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  Uni5LogoFor everyone their own Self is important than anything in this world. In fact all that exist for every one is their inner Self and the external Universe. The outer and inner is made up of only Energy. Though this Energy inside and outside is only one and Same, we have a duality of "I" and other matter. Then we have a question where did I and this matter come and is there a connection or not.

To make this concept understand in a easy way, we view this single Universal Energy  manifestation in a pattern of five phenomenal states. The Universal Self pattern refers to the five pattern of Energy.

 This five pattern is also seen within us as our

1. Physical (occupying space-time) Body,

2.Chemical (interactive) Mind,

3. Mathematical (calculating) Intelligence

4. Biological (living) Awareness and

5. Selftual (all embracing) Consciousness.

 The individual has the choice to recongize one's own Self to be the changing physical body and emotional mind or the cognizing intelligence or the Self awareness or the Community Self Consciousness.

Being in the Self Awareness/ Consciouness state is Selftual, the core message of Uni5 Community.

Every choice comes with a result. Identifying oneself to the changing body and mind results in fear of old-age, death and decay.

Identifying oneself to the intelligence results in confidence in realizing the reality of Energy evolution of the Universe.

sakthi logo 2015Identifying oneself to the Self-Awareness results in being the inner Evolution.

Identifying oneself to the Community Self Consciousness results in a Eternal steady state of existence.

 Everlasting happiness comes when the individual Self is connected to the Community Self. This is shown by the invidual self pointing finger (fore-finger) joining the thumb finger denoting the Community Self Consciousness.

The single Universal Energy expanded in five process to this existing Universe. Then this Energy goes back to the same Source. The five hands and the U gives the meaning that all that came goes back to the source (inclined C shape).

In the logo the five fingers are five in number, uni5 is four in number, All that is 3 in number, I am is two in number , Eternal is one in number.

The word "I am Eternal" refers to the state when the individual transcends to the state of a community Self. At this state  the indivudal self recognizes the Single Universal Energy state.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed (Eternal) only transformed from one form to another. So our Self is Eternal.

Five Uni5 Principles

 1. Thumb - The Purpose of life is to be happy.

 2. Index -  "As is the Macro-Universe (our outer) so is the Micro-Universe (our inner)".

 3. Middle - The Universal Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but transform from one form to another.

4. Ring - Transformation (evolution) of the mind to higher level of views  is inevitable for happy life.

5. Little -Every action has an effect and so choose actions that bring Eternal happiness.

The Hierarchy Uni5 Triangle and Selftual Circle: When we identify ourself with our physical body, emotional mind and intellectual logics, there is a hierarchy of superiority. In the Self level, there is only the Self at its center and any size circle with a range of circumference could be drawn. Our Self (image) is determined by how far we embrace this universe. 

Sarvam khalvidam Evaham Nanya Dashti Sanathanam- All that is, I am, Eternal.


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