Science and Religion-2

  What is the Core message of Vedas?

   The core message of Vedic Tradition is "Freedom", which is applicable in all aspects: freedom to think, question, answer and live and ultimately realize that Consciousness is the fundamental of this Universe and is also our real-nature and not the mere physical body. "Ved" means to Know or Knowledge. Only though knowledge, Man can Self-realize the inner Freedom, the Spirit or Consciousness that is in him is infact the essential nature of this Universe.

The ancient Vedic Scientists who realized this knowledge    are seers  of eternal Truth, who developed methods of inner enquiry into the mystery of the universe equally exact and reliable in practice as the most rigorous scientific study.  They started their search from the simple body and sense organs and journeyed deeper and deeper to the core of the "Being".

    Through their ancient Scientific research, the Rishi's developed inner technologies like Yoga and Meditation through which not only physical and mental well being can be achieved but also the cosmic mystery of "Consciousness" can be realized.

Without knowing the fundamental principle of Vedas, the whole Vedic tradition including the rituals, Puranic stories , Symbolism and culture will be totally be mis-understood and ridiculed. This has happened over time, but thanks to teachers (gurus) who impart right knowledge at different time periods whenever the Vedic Knowledge is at the verge of mis-interpretation.

Let us now go to the next page to understand the logical methodology adapted by the Rishi's.

     Please click here to read  Rishi's Methodology.

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