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Universal Self Pattern

A guide to pattern of successful happy life


Our tips for diabetes supported by new researchSent on 26 February 2015
Our tips that light dinner is good for diabetes supported by new research.
Scientific study shows most cancers due to bad luck. Sent on 09 February 2015
Very important Health News you should know about Immunity Sent on 06 February 2015
Handshake Transmits 100 million bacteriaSent on 02 January 2015
parenting class in singapore malaysia from Uni5 sakthi FoundationSent on 26 December 2014
Guruji's Astrological Consultation in SingaporeSent on 14 November 2014
How to celebrate DeepavaliSent on 22 October 2014
poop Transplantion?- New healthSent on 17 September 2013
Important Onam Gift message from Uni5 sakthi foundationSent on 15 September 2013
Why Indian Students scored worse in International Pisa ExamsSent on 13 August 2012
Online Health Talks- Pradheep on Sugar
Sugar -Shopping tips for buying and using healthy sugar. Monday 13th June 2016 8 to 9 PM Central Time USA
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