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The purpose of life is to be happy. For this, we  are all seeking not information, but Truth. Whether it is about health, wealth, life, Science, ethics, morality, God, we all want to know the Truth.

Truth is that which is always the same (Universal) for all beings at all times (Eternal).

The Truth has been contributed by many women and men all over the globe from all countries for centuries till this present moment.  Their rational scientific investigation of avoiding any sort of bias is the strength of the Truth, with which it stands the test of time as Eternal knowledge and is re-searched over time to time for reconfirmation.

The Truth is that there is a Universal Entity (Energy) which manifest by undergoing evolution in five levels. This five level pattern is seen in every being, including human beings.

Parts of a Human Being: We have a

1. A Physical Body (Various systems that support the Five sensorial organs)

2. An Emotional Mind (an ocean of likes and disliking thoughts)

3. A Logical Intelligence (that analyses, recognizes patterns, and organizes thoughts)

4. Self Awareness (the localised individuality that also connects the inner with the external world)

5. Unity Consciousnesss (the non-localized Universal Self or Energy).

These five aspects (symbolized as five fingers) makes a Human Being. This dissection method helps us to understand everything about our physical body health and diseases, well being and psyhological problems of mind, effective logical pattern-based learning methodology, awareness of our Self-Energy and Consciousness of the mystery of life.

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Web Site pattern: This web site is also created in the five pattern, please see the left site menu. Thousands of visitors come every day to this web site seeking solutions to health problems, relationship problems, psychological issues,  spiritual questions and various other queries. With the Universal pattern we try to give the best possible answer that may not always be appealing to the notions of the mind, but surely will not contradict to logic and higher realms of Truth. Your questions and suggestions has improved this site in the long run.

We thank you for helping us grow to serve you better.