Jyothish (Vedic Astrology) 


Understanding the perennial Vedic theme throws light on the truth behind Jyothish (Vedic Astrology)  which otherwise is considered as mystic or even superstitious pseudo-science. We suggest you to please read first about the Creation of Universe to understand clearly about astrology given here.

The basis of Astrology is based on the Vedic knowledge that it is the Pure Consciousness that has manifested as this universe. Those laws that operate behind the manifestation of the Consciousness as Universe, also operate in every atom of the universe. (Read "Yatha Pindae , Thatha Brahmandae").

The Basis of Jyothism:    The nine expression-modes of the Cosmic energy called Navagrahas though found  everywhere, the Rishi's who developed this science used the solar system to represent it. The reason behind this  is of amazing intelligence. The abstract Cosmic laws can be conceived and applied by the human intellect in the form of mathematics. This use of mathematics is so profound that not every ordinary human can grasp its depth. What most of the astrologers used is only the tip of an iceberg for their astrological calculations. Very few astrologers like  Shri.Jayachandraraj amazingly uses highest possible mathematical figures in Astrology along with the proper understanding on the practical aspects.

Two Mis-conceptions:

1. Earth is the center of the Solar system:  Astrology is one of the great technologies that the Ancient Vedic Rishi's have developed. They had precise knowledge of the Sun, which is in the center and all other planets including Earth are revolving it.  The Earth though a planet is not used in Astrology because it is the reference point of the observer. That was also a great insight on the part of the Vedic Astrologer. (We will discuss the beauty of this Solar system and its symbolic significance in astrology later).

          The observer is on Earth and so from the observer's stand point of view, Sun and other planets were discussed. This is wrongly understood and concluded that Vedic astrology considers Earth as Stationary and it is the center around which Sun revolves.

2. Planets are influencing our life: This is how the every one thinks about the basis of astrology. This is not correct. They have only a very minor effect like any other physical element in the universe. Example the waking and sleeping pattern is influenced by the Sun. The Truth is that our life events follow the law of cause and effect (Law of Karma - see below). The law of cause and effect is seen in every atom and action of this universe. This law applies to the gigantic stars to the smallest atom of this universe.

     Rishi's intelligence is reflected in their ability to use the Solar system to represent the mathematics of this Law of Karma. So the nine planets (Navagrahas) should not be considered as  literally the planets of the Solar system but the nine-modes of expression of the Five Cosmic laws which applies to each and every action of Human beings. Using the mathematics of the solar system operation Jyothism calculates how this law of Karma influences Human life. This has to be clearly be understood about Jyothism.

Cause and Effect:  We have been discussing that all the laws that are involved in the manifestation of planets also hold good for the laws that govern the operation of Human body or for that matter every event in a Human's life.  Events in Human life are nothing but cause and effect of actions and reactions. Every action is the result of previous action and then becomes the cause for the next action. This is called as Karma. When the events leads to continuous trains of actions and reactions and cycles again and again like a wheel , then it is known as "Samsaara".


Thought the seed of action: There are two questions that comes to our mind. What is the cause or seed of an action?. The next related question is how one action is connected to the next?. Thought is the seed of any action. Every action are just the manifestation of a thought. It is interesting to observe that each physical action is independent of the next. Then what leads to the continuum?  It is the thought that connects two actions. The seed for all human actions are thoughts. Hence by changing thought pattern course of actions can be changed. All these facts became the foundation for Vedic astrology. 

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