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Uni5 pattern of child observation Report – July 2012


Till last academic year 2012 April, in our schools we were doing child observation based on Montessori philosophy. After implementing the Uni5 Self pattern Education in our schools, we have taken a step forward to write observation reports also in the Uni5 five personality format. According to the Uni5 philosophy, purpose of education is to help in the transformation (evolution) of personality. So this report is not to stigmatize a child and freeze at a personality level, but assist the child in further development. Both the teacher and the parent should empathize that, like us, the child is in a process of evolution.

five-inner-onlyOn August 3rd when we had a Principal-Teachers meeting in Sendurai School to discuss about the teachers observations on their views, experiences and skills about children. Suddenly there came the sense of Uni5 pattern to be used as for writing observation reports of children. Immediately a huge palm with 5 fingers was drawn on the floor and then teachers started to read out the observation points about a child. The teachers could then identify the child’s personality pattern with the Uni5 pattern. The teachers felt this approach helps them to understand in what direction the child needs further improvement. The teacher could relate with the child at these five levels common for both of them and could reflect on mutual improvement activities. This they a deep connection between the teacher and the student.

Here we are sharing one such observation without the real-name of the child.

Child's name: Venkat, age: 4

Venkat belongs to one of the poorest families of this village whose father is severely alcoholic.  His mother who has understood the child's development is seriously affected, brought to our school two years back. At that time he was highly emotional, hyper in his actions with disruptive behaviour. But today he is one of the elder most child of our environment. His evolution in these years has made teachers and parents to understand the effectiveness of our school system in depth.

The observation points given by our teachers were analyzed based on Uni5 pattern as follows and finally it made us to understand where he is now.

BODY: [ We define Body as a quality to do things mechanically without any thinking involved].

1. Venkat is not aware about his dress appearance.

2. He need more focus in dressing neat.

3. He walks barefoot outside and brings poor quality of food to school without paying attention to the food other children eat.

MIND: [ We define Mind as a quality of exercising more likes and dislikes, inability to share (attached) and dependant for appreciation and motivation].

1. This term (3 months) he likes to be independent and likes to work alone.

2. He feels very thankful and happy about the clothes offered by the school.

3. He likes to share talking all his experiences with his family and surroundings.

4. He seeks our attention.

5. He has learned to approach teachers for his needs frankly and confidently .

INTELLEGENCE: [ We define intelligence as a quality of curiosity, analytical thinking, and be attentive (focused on work)].

1. He is curious to know about many things around him.

2. He is also concerned about others working pattern.

3. He has reduced his unwanted talks and talk only when there is a need and focuses on his work.

4.He has strong sense of observation, reasoning and questioning. [Example, the teachers showed polar bears, he remarked that he cannot see snow in their body]

5. He is also clever to escape when problems arise around him.

7. He demands more challenging work.

AWARENESS: [ We define Self-Awareness as a quality Self-connect and implement Intelligence into practical action].

1. Venkat is very particular about reducing errors in handling Montessori materials.

2. He is able to correct his own mistakes and also others mistakes.

3.He can act intuitively in all activities. Example: Even before the snacks distribution time, he will place the dusting brush with pan near the snacks corner to clean spills.

4.He creates his own stories and songs linking with his experiences.

CONSCIOUSNESS: [ We define Consciousness as a quality to be whole, that is bigger than the parts, expanded, unconditional].

1.He presents all the materials to the new children and assists the teachers to settle them.

2.He has developed a very good sense of inner order in this term.

3.He never compares his conditions with others.

4.He understands the needs of other children, shares his things with them and helps them.

5.When we went to nature walk, he gave away the school footwear to a small child and came to us and said the following words, ''Aunty! If you have another footwear please give me or I will try to walk in barefoot, let that child wear the footwear''

From the above observation points we have categorized Venkat's 5 level of development and feel he is more in the transition state between intelligence and awareness. We need to assist the child to be more aware about his physical care.

We request the teachers to go through this format and start observing the child and connect to their own personality changes too.



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