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Two Important Health Principles        

Two important health rules concerning diet are

1. Eat only whole foods and not refined foods. We have already discussed  earlier how refined foods cause diseases by stressing our body.  Click here  to read the earlier information.

2Eating different grains prevents diseases instead of eating only one type of grain. This routine, stereo-typed way of eating is a major problem. We prefer to stick to one type of grain instead of eating different varieties. Nature is abundant with  varieties of grains and we should take advantage of that fact. Instead, we abuse our body with one type of food causing imbalance in our body.

 Eating only one type of grain or beans only leads to variety of diseases. 

           Change your eating lifestyle by including all varieties of  foods available. From other sites you can get information regarding how different foods gives different nutrients. Click here  to read about the  Nutrition content of Amaranth, Buckwheat, Millet, Oats and Quinoa.

           Eating different beans are good for health too.  Click here  to read about the Nutrition content of Beans: Adzuki, Black Eye Peas, Black Turtle, Garbanzo, and Great Northern beans. 

          We discussed with a lot of healthy villagers in India and got extremely valuable information regarding eating habits. Traditionally, they ate different grains, fruits, beans (legumes) and vegetables based on availability in different seasons. They did not just eat rice or wheat. They said the urban people or the rich were the ones who ate only one type of grain. They remarked that in the past 40 years, even villagers have adapted the urban lifestyle and they see an increase in health problems among the villagers. We understand this information is true in other parts of the world too.

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