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  Tread-mills and exercise machines

Exercises that does not facilitate Body-Mind connection are a waste     

       How about doing exercises with machines? Doing jogging, tread-milling or aerobic exercises will not give you the full benefit because there you are as mechanical as the machine. Remember you are a "Being" and not a car to start everyday and leave the engine run for 10 minutes to warm up and charge the batteries. That is good for car but your body is not just a car. Good exercises should coordinate the mind and the body. There is a vast difference between walking on a treadmill and going out for a walk. Your walk on a treadmill is so mechanical as your legs move mechanically when the treadmill foot base slide. But understand that your mind is somewhere else thinking of your stock market investment or some office matters or about buying a gift for your girl or boy friend.

          The objective of exercise is to connect the body and mind and bring your attention to the present. You would see that yoga alone will bring that holistic benefits. Tread mills are based merely on burning calories and giving pumping exercise to heart and measuring the pulse rate. But these benefits are peanuts compared to the benefits one obtain from doing the exercise that co-ordinate mind and body.

          The emotional mind always runs after fancies. Machines are fancy and so the emotional mind is attracted for such gadgets. The emotional mind also do not want any responsibility and to wander away as it likes. All these are achieved through machine based exercises. The emotional mind has to focus on the body and mind while doing yoga. So it prefers to watch Television while running on a tread mill or can have a music CD plugged to it while running. There is no sense in doing such a calorie burning based exercises. It gives only superficial benefits to the body.


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