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    Regular Earth Cleansing

To nourish the body and to keep it clean, whole grains and other fiber rich foods should be eaten regularly. Understand the different between whole grains and refined grains.

Whole Grains

Common Types of Whole Grains:

•Brown rice •Oats •Barley •Corn •Whole wheat •Wild rice

Less Common Types of Whole Grains:

•Amaranth •Buckwheat or kasha •Kamut •Millet •Quinoa •Whole rye

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What Are Whole Grains?

Whole grain foods contain all three parts of the grain: the bran, the endosperm and the germ.

• The outer bran layer is full of fiber, B vitamins, 50 to 80 percent of the grain’s minerals, and other health-promoting plant substances called phyto-chemicals.

• The large endosperm portion is full of complex carbohydrates, protein, and smaller amounts of B vitamins.

• The third part is the germ, which is full of B vitamins, vitamin E, trace minerals, and healthy unsaturated fats, phyto-chemicals and antioxidants.

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