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2014 Holi Message.  Holi festival brings us the message that everybody, including Gods (Devatas) and Humans (Manavas) are challenged by problems. The attitude in which we take these problems makes us who we are.

These are three types of attitudes  of people in our home, organization and in community.

Whenever  problems  occur, the

Group 1. complaining (discussing)  about the problems and continues to suck freely the energy of others.

Group 2  quitting  away from the problem or firing the person away, without analyzing and solving it.

Group 3 - consider each  problem as opportunity to  improve many aspects of the organization or system  and bring about a change in the organization. They do this by solving the problem through self-involvement (considering as themselves).  They question through the fire of analysis of asking these six questions of why, what, when, where, who , whom and how of the problem. Through these they make a change at home, organization or community.

 When Devas was challenged with the problem of Hiranyakashubu, they wanted Vishnu to kill him (quit or fire him). Hiranyakashubu also did the same thing to kill Prahlad when his own son became a challenge. However prahlad was transforming each challenge into a learning process and success automatically came to his life. Each failure, challenge, trouble,  incident  of life was converted into  opportunities for success and achievements for Prahalad. This attitude brings color to life which is celebrated as Holi, because we need to interact with this positive attitude with all others represented by smearing colors on other.

Happy Holi.      


Holi is undoutedly the most fun filled festival celebrated in India, where the ritual ends up so much laughter, that easily dissolves identity (Ego) irrespective of gender, social status and race. Holi color festival is celebrated now by Indians all over the globe with the same vigor and fun. holi-1However the hidden message should not be forgotten in the fun filled color festival which is based on two important stories of Holika and prahlad and Radha and krishna's stories.

Both the stories interestingly shares a common feature that the attitude we show to others ultimately affects only our own self. If we bestow positve emotions like help, love, care inturn increases happiness and prosperity in our life. Hatred, jealousy, anger and other negative emotions that we have on others finally hurt our own life.

This is very beautifully illustrated in the two stories given below.

Radha krishna

Once in a conversation between Radha and Krishna , Krishna told her that both of them are one and the same. When she asked him to prove the statement, he asked her to apply  colorful red kumkum powder on her forehead as Bindu. When she did , she was surprised to see that that color was seen in krishna's head. Krishna now playfully took the powder and applied on her hands and that immediately shown on his hands. To the surprised Radha he asked her to now apply in his face and hands and again she found that they appeared on her body. Her Joy of understanding that both are one, broke into joyful laughter and play, which become the seed of Holi festival.

Holika and Prahlad

Holika had a boon that she will not be burnt by fire. So she misused that talent in destroying innocent Prahlad by taking him to fire. Interestingly she got killed in fire and Prahlad came out unhurt. This shows that trying to harm holi-2others , even ourselves get destroyed with the same talents we have. In Holi festival after the color festival, Holika dolls made of flammable materials and earthen or metaalic doll of Prahlad are put in a Holy fire.

Everyone makes a Sankalpa (determination) to burn out the negative emotions we have on particular or on general individuals and go around three times the fire chanting om Nama Narayanaya Namahaha and Narasimha Gayathri.

The fun of playing with colors is to indicate that if we have positive attitudes with all others, our life will be filled with joy. The fire ritual is to show that our negative emotions self destroys us.

Universal-pattern Prahlad undergoes five elements level testing:

 1. He was put on rocks (Earth) and stamped over by an elephant.

 2.In Milk (Water) poison was mixed and given to drink.

 3.Holika put him in Fire.

 4. He was thrown from a top of a cliff (Air)

5. He was challenged finally by his father to show every (Space) where the presence of Vishnu.

More details of Prahlad story:

The Holi festival is connected to unconditional love of a devotee and Lord. In the previous pages you would have read that Unconditional love is  total acceptance of a person or a situation. This total acceptance or surrender in the language of Bhakthi is the story of Prahalad. He is one devotee who never complained of any hardships of life. When his own father threatened his survival , he as unmoved by it. This is why he was able to overcome even the Cosmic laws or Pancha Bhootas.

When Indra and other Gods asked Narada  when Lord Vishnu will show mercy on them by killing  the Demon Hiranya kashubu, he replied that that will happen only when Prahalad is in danger. The surprised Indra asked why is that Vishnu does not have mercy and bothered of the suffering of the Gods. Narada replied "You are not able to accept the present situation and for your happiness you selfishly wish that your enemy be destroyed".   But look at Prahalad that even when his life in danger he is not angry on anyone, but holds steadfast to Vishnu with total acceptance to the situations and the reactions of his father. He is accepting his father as he is at the same time he does not "let Go" his principle of adhering to the Truth that God is that pure Consciousness.

Normal human beings forget the highest Truth, God (Consciousness) and complain all the transient fleeting problems of life. Then all the prayers we do are not out of devotion, but for our inability to accept the reality like Indra praying to Vishnu for his happiness. Bhakthi is unconditional acceptance of life and should not misunderstood with laziness which is dont-care give-up attitude in life. 

Thus when Prahalad's aunt Holika tried to destroy him by putting in fire, Prahald came our unharmed. Holika was given a boon by Brahma that Fire will not harm her unless she use it for selfish reasons.   Fire is the symbol of  knowledge. If we use knowledge for selfish needs it will destroy us. That is what happened to Holika. Instead if we use that knowledge to increase our Awareness to realize God Consciousness we will be released from the bondages of life. That knowledge will inturn protect us, like Fire unharmed.

Holi Celebration: Holi is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalguna (February/March), (Phalgun Purnima), which usually falls in the later part of February or March. Phal means result and guna is nature. This means we get the fruits of our nature and deeds. In the new year , we begin with good thoughts and in Phalguna month we see the results of it. Holi is celbrated as the result of our action which is happiness. It is on full moon day representing the fullness of knowledge.

Holika represents jealosy and Hirankya represents pride. These two qualities destroy happiness in us. These two qualities back fires on us and causes self destruction.  If we overcome these qualities we get happiness in the end. This is the symbolism of Holi.

Phalguna is the month to celbrate weddings of Gods, the celestial weddings like of Muruga, Sri ranga nathar etc. This also indicates Union with the Consciousness. In Indian villages dieties are all done worship in this month, especially Dharma Sastha or Dharma Devathas indicating the end result of all actions.

Additional readings:

 Please read the previous page about the Un-conditional Love of  "Radha and Krishna". This great Love is celebrated as Holi festival in Bharath. Unconditionality brings out the True color of joy and color of life.  Holi is the symbolic  joyous celebration of the colors of love and life experienced through unconditional Love


Only in Unconditional Love one transcends to the highest divinity state of God-Consciousness state.  If one wants to understand the deepest meaning for transcending  "Conditions" for God-realization is because , Consciousness is Unconditional,  and we exists as Awareness which is nothing but un-conditional Consciousness conditioned in space and time.


1. "Journey to the Source" by Pradheep Chhalliyil

Prahalad and Holi festival. 

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