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Successful Pregnancy following Uni5 Pregnancy Course - A Testimony

Hello All,
I was physically and emotionally weak 3 months back. I had severe bloating, UTI, and sleeplessness issues. Around 2 months before I joined the uni5 pregnancy Course Just for better health of self and family and to conceive naturally. Then I followed the below uni5 suggestions. I started following water therapy daily. I started taking ghee/sesame oil empty stomach in the morning, every day. I also did castor oil cleaning, vaginal tampooning, and deworming once. I had carrot/beetroot/amla/cranberry/coconut juice in the morning every day. Then I took fermented black rice once a week. I was also having pure A2 buttermilk every day to reset my gut.
Now my weakness and bloating have significantly reduced, and I also got pregnant 1 month back. I heartily thank to uni5 Sakthi Foundation team for curing health issues naturally. I strongly recommend this course for couples trying to make a family.


Nisha (Real name), Bihar, January 2023.


Got conceived naturally  - A Testimony 

Hi all,
I delivered my first baby in 2016. During my first pregnancy, I developed hypothyroid for which I am taking tablets. I got conceived again in 2021 June and after two months it got a miscarriage. We were devasted. In 2022, I came to know about the Uni5 pre-pregnancy course and attended it, and was life-changing. Because in the course they clearly explained everything in detail and how the Pancha bhootha treatment works. As taught in the course, I did castor oil colon cleansing, water therapy, ellu halwa, ABC juice, lots of fruits, Uni5 meditation, and Oil bath and changed my lifestyle as suggested by the Uni5 course. There was a tremendous change in my body and mind. I followed Uni5 for two months and I got conceived naturally. During pregnancy also I am following the Uni5 suggestions, and I must say in my second pregnancy, I am facing health issues. Doing pre-pregnancy properly helped a lot. I strongly recommend this course to couples who want to have a healthy and intelligent baby and whoever wants to conceive naturally.

Leelavathy (Real name), Coimbatore, January 2023.



Successful Pregnancy following Uni5 Pregnancy Course Suggestions – A Testimony

Hi All,

I am 31 years old. Last year June I got married and immediately I was pregnant but within 2 months the baby is miscarriage. I don’t why the miscarriage happened. After that We heard about uni5 through a my husband friend - she is one of the volunteers in uni5. She shared  the uni5 pre pregnancy class details. In April I contacted Usha Nandini. she explained about class. In may they started the 1st batch pre pregnancy class for 2 months(may2022 to jun 2022). I have learned lots of new thing which I was don’t know. The class is very useful me. I was very short temper before I was attending the class. After that i got lot of changes in my mind and body also. She teaches about the food, cooking vessels, diet chart, patten based activities , pirtu Pooja and lamb lighting. After this class my full day routine and food is changed. I have followed uni5 methods of castor oil cleansing, water therapy, and lightning and uni5 suggested following all the five methods including cleansing, diet, lifestyle changes, and I started taking  aloe vera with honey , fermented red rice, black sesame seeds with  jaggery laddu and water therapy with hibiscus. I followed it as suggested and we got pregnant within 3 months .  I’m  doing ui5 meditation that helpful for me during pregnancy. thanks uni5 and Usha . I recommend this course to whoever wants to conceive naturally. Very useful and life changing course.

Regards ,

Abinaya ( Real name), Germany, December 2022

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