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Axiomatic Selftual Awareness


This section is about being yourself.

There are five modes to bring change in our life. This could be through

1. Plunging into Self numbing/destroying alcohol and drugs (physical) and or other sensorial gratifications method.

2. Beleiving in a God who will take care of my problems (Religious) Self-soothing/convincing method.

3. Motivating my own effort of rational analysis (Scientific)  method.

4. Realising my "witnessing Self Awareness" (Spiritual) method.

5. Inter-connecting my "Self" to the Universe laws (patterns) and transform to Universal Energy/Consciousness state (Selftual).

In this site we have all these choices of changing our lives, however, the first and second choices are transformed to a logical  third and fourth levels.

The Uni5 Pattern based school system is a method to use the scientific method from a very young age (even adults also can follow it).

The Vedic is spiritual method  functions as an adaptor for all religious groups (Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, etc) to see the Universality of laws (patterns) to inter-connect to all fellow beings for a hormonious life.

Selftual method like pieces in a zigzaw puzzle interconnects all these levels to realize the reality of life.


When to become Selftual?

Selftuality in an individual becomes highly effective if it is introduced  in Selftual-pregnancy. This is why mother is the most respected person in all cultures.

If missed in pregnancy, then the next is at infant stage, which are Uni5-Selftual schools are providing.

For grownup children we offer this through our Selftual-CCC programs.

For adults we offer through Selftual-CAC programs and for personality development programs at work though the Selftual-COC programs.



Problems solving Selftual personality!

The problems in our life are caused solely by our-Self only. This means the problem creators in our environment (family, work-place and community) in which we now live in was our own choice. 

1. Think forward instead of blaming ourself: Understanding that we are solely responsible for our problems or made the choice of the problematic environment, we should let go of it and move forward to re-create the environment we wish to be in. Instead of accepting this fact, we will be struck with finding and judging the people or environment we are in and fail to move forward.

2. In creating a new life, we have to let go unwanted aspects and also willing to sacrifice our present comforts: This is crucial undferstanding of the Selftual method, because to create a new life, we need "Energy" and this can come by cutting "energy" sucking thoughts (by letting go) and transforming the Energy in present comforts (sacrifice). These two sources of Energy will sufficiently create the new comfortable life environment we wish.

All this we do for own Self-tual, which means the transformation changes I bring in my life (at my physical, emotional and logical levels) are for my own happiness, which will sooner or later will radiate around myself also.

 May be you are looking for a proof for the validaity of the above statements. Click here to know that one thing in this universe alone does not a proof.

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