the students. 
1. Quiz Competition (21 participants)
2. Drawing competition (20 participants)
3. Essay Writing Competition (20 participants)
4. Exhibit Competition (20 participants)

The remaining students were educated about Nutrition, Environment and Awareness about goal 
setting and achiving the goals in life.

An interactive session happened between students of AMS and PSG. The students of AMS raised 
queries and the students of PSG answered.

Cultural activities also happened with AMS and PSG students.

The winners and pariticipants of the competitive events were given prizes in the concluding 

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