Mohini and Bhasmasura


Bhasmāsura was an asura or demon who was granted the power to turn anyone into ashes (bhasma) when touched on their head by him. The asura turned himself into ashes by the trick of Lord Vishnu who took a female avatar, as the enchantress Mohini.

Our Ego to control the Universe by destroying everything around us, is symbolized as Bhasmasura. When the Awareness (Symbolized as Shiva) gives prosperity energy as boon to us, our Ego then drives out the very same awareness  away. Then to bring back peace within us, Vishnu the symbolism of Vedas, appears in the form of enchanting spiritual knowledge and tricks our egoistic mind and transforms it.

The fusion of this Awareness and Spiritual knowledge gives birth to Moksha, symbolized as lord Dharma Saastha. Dharma is the only objective of all lives and one who teaches it or is viligant on that is Saastha. His latest incarnation is Swami Ayyappa worshipped at Sabarimala. 

 Mahalaksmi the wife of Lord Vishnu stealthily watched Mohini's dance and learnt it to spread the Vedic wisdom in the dance form known as Mohiniaattam.

 The Awareness (connecting aspect) is Shiva, which sparked as "Life Force Energy" after millions of years of Universe formation. The Universe formed out through Agni (fire) explosion and the cooled down product is ash, all the atomic elements of nature. These elements combined together and then in a proper time on Earth, it sparkled life like a miracle. The unification of all Energies (Sakthi's) results in the spark of Life force Awareness Energy (Shiva), which when lost is known as "Shava" (Dead body).

This is symbolized as penance of Basmasura (Basma -ash and asura means the material expression of Energy, Sura is the divine subtle aspect of Energy.

Once the life has been formed, it desires to be immortal. This is the actual symbolism of Basmasura (the ashes) asking for the boon from Lord Shiva (Awareness). It tries all its means to destroy all the forces that brings death. We are all doing the same thing to defy death and prolong life.

However all this ignorance can only be removed by understanding the Cosmic Intelligence (Vishnu). If it comes it material knowledge, the Ego is strengthened (Asura). However if that knolwedge comes in an attractive form (Spiritual), the Ego is tricked and finally the very same Ego that imbibes the knowledge is transformed.

For  modern people to get this knolwedge is through Ayyappa Sabarimala Pilgrimage.


Long ago an asura wanted to live eternally by conquering the 3 worlds. He understood the truth that only by acquiring Prosperity Energy he could fulfill his desire. So he decided to do penance towards the compassionate Lord Shiva, who can alter our destiny.

So he travelled to the snowy mountains of Himalayas and performed severe penance to appease Lord Shiva. He spent millions of years sacrificing all his time and comforts to get the energy to fulfil his desire.

Basmasura: AUM Namah Shivaya (3 times)

Narrator: At last one day, like a miracle Lord Shiva appeared.

Basmasura: Mahadeva, at last, this humble servant's penance has been successful by your Darshan.

Shiva: I always do justice to all the beings my dear. I am immensely pleased with your penance and so let me know what I shall grant you. 

Basmasura: My lord, I should not die, so please grant me immortality.  

Shiva: Death is inevitable, all that is born in time and place has to die. I have given that work to Lord Yama to keep up the laws of nature.

Basmasura (to himself): Shiva is not intelligent enough to know that if I have the power to kill anyone including Yama, then I will become immortal.

Shiva: What are you thinking about, quickly ask for a boon.  

Basmasura:  Ok lord, then grant me the boon, that if I touch anyone's head with my finger, they will turn into ashes.

Shiva: As you wish. Mangalam Bahavathu.

Basmasura: How can I be certain that your boon will work?

Shiva: You are too insignificant to doubt the divine powers.

Basmasura: Ha ha ha   If that is the case, I wish to try this boon on you.

Shiva: Lord Vishnu, I cannot avoid giving blessings for sacrificial actions, even though I am aware that they can misuse that power to destroy the Universe.

Vishnu:  Mahadeva,  it is inevitable in the game of life, that egositic people will try to damage the system.

Shiva: Shree Man Narayana, you protect Dharma by transforming asuras to the divine state of moksha.

Vishnu:  Lord Shiva, I will transform myself into the subtlest feminine Energy form, the Prakruthi Maya Swaroopa.

Basmasura: Oh how gorgeous you are.  I have never seen anyone more beautiful than you.  Who are you?

Mohini: I am Maaya Mohini,  and I am all alone by myself in this world.

Basmasura: An enchanting beauty like you cannot be alone. From now on, I am for you.

Mohini: I am so lucky to find a man like you. Can I know who you are?

Basmasura: I am Basmasura, the invinsible one who conqurered death. You beauty.. should marry me... and live like a queen.

Mohini: It is a dream to marry a person like you.  I am a dancer and have taken an oath that I will only marry some one who can match me in dance.

Basmasura: Ha Ha, ha, did you think  I am a good for nothing yogi. I can easily match you in dance.

Mohini: But can you do all the dance steps I do. If not accept the defeat and I will not marry you.

Basmasura:  Hey Beauty, I take your challenge and will make you my own.


aahhhhhhh- Basmasura keeps his own hand on his head as a dance posture imitating Mohini.


shantha kaaram bujaga sayanam......

Maha lakshmi:  My Lord, what inspired you to take the most enchanting mohini form.
Maha Vishnu: Who else can I look for more enchanting than you Mahalakshmi, the Eternal beauty.

Adhisesha form of Vishnu, with Maha lakshmi.



Vedic Selftual Universal pattern - 2016

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