Purpose of Life is to be Happy

Univerally, every one has only one purpose in life, to be happy. The means for attaining the happiness will vary from person to person, but the goal of everyone is to be happy. There are situations when we are not happy. This could be due to disease at  body or  mind or could be lacking some living or non-living posession. 

        Mission of the Uni5 Community is to help people to be happy in their lives. There are ways to fix problems when they happy or prevent problems before they happen. We give  solutions to both the situations, but emphasizing "prevention is better than cure". All our solutuions are universal, logical and natural (in tune with laws of nature).

Everybody universally agrees that the purpose of life is to be happy. All our actions we perform in life are oriented towards that purpose. But most of the time we experience lacking something in life. Even technological advancement and material prosperity fails to give peace of mind. This is not only a modern problem but also experienced in all human ages.


We explain this in five simple steps, like the Universal Energy evolve in five phenomenal stages unfolding this Universe. The five aspects are are also reflected in our own five inner faculties as our body, our mind, our intelligence, Self-Awareness and Unconditional Consciousness. The five fingers in our hand amazingly reflect this Universal Five pattern and are used symbolically to denote them as well.

The five levels of “Happiness”: that we are all capable of experiencing.

The first basic level of happiness we all like to experience is through our body’s five physical sense organs, the nose to smell, tongue to taste, eyes to see, skin to touch and feel and ears to hear. We get sensorial pleasure and experience happiness when an appropriate object comes in contact with the five sense organs. Example, the happiness we experience when a chocolate or ice cream comes in contact with the tongue. But the sensorial happiness has a limitation that it last only for a few seconds or a minute till the object is in contact with the sensory organ. Another fact is that sensorial pleasure cannot be enjoyed as a thought in memory and so we go back again and again to enjoy body pleasures by making the physical sensorial organs contact its stimulating objects. This is why it is called as body level happiness.

Next level of happiness is the emotional level of happiness which last for a few hours or a few days, because we can play back the thought and enjoy it in our mind till we catch up with another emotional thought. For example, a comment, “you look so beautiful and very young for your age”. This emotional happiness stays as long as we make our mind contact with that thought again and again for a few hours or days, until we end up in a similar liking thought or when we get a disliking comment thought. Generally, we all like an emotional praise because the happiness stays longer than the physical pleasure.

Next level of the happiness is through the use of intelligence, for example, study well and become the topper in a national examination, or create an art work, a painting or write a book, make a movie, invent or make a scientific discovery. This happiness last longer even for a life time. Specialty of this happiness is that, others will remind of our accomplishment and brings happiness in us till the end of our life time. This intelligence is shown as the longest among the five fingers because its duration is for a life time.

Next two levels of happiness are shown by the two finger that are shorter than the intelligence middle finger but that does not mean the happiness at these levels are of shorter duration, but reveal that they are less known by common people. 99% of us are only aware of the physical body, emotional mind and intelligence, but not about the Awareness and Consciousness.

Awareness level of happiness last much more longer than intelligence happiness, emotional and physical body happiness. Consciousness level happiness is not time bound happiness but eternal happiness.

We normally can only comprehend the sensorial physical body, the likes and dislikes filled emotional mind and the rational intelligence and has no clue about this ambiguous Awareness level happiness and the Consciousness level happiness. Is there a validity of the presence of Awareness and Consciousness faculties in us.

The Awareness and Consciousness are not obvious because they are merely not the levels of happiness, but is the Energy to experience the happiness of the Body, Mind and Intelligence. If the Awareness-Consciousness Energy is not at the required level, we will confront with diminished physical, mental and intelligential happiness, which we experience as pain or sorrows in life.

There is a transformation of Energy from Consciousness and  its evolutionary pathway from Awareness to intelligence, mind and physical body can be mapped. We can understand this Energy concept using a modern analogy of cell phone.

A cell phone body is physically made of metals, and its mind is the application function to make a phone call. The intelligence of the cell phone is the specific pattern of the electronic circuit arrangement that makes a piece of metal object to be functioning alive through the obvious sounds it produces.

When the cell phone dealer asks us to buy the cell phone charger we wrongly interpret the message and logically argue that the charger is of no use, because the cell phone works on the electronic circuit which includes a battery inside it that supplies power for the cell phone to work.

We do not think deep enough to transcend into our Awareness to be aware of our own battery with its limited power supply. Like a cell phone battery is recharged by connecting to power source, we need to recharge the Awareness battery by connecting it to an Un-interrupted power supply called the Consciousness.

When the battery runs out of power and cell phone stops working during an emergency phone call, we tend to curse the cell phone manufacturer, or we say we are not lucky. Without knowing about recharging Awareness Energy, the luck factor in human life will remain mystery because not all hard workers are rich and not every one with good life style free from diseases. This unluckiness creates agitations in some mind and in others depression sets in.

Here we bring about the concept of desires and sufferings in life. Every time when we have a desire to use the cell phone, we use the cell phone to express that desire without being aware of the fact that with each use-age the charge is drained. Same way all our desires to fulfill the physical and emotional and intelligence happiness, we drain our Self Awareness Life Energy (SAL Energy) and experience suffering.

We also propose SAL Energy generating ritualistic actions are similar to the ritualistic action of recharging the cell phone battery. We fail to get full benefits of ritualistic actions, when we do them without Awareness because it is the Awareness that stores the Energy. Therefore mechanically doing rituals give only negligible benefits.

Right and Wrong:  Is it right or wrong to enjoy body pleasures or emotional and intelligence happiness. The laws of Karma act here with respect to Energy levels. There is no right and wrong of choosing the level of happiness, but one should be aware of the cause and effect at each level. Every use of the Energy to enjoy pleasures drains SAL Energy and fuels desire for future birth to earn more SAL Energy in one birth and spend it for pleasures in another birth. This is the cause for vicious cycles of birth and rebirth.

Instead of undergoing cycles of charging and recharging, Eternal happiness can be achieved by connecting the individual battery to the uninterrupted power Source of Energy, which is symbolically shown as the bending of the fore finger making a physical connection to the thumb finger.

Thumb finger which is totally away from the four fingers represent the Unconditional aspect of Energy, the Purusha or Consciouness. This is Moksha or Salvation. This is the one Universal Truth for all beings at all times. This Truth we call as is the source of Eternal Happiness.

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Vidhura Neethi

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