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Modern Research & Diseases

     We do not deny that modern science has given us the benefits of antibiotics and other discoveries. But at  the level of knowledge about food it has seriously failed because of its unholistic view. We will explain with the following example showing  how traditional practices  had wisdom (holistic view) with regard to food.

       Understanding the modern and traditional approach in the case of iron would suffice to clearly see how modern food habits cause diseases. Scientists do not see the whole picture or holistic view. Scientists found that phytates bind iron and this  causes less iron to be available in the food to be absorbed by the intestines. So, during the last century, they recommended that whole grains are bad for health and we should use refined products. The people, after suffering from constipation and diabetes, are slowly understanding that whole grains are indeed healthy and prevent these diseases. Now in the turn of this century scientists discover that  use of whole grains and beans can only decrease incidence of diseases. So, now, food scientists have created a new food pyramid  giving high importance to whole foods.

       There is still the great blunder of prescribing and supporting supplements. Earlier, when scientists found that whole grains and beans contain phytates which bind to iron and prevent iron from being absorbed by the intestines, they not only recommended the use of processed or refined foods, they also added iron supplements in foods and called them enriched foods. The blunder of  recommending refined foods is at least getting corrected by increasing the awareness about whole grains. But the very serious mistake of iron fortification still continues with the declaration that developed countries do not have incidence of anemia. But the sad fact is that the fortified iron causes serious oxidative reactions in the body causing oxidative stress, the number one killer of genes, or genetic information. Oxidative stress causes mutations resulting in diseases and hereditary diseases.

      More serious than this, vitamin C is also fortified with iron. This is a double killer because vitamin C oxidizes iron faster than anything else and doubles the oxidative damage to the body. This is the predominant cause for most diseases. The people do not have a clue regarding this poisonous nature of supplementation. After a heavy toll on health, we hope modern research will open its eyes to this blunder of supplementation.

     Popping vitamin and food supplementing pills may cause some known benefits, but no one knows the unknown damages it could cause.

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