Why problems in life?

Goal of everyone's life is to be happy. There is not even a single being in this Universe that does not want to be happy. We do actions for happiness. But as Human Beings, many times we are not happy. There are many

words, we dont have people around us who behave to our expectation.

3. We are not happy at the intelligence leve, because we feel we are not smart enough to make money to fulfill our desires.In other words we are not happy at the professional level and not have enough confort giving materials in life.

4. We are not happy at the Awareness level, because we cannot have control over the things or people we want to control.

5. We are not happy at Consciousness level, because of the feeling of limitedness.

How overcome all these problems and be happy?

We all know that every action we do, has an effect. However, we always want only pleasant effects. If we want to have happy effects, then we have to choose actions that gives positive effects. To decide correct actions, we should have Awareness of these simple logic's in the back ground of our mind. We all have unique pattern of thinking and choosing actions, which  we call as personality or Karma.

Simple Holistic ways to change our thought pattern to make our life Happy.

First is a change in our life.


Like Uni5 patterns , there are other patterns to solve conflicts


Please click here to know to bring a change in my life.

The biggest mystery which we often questions is why some people are rich and having good health and good relations and all their dreams come true. We can know the answer to this at the Self- Awareness level.

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