The CymaScope allows the once hidden realm of sound to become visible. Digital CymaScope differentiate between healthy cells and diseased cells. What they find is that all cells create sound as a natural aspect of their metabolism and healthy cells have a different sonic signature to diseased cells. Mantras are Sound vibrations that will correct the diseased cells to become Healthy. This new Era of Science will prove Mantras are misunderstood to be religious sounds infact they are the ancient technology for health and wellness at all five levels of our Being.

Effect on Mantras - scientific studies 

Spectral Analysis of AUM and difference in male and female

REG analysis of Yagyna

veda and yagyna

Effect of Vedic chanting on memory and sustained attention

 Solar eclipse;Cosmic radiation;Seawater;Rig veda;Traditional practice

Sri Yantra and mantra effect on Seed germination effect

on fenugreek seeds


Agnihotra on water Purification


Pyramids on Micro organisms

On wound healing

on offsprings


Gamaka Swaras;Indian music;Karnataka music;Spectral analysis