The Indian government is trying to revise its educational system in 2017. There is opposition in including Yoga, Sanskrit and other Vedic sciences, literature in it. Here is a discussion whether we need them to be included.

Dr. Santhoshkumar Muthu, a Assistant Professor at PSG college, Coimbatore interviews  Dr. Pradheep Chhaliyil, a Research Scientist and educationalist along with Mr. Ripunjaya Bhargava.

Uni5 Interview Aug 2016

Santhoshkumar Muthu:  The govt of India has come up with a new education policy in 2016. But there are some objections from groups of religious leaders, minority institutions and opposite parties. Because this govt has included Sanskrit, yoga, Vedic literatures etc. What do you comment on this? Should the govt include these things or should not?

Pradheep Chhalliyil: We should appreciate and welcome the new education policy which includes Sanskrit, Yoga and Vedic literature. We need to understand the purpose of education is not the mere collection of information, but it is the ability to organize information in patterns, store and retrieve it as memory and execute it in a creative manner. The ultimate creativity lies in the fact that one can inter-connect organized information, to make existing processes more efficient. The students of the current education system are comparable to Wikipedia. They are full with a lot of information, however, they are lacking intelligence and the ability to inter-connect this information for creating new inventions and concepts.

RIpunjaya Bhargava: This ability can be achieved by introducing the pattern based education system, which has its root as well as expressions in Sanskrit, Yoga and Vedic literature.

This can be practically comprehended by understanding how the Indian numeral system revolutionized the entire existing science and technology by introducing the concept of ‘0’ and the pattern based number system from 0 to 9. We need to bring into light and remind India that the entire pattern based number system used in all sciences today, is copied from the Vedic Indian number system. Before the Indian number system was introduced to Europe, they used the Roman number system.

However, mathematicians like Fibonacci and Laplace strongly proclaimed that the Indian number system is a pattern based system and hence, highly efficient in computations as compared to the non-pattern based Roman numerals. (2005 BBC documentary “What the Ancient Indians did for us”, Episode number 5 by Adam Hart-Davis). see 23.50 to 27:58 minutes in this video

In the 11th century, even though the mathematicians could comprehend the value of this pattern based numeral system, religious groups opposed, claiming that the Indian numerals were Satanic numbers and religious symbols.

At this point, the most important question to ask is how did the Indians/ Vedic literature develop this pattern based number system? What is represented by this pattern based number system? The most intriguing fact is that this pattern based number system is not an abstract mathematical concept, but it computes how the energy moves from one state to another in search for stability to its original state and it explains how all the existing sequential laws of nature operate. The European mathematicians adopted the number system for efficient manipulation in computation. However, they could not comprehend the underlying science of energy pattern  (See the you tube video here)behind this number system. (Further, more detailed elaborations can be read in the universal pattern book/uni5).

Sanskrit is an expression of the same energy pattern, which is described by the numbers, using the sound value. Yoga is another technology for a human being to experience the successive energy levels of this cosmic pattern.

This one universal pattern, which is the foundation of Vedic literature is also the foundation of the entire expressed and unexpressed laws of nature.

The most important point to understand is that the present and past western world is adopting these separate branches but is unable to comprehend that these branches are all different expressions of the same underlying universal energy pattern.

India should take lead in reestablishing this highly efficient universal energy pattern based education system of Indian origin (Veda and Vedic literature).

The new pattern based Vedic system will enable children to connect to themselves and the environment around them with highest creativity leading to prosperity and happiness and leading peaceful life.

This will bring back the glory of India and will built the foundation for further breakthroughs in science and technology for the entire world through India.

santhoshkumar muthu: 2. For Hindus, should Sanskrit, yoga and Vedic literature be compulsory or optional? ?

These branches are all expressions of the same universal energy pattern, which is not sectarian or religious. Similarly to the Vedic number system, these sciences can be adopted by anyone without changing their faith. We need to clearly distinguish between practical progressive unbiased energy pattern based scientifically verifiable knowledge and the mere emotional fanatic religious belief.

In essence, as science and natural law are for everybody, so are these different expressions of the same universal energy pattern, which are propounded in Sanskrit, Yoga and Vedic literature. It is not a mere accident that yoga became a US$27 billion industry and the number of people practicing yoga in the US is more than 20 million. (

However, only 2.23 million Hindus live in the US. So why are they practicing Yoga and Meditation? Not because of its religious reasons. There is no belief system behind it, but simply because of the health benefit. Even the American Heart Association openly acknowledged that mantra meditation reduces blood pressure.  (

Because these different branches have proven to be good for everybody, they should be compulsory for everyone, irrespective of their religion. They should be allowed to follow their own religion. Science is secular.

Santhoshkumar muthu: 3. What if some group of Hindu society deny Sanskrit, yoga and Vedic literature?

As I said before, this energy pattern based education system is not based on any religious belief.

The most important point to note is that the education system is not for people’s personal belief or to promote one belief over another, but to bring a highly scientific energy pattern based education system which revolutionizes the current education system. The current education system is a mere collection of information without understanding the holistic interconnection between the separated subjects.

Santhoshkumar muthu: 4. Do you have any experience in energy pattern based education?

Yes, indeed. I will be glad to share my extremely positive and inspiring experience. In 2007 we started our first Uni5 Energy Pattern Based Educational system. The religious leader in that village threatened that if any parent admits their child in the Sakthi Hindu school, they can no longer come to the religious group.

However within a few years, the religious group found that the children coming from the Uni5 Schools were outsmarting other children in the school. A few years back, the religious leader visited the school to inspect what technique we were using and he was highly impressed of the Vedic Energy science pattern based system. He then declared to his group that children should attend Uni5 Sakthi School before admitting them in their religious school.

I am sure the opposing people also would feel the same when the children who take up this Universal Energy pattern based system become more intelligent and outsmart the others. They would give up their opposition because nobody wants their child to be lagging behind. We should give time for the opposing people to see the results of the efficiency of the energy pattern based system.

Santhoshkumar Muthu:
Please elaborate more on this energy pattern and how Hindu religious forms like Yoga, Sanskrit and Vedic literature can be considered to be sciences.

The universal energy pattern, as it is described in Vedic literature, is not a religious pattern as the 11thcentury Europeans misunderstood. It is an cosmic pattern that shows how the Energy in the universe “Evolves and devolves to the original state”. This energy pattern is the blue print of the entire creation. What does that mean? It means that the same energy pattern can be applied to physics, math, chemistry, biology, language, drama etc., because it is an all-encompassing pattern of nature. The regular exposure of this pattern enlivens the ability to understand the interconnection and complexity of the entire creation in a more holistic way. Eventually, a child gains the ability of independent, creative and self-reliant thinking.

You can see the website for details. This pattern is universal and not only for Indians but the whole mankind who wants to know about their Self and the Universe in a rational way.

Santhoshkumar Muthu: 6. Can the govt of India take up your Energy Pattern based system? If so, who will train this huge academic population?

Yes, the Vedic energy pattern has already been there for centuries and can never die, that is why it is called as Sanathan Dharma, the Eternal Law. We have Dr. Madeswaran, the Principal of the Uni5 schools who, together with his team members, can train more teachers. This way the number of teachers can grow exponentially.


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