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Water Therapy 3

Simple things for daily cleansing.

All therapies -especially alternative healing -  are directed towards cleansing toxic chemicals out of the body. They might use herbs to achieve detoxification.  But they cannot be done every day. Since water is the most abundant component of the body and is also the safest, most economical and natural cleansing agent, it works very well. Many friends have experienced dramatic changes in their disease symptoms within a couple of days. (Read the testimonials).

        The nature of human mind is that it believes in complex things but not in simple, natural ways. The very nature of man's mind is to go for complex ways to solve simple problems. In health issues too, we use very complicated drugs and procedures. Sakthi Foundation is not against modern medicines or practices. Instead, they can be used as a last resort or in emergency cases. The truth is that they may never be needed at all if one maintains good health.

Water, the Safest Supplement

It is an irony that we think of the tiniest chemicals that are needed for our body. Hence, we give much importance to vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones etc. We calculate calories of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. However, we forget water is the major ingredient of our body. It is this ignorance that causes many diseases. Water is the safest supplement one can take everyday to cure and prevent diseases. If this water supplement is taken regularly, perfect health can be achieved.


       The only caution is to use good quality water. Make sure the water that runs through your tap is good quality, water free from chemicals and other toxins. There are many choices available like reverse osmosis water, distilled water, de-ionized water, filtered water etc. Each has its own advantage and disadvantages. We leave you to decide which is best for you.

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