Every object if only an energy manifestation. Every object has its own Energy frequency or [url=http://uni5.co/index.php/en/universal-self-pattern]vibration based on its evolutionary path[/url].

Same way Rudraksha, Gem stones are all Energy patterns carrying a particular frequency or vibration. They give out the frequency vibration of positive thoughts and also neutralize other harmful  magnetic waves.

Just wearing that in any form in the body will not have any effect. It has to be energized  which means Awareness aspect has to be increased in it. This means every day chanting of sound energy should be done. If this is not done, they remain as a piece of object in our body.

Chanting Sound vibrations like Om Namh Shivaya or Om Namo Narayana or Om Parasakthiyai Namaha are good to bring that Awareness in it.

Similarly with gem stones, astrologers do not high light the aspect of charging them every day with the planetary Sound Energy. Just wearing the stones has very negligible benefit. But if the chantings are done they are Energized, then they have tremendous benefit.

An analogy to illustrate is like getting a expensive cell phone and the seller does not give instructions to charge it every day to use it. Without charging the cell phone remains as a piece of object only.


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