We have coined a new word "Selftual" (Self-tual) to denote to be aware of one's own Self. The life Energy that makes us feel alive is our Self.

For everyone their own Self is the most important than anything in this universe. Emotional we can tell some one else we love is more important than our own Self. The truth is we are born and living for our own Self.

We constantly have conversation with our own Self, using the pretext of communicating to others. We use all our external five sensual organs to connect to the happiness that our own Self radiates all the time.

We require proof for everything except our own Self (Axiomatic Self). Anything we perceive is when that connects to our Self. However we hardly pay attention to this self.

Wishes and prayers are all directed to our own Self, but we use the pretext of an external source or God for help, guidance and inspiration. Hardly we know that we tap into our own Self for this Energy.

Our Journey of life is in seeking our Self, by peeling off the layers of our physical, body, emotional mind, reasoning intelligence to our core of Self-Awareness that embraces everything as our own Self.

The above process of Self-discovery is defined as "Selftual".

Selftual is to transform oneself for one's own happiness which will then radiate to all around ourself.

Selftual prayer to one's own Self: I, myself, for my own benefit, transform my thoughts, actions within me. Through this I see a change around my family/community.

''நான் எனக்காக, என்னுடைய நலனுக்காக, எனது எண்ணங்களை, செயல்களை என்னுள் மாற்றிக் கொள்கிறேன்.அதன் மூலம் என்னைச் சார்ந்த சமூஹத்தில் மாற்றத்தைக் காண்கிறேன்”- selftual என்ற வார்த்தையின் விளக்கம்.

Selftual Living: Being Selftual is different from being Selfish. In being Selftual one is focussed on everything from the view point of from one's Self. Every thought action is viewed and acted upon connecting to one's Self. In simple terms one asks a question whether any thought or action is useful for one's Self. This means doing action for one's own satisfaction for not pleasing anybody. Doing action that fulfills one's desire and not for any body else desires. To do action that makes one happy and not for anybody's happiness. This is Selftual living.

However being Selftual is opposite of being Selfish. In Selfish, one does embrace other Self as one's Self. In Selftual one embrace other self as one's own Self. In Selfish, the view is from one's body and mind as Self. In Selftual one identifies intelligence level or awareness levels as one's Self. This could be understood by viewing our Self from five different views.

The Self may mean to be different to different individuals or to the same individuals at different time periods. To understand this paradox, we have classified the way we identify or view our Self at five levels.

What is the use of this classification?

In science, we classify things to have a better understanding on the object. Example we in biology we classify plants,  animals and all other living beings and wo we understand how they evolved, how the function, the similarities , dismilarities etc. The same way classification in physics about the forces that influence the universe, our bodies give a deeper understanding of the phenomemon of energy.

Classification of our Self in five levels gives us a deeper understanding of our qualities, abilities, our strength, weakness, solutions to our problems, meaning to our life etc.

Ultimate use of this classification is to make life always happy.

This Selftual science can be understood in many ways. Throughout history many men and women have given their deepest understanding fot the benfit of humanity.

Please read this in more detail for bringing a change in your life.

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