Jesus Christ in India

Jesus Christ in India...

Jesus came to Rajasthan and learned Jainism and left to Puri and took Vedic studies. Then he left to Magadha.He also lived in Katmandu and Kasi.[Rudraka Guru.]

He cam eto Ladhak.Muree in Paksithan is Mary death spot with tomb. Then Jesus comes to Dakshaseela mentioned by St.Thomas and then he came to Kashmir. A village with ancient Jewish tribes from Isreal is in Kashmir near SriNagar [Gutlibagh].Bavishya Maha Purana - 2 A.D Isha maseeh meets Salivahan in Kashmir.

One day the king was walking near Himalayas and saw a fair holy man in white garments and asked who he is. The man replied, ''I am called as Isha maaseeh. I am son of God born from an unmarried woman. I have been sent as a Prophet. After purification of the essence and impure body I am back to earth. My name is Isha maseeh.''

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