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Any one with a  reasoning mind will accept the five aspects of our Existence with a  Body, Mind, Intelligence, Awareness and Consciousness. 

Understanding the above  Five fundamental attributes, almost everything in the Universe can be explained. It is interesting that these five aspects are reflected like a hologram in various Phenomenon of this Universe. The way we identify our "Self" and how we connect to the Universe makes us to be an Atheist, religious person (Theist) , an Agnostic or a Spiritual person.


An  Atheist is one who takes the "Self" to be just the Body  and the Sense Organs. An atheist consider to be separate from the Universe because he or she looks his body and senses to be different from the living and non-living beings in the whole of the Universe.

Some one is called "Religious", when a person believes his "Self"  to be the emotional mind. A religious person consider himself or herself to be lower than a higher Super-natural Power or God.

An Agnostic is on the path of discovering the "Self" and so is not clear about the Self , but mostly identifies himself to be a rational logical person.  He or she thinks that everything including the Universe is governed by Cosmic Laws or an intelligence factor.

A Spiritual person is one who identifies his "Self" to be Awareness through which He or She witnesses the intelligence, Mind and Body Sense organs. A Spiritual integrates his "Being" to all the living and non-living Being in the Universe.  

An Enlightened realizes  that there is only one "Self" and all the forms are only the expression (Love) of that one "Self" or Consciousness.  


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