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 Sweet Stress

         Let us see how sugar volumes in the body are affected based on refined and unrefined foods. The picture below shows how, from the intestine, digested glucose moves into the blood and how insulin, from the blood, is moved into the muscle and other cells.

Unrefined Foods:

          When we eat fiber rich unrefined foods, most of the glucose is trapped in the fiber and so, over a period of time, glucose moves only slowly into the blood. Therefore, only a little insulin needs to be given out by pancreas, thereby putting the body under less strain.

Refined Foods:

      Look what happens when we eat refined foods which have no fiber. Glucose molecules rush into the blood and causes panic in the system. The pancreas now needs to secrete lots of insulin molecules to handle a crowded situation. Eating refined foods frequently causes overwork for the pancreas and slowly it stops to produce insulin molecules. This causes high levels of glucose in blood and is called diabetes.

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