Sakthi Gita

A Spiritual understanding and not religious thought

                  Rejecting  Bhagavad Gita just because Hindus read it  as a holy book,   is similar to rejecting YOGA, Ayurveda , Meditation as a medicinal system  that will benefit only Hindus of India. Bhagavad Gita is a universal teaching that helps every human being to overcome  suffering and attain inner peace. So a person born to any religious or spiritual background would see the same Truth more vividly explained through this teaching.  Like Yoga and meditation the knowledge given through Bhagavad Gita helps us to overcome physical or mental suffering, mainly stress. We recommend first to read about stress, its chemistry and the harm it does to our physical and mental health in the Sakthi-foundation web page (Please click here to read about stress).

Sakthi-Gita is not for any religious "Conversion" but for mental and physical health

            Being religious is different from being spiritual. Being religious (theist) is to be fanatic about a belief system. Atheist are also religious in their belief system. A spiritual is different from a theist and an atheist.  To be spiritual means to have an enquiring attitude:  to enquire about our own spirit or nature. This enquiring attitude  is not because of any fear in life, but because of curiosity which is the characteristic feature that distinguish from a man and an animal. To be human is not to just eat, have sex and die. Every  animal does eat, have sex and die. But human is an evolved animal who has the  “Quest” to know the mystery of this universe and life. A religious theist and an atheist enquires for proof only to prove their belief system. A spiritual is an unbiased attitude who works with his inner faculty and Sakthi-Gita is a path of enquiry.

        Here we take the spiritual path of enquiry initially for health benefits, especially to overcome stress.  Mental stress is the biggest killer and the root cause of all physical and mental ailments.  Hence we are here to understand the mystery of our own mind and make our lives better.

Why to know Bhagavad Gita or Sakthi-Gita?

      As we have mentioned above, we are not here for a religious belief system but for a rational enquiry about mind being the key factor in health and disease. The interesting fact is that Gita is a means for this enquiry which not only unfolds the mystery of the mind but also in the end helps us to get answers for the mystery of this Universe and our own Life. So Gita is purely an enquiring approach and not something you read and believe.

         The answer to the question , why do we chose Gita for such an enquiry lies in its content, style,  approach and the Truth it delivers. As you might know the Bhagavad Gita is a dialogue between two  kings in a battle field. It is interesting that the King Krishna becomes a charioteer for another King Arjuna. Krishna is worshipped as God due to his practical wisdom he lived and showed for mankind for all generations. His whole message of life was delivered to his cousin and king Arjuna as Bhagavad Gita. Gita is not a religious teaching as many wrongly interpret. It is a dialogue between two kings when one of them sought the other  in a dilemmatic situation in the battle field (Mahabharata war).

       The dilemma of King Arjuna sprang forth when we saw his grandparents, teachers, cousins, friends and relatives in the enemy's side. Even though the enemy made his life miserable, he considered it was immoral  to fight the war and  kill them to attain the Kingdom. We often get into the state of Arjuna's frame of mind in almost everyday in our life. we have the question about right and wrong, morality, ethics etc. If we understand the source from which these questions arise we would also tap to a source for answers too.

     So Bhagavad Gita is an approach to address these mental issues that brings stress in our minds. While we are unaware of being caught in our own whirlpool of  negativities, we try to pursue liberation from it  through spiritual means without understanding the implications of the practices.  The purpose of understanding Gita is to understand the implications of pursuing the enquiring of spiritual path in proper light.


Like Arjuna, we all confront dilemma in life. When we ask others, we get conflicting and contradicting answers and we become more confused. Arjuna asked Krishna, who give the right methodology to deal with dilemma. Krishna gave the Universal Self Energy pattern which is what is called as Samkya Yoga, the very second chapter of Gita.

Please click the links of dilemma and Universal Self Energy pattern to know more.



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