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Balanced Nutrition in Pregnancy

As  soon as we think or hear about "Pregnancy or pregnant" the immediate thought that arises is about the food that we have to eat. We are so focused only on food or vital nutrients for the body.

Is that enough? Is there anything more to think than just about healthy food? Yes. In this web site, we are sharing a time tested practically experienced knowledge about healthy Pregnancy to give birth to a physically, emotional and intellectually healthy child. Focusing on all these five aspects is what we call as Balanced nutition. when one or more of these five aspects are missing in pregnancy we view as im-balanced nourishment in pregnancy.  This imbalance affects the total health of the child at various levels.

Five pregnancy

Following these suggestions, we are sure you would have not only a physically healthy child but also a mentally healthy child. We are sure everyone desires not only a plump chubby child, but also emotionally stable and intellectually sound child. Our goal is to see kids  born with good physical and mental health and live "life" to the fullest.

What we share with you is an integrated or holistic view and not merely based on fragmented research studies. Every tradition honors pregnant women because they are the creator, giving birth to another life. The Awareness of being the creator of a new life is challenging for a mother when she undergoes an inner transformation through pregnancy and child care.

Aim of this section is to provide complete practical guideline to a mother or a would-be-mother to give birth to a healthy child with  good physical, mentally, intellectual and Awareness aspects.

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