Like all the branches of the Vedic Sciences, this health science is also follow the fundamental principle of the Vedas that this Universe if the manifestation of pure consciousness. There are five major principles bringing forth this manifestation. These underlying principles which bring forth Bhoota (Bhuta) (form) are five in number. They are known as Pancha bhoota, the five principles.

   The "One" Consciousness is behind the manifestation of the Universe  through the five principles (Pancha Bhootas). This five principles are seen in each and every atom to the entire universe and also the theme behind all Vedic Sciences, especially in Pancha bhoota healing and  Ayurveda

Genome-wide analysis correlates Ayurveda Prakriti


     Ayurveda is a much deeper health science than the modern science. Modern science takes into consideration only the physical body. Whereas Ayurveda takes into the four aspect of Body, Mind, intellect and the Awareness of the individual. Based on this the individual is given treatment. In short Ayurveda takes into the Karmic aspect of the individual along with the other Vedic Sciences branches like Jyothism (Astrology)

Ayurveda the most complete Health science.

Ayurveda is not just eating or drinking a Herbal preparation or just rubbing a herbal oil on the body. It has a deeper understanding on the Human Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and Genetics in relation to the individual and the Universe. This what makes Ayurveda totally different from Modern medicine from its limitations of looking body symptoms and not holistic.

     We have discussed in Jyothism that an individual thought process manifest as Karma of an individual. This affect the health also like how Genetic make up influences the overall health of the Individual. Only recently Modern science have understood that Plants can Consciously change their Genetic's. Ayurveda says this is also possible for humans which Modern sciences has yet to discover for itself.

    Ayurveda is holistic that it take the Human body along with the Universe, because Human body operates with the same laws that the Universe also operates.  (Read "Yatha Pindae , Thatha Brahmandae").  Ayurveda sees all the Cosmic laws of the Universe that operates in the individual human body. The core theme of Vedic science is that the Energy aspect of the Consciousness manifest as the Universe, through three main functions of Creation, Maintenance and dissolution.  This is also the core theme of Ayurveda called the Tridosha theory of Ayurveda.

     The Tridosha theory is unique to Ayurveda. It is fundamentally three types of basic activities of creation or anabolic (Kapha), catabolic  (Pitta) and metabolic -dissolution (Vata). These three actions are needed for healthy functioning (Homeostasis) of the body. These are like the three legs of a stool. Anyone more or less will cause an imbalance. When there is a disharmony in any of  three functions, results in diseases. This is influenced by various aspects like the mind status of the individual, the type of food he or she eats, the environment (place and weather) and his Karma (cause and effect of his or her actions).

     Karma is much more a broader word to be used. Genetics is just one part of the Karma. The genetic make up , which means why one individual is born to a set of parents acquiring a set Genetics is based on Karma, called prarabhada-karma (fate). That cannot be altered. But the expression of the Genetics can be altered to a great extent by Agama Karma or destiny. Without this Understanding Ayurveda cannot be completely be effective.

    One is given freedom to express the Genetic make up or alter the Genetic expression of the system. Instead of a superficial Gene therapy like Genetic change , the Genetic expression at the Molecular level is what that is changed through Ayurveda. Through Various herbal preparations and also Mind and  body exercises an individual can attain a desired health changes.  Earlier intervention and prevention is better than treating at the final disintegrating level.

     Like Vedic Spiritual science, Ayurveda treatment also starts with a purification step called Pancha Karma. Purification is very very important for any treatment to be effective. We have seen in the Vedic Purification section the importance of Purification.  Purification means to bring to Awareness and involves the aspect of Intellect, mind and body as well. At the body and level , purification means to remove unwanted material. At the Mind level it means remove unwanted negative thoughts. At the intellect level it means to strengthen the thoughts and action that help to transcend to the Awareness state, the state of "Being".



Greatness of Ancient Ayurveda and exposing the fraud in modern commerical ayurvedic medicines.

Exposed by Mohanan Viadyar.


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